Author: nevertofadingstars


Here I am again.

I found myself running down a narrow and old road that seems to have been abandoned by time.

The moon was smiling above me. At first, it was like a greeting but when you look closely I felt like the moon knows some secret only it can see from the above as it illuminates my path.

After all, when the moon forms a smile above the sky, darkness often enveloped the whole world and for the first time I can see it.

I was out of breath from running. I can no longer remember which part of the place I started running. Why did I come here? Why did I change the path I was taking home? Maybe, this is my end.

I was trembling as I reached the end of the alley, just a few runs, just a few steps and I could see the light from the pole when he appeared in front of me.

His body was covered in black. When he looked up, I couldn't even leave my position as his red eyes opened. And when he opened his mouth the shape of his teeth gradually changed until I could feel the blood slowly flowing in my neck.

Before the dark finally devoured me, I saw a woman dressed in white as I heard her…four....three.

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