Vladimir’s POV

We are in the living room. We were watching a series. Via kept on watching Vampire Diaries telling us how much she loves Damon. She seems to want to meet and write the Vampire Diaries to tell her something true.

Mom and Dad kept on laughing at her. They’re both cool. Dad is actually a police detective, he mostly focuses on rare cases like us, the disappearance of people and the corpses found with vampire bites. He tried his best to divert the truth from them. Sounds unfair, but we can’t risk our life. While my Mom is a doctor in a hospital for vampires. She is the head of research that studies vampires and how we can survive the modern world.

Van was sipping blood, while I was reading a book when Vanna came out of the kitchen. She brought her sketch pad and then she showed it to us. All of Vanna’s visions she draws for us to visualize it. We both look at the drawing, it’s a shooting star, no more like a meteor shower.

"There will be a meteor shower?" Van asked, amazed. "Woah, haven't seen one for years."

Vanna nodded. “I don’t know. I haven’t figured it out but it’s like there will be a war and I saw stars falling. ”

“That’s weird,” Mom said. “We should send it to the council along with the other owl. They must have seen something connected to yours. ”

The conversation ended there and we went back to watching, well I wasn't watching because I was spacing out until I heard Via say, "Van already has a girlfriend."

They all looked at me.

“No,” I denied it. "It's not like that, okay?" I tried explaining. And told them everything about Cassandra, all the details except the part of my dream.

Cassandra started telling everyone at school that she’s my girlfriend. I tried to play the role of a boyfriend which I actually failed. I never had a girlfriend, and don’t feel like I needed one because we’re vampires. We don’t fall in love, but somehow we know how to love.

My father and my mother are cousins ​​and they weren’t in love when they got married but as time passed by they learned how to love. Besides don, purebloods cannot mate with humans if we want to continue our lineage. We need to actually marry our cousins, or relatives so as not to lose our blood. I don’t think I would marry. I think of joining my mother's research team right after this life. I’m tired of being a student.

"Missing, disappeared?" my Dad again. "That's not possible."

“I’ve seen it,” I said in words. “Have you seen something like that in your visions, Vanna?”

“I haven’t. Maybe she’s a wolf? ”

“I haven’t heard of a wolf who can do that,” Van clicked his tongue “How about ghosts?”

I was just shaken. I actually don’t know. Mom said she would research it and suggested that we should watch her for a while before reporting it to the council.

"You can actually see her for yourself," Via said after a while. "I invited her to dinner tomorrow, so I guess we have a feast!"

She was the only one happy about it. I was too, but still trying to figure out why.

“She’s giving me a headache,” Vanna said as soon as Cassandra stepped into our house. We all looked at each other while I was shocked by what I saw in Cassandra's eyes which was immediately replaced by a smile.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized, innocently. "I didn't get it but if you want me to leave ---"

“No, my sister is not used to people-humans. She usually spent her time at home. ” Van explained. Though, I'm not sure if that is really the reason. I sensed something behind those words.

"And, your blood is that strong," Dad commented. “I am Vince Fear, and this is my wife Vina Fear. Nice to meet you! ”

They shook hands.

“We’ve heard a lot about you, dear,” My mom kissed her on her cheeks.

“I am Vanna, sorry about a while ago. Didn’t mean to be rude. ” Vanna nodded a bit.

Cassandra smiled. "No, it's alright."

“Okay, welcome to our humble home,” Via said, with a proud look while I just let them speak on their own.

“Come, join us for dinner,” Mom offered. "We cooked a lot for you."

“No, it’s okay. Thank you! ” She waved his hand as if to say no. "I mean, I ate a lot before going in here because I know you don't eat," she said shyly.

Dad started chuckling, “Oh, yeah right. We don’t.”

“Though, I can wrap them up and take them home if that would be alright so it won't be a waste. How about that? ” she said it with a smile again. The smile never really left his face. I must say she is pretty, but beautiful when she smiles.

"Sure why not. Vlad will help you go home, right Vlad? ” Mom looked at me. "She's your girlfriend."

"Oh, no," she said quickly. "No. I’m sorry. I’m just playing with Vlad and he doesn’t want to. Just for fun, nothing serious. No falling in love, ”she explained.

I got irritated. I really hate her, don’t know why.

“No, it’s okay. I’d like to see my son having a girlfriend in this lifetime, ”Dad said, as if it’s the best thing in the world.

“But, yeah, no to falling in love but you are always welcome here,” Dad added.

I'm not sure if it's a trap, or if they do like her. Who wouldn’t like her?

“For me, he doesn't like me. He’s so cold to me. Though, I still like him, ”she looked at me. I looked away. I don’t know how to stare at her eyes without helping myself.

“Aww,” Mom commented. "Anyway, what would you like to do since you don't want to eat?"

"Uhm, I'm here for stargazing actually," She turned to Via and nodded. “Via said you have a telescope that could actually see the solar system. I just want to try. ”

“Oh, that. I see, ”Van nodded. “No one uses it. It's just Kuya. Is stargazing also your hobby?”

"Yeah, I somehow feel like I'm home whenever I stare at the sky, the universe." I felt the sadness in her voice. I don't even know about his family. Never got the chance to ask.

“What do you mean by that?” Vanna reacted.

“Oh, nothing. Just a metaphor. I just miss my family. They are in another place,” she explained.

When I looked at Vanna, she didn't seem convinced. Has she ever seen anything like this in her visions? Dida he see anything in Cassandra's eyes? Vanna can see the future of a human just by looking at their eyes.

“I guess Vlad will bring you to the top. So that you can bond as well, right son? ” Dad said.

I just nodded since it looks like I can't do anything. I felt like I was the one who needed to be away with her for a while so they could talk.

Vanna already left. She went straight to the library, our place to talk. It’s actually soundproof not only to humans but also to vampires so I won’t be able to hear them. I invited her to go up, or to say she went up first after Via pointed the way to the attic.

Our house is made of glass, from the doors to the windows and even the furniture. But not the ordinary glass you know. We cannot be seen from the outside, and the glass keeps the ray of the sun away from us. It is also equipped with cameras, automatic bullets and arrows that would fire when an intruder steps inside.

"Where's the attic?" she asked when he reached the second floor. "Wow, never thought vampires love glass," she said excitedly as he looked at and touched every glass we passed.

I was shaken, as if she had just seen that. It's a good thing, they turned off the alarm but one by one the bullets went out.

Our house is actually equipped with sensors, since vampires don’t reflect on glass. We placed a sensor that would recognize us as the owner. And those people that wouldn’t be recognized are already an intruder. Maybe, they are talking if they will put her on the sensor or would identify her as an intruder the next time she steps in.

“Here,” I opened my room. She peeked first before she entered.

“Oh, this is your room. It’s plain and cold, ”she commented, though I never asked. It’s really plain. I’ve only got a king size bed covered with a white and blue bed sheet. A table with a pile of books and then a shelf of books at the corner. There is also nothing hanging on the wall, it is just plain blue.

"Where's the— wow!" amazed, she said when I pulled out the shelf where the stairs are located. him. She didn't wait for me to speak and she went up first.

“Oh my God !!!!!” I heard her shout.

Deafening! This woman is really annoying. To tell you, she is always hyper and noisy. I don't even know how long Via can last, maybe because Via is also like her and now she found someone to talk to. 

“Come on! Let’s start!” She pointed to the telescope.

"Do you like to know what the mirrors are for?" I asked. The attic was not that big. It’s like a studio type covered with mirrors from the floor, to the wall, up to the ceiling.

“Why is it a big deal? I mean - Oh my God! ” She stopped moving when I clicked the sensor. He just gaped. "It's just," she smiled. "Feels like heaven." I heard her whisper.

The mirrors weren’t put there without a purpose. It’s installed with a sensor, that when you click the remote the mirror will give you the 3D view of the universe or any view you like as long as it’s installed.

I watched her move around the place, feeling the stars, comets, asteroids, the galaxy like they were all real.

She had the most genuine smile I haven’t seen for a hundred years, just by looking at her I somehow learned how to smile again.

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Rebecca Jeane
The constant changing pronouns are really distracting from the storyline

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