The Alpha King's Rejected Mate

The Alpha King's Rejected Mate

By:  Gabriel Esin  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jamine Marcus, that's me. The Alpha of the Blackmoon pack, the next in power after the wolf council, and the Alpha of the werewolf community all reject you, Bella J.he said. He was unable to complete his sentence because the room was abruptly filled with a brilliant white light and a jarring gust of wind that pushed me back against the wall. Her father put her a slave to the Alpha who rejected her and the pack after she lost money gambling at a young age at a lost game. Because she was a silver wolf, she was called cursed, and her daughter was called an abomination. Bella Jones finally decides to run with her kid after years of suffering from agony, rejection, and cruelty, but she ends up in the realm of the Alpha King. The Alpha King Jamine Marcus always desired a mate, but when he first saw her, she wasn't what he had in mind. He had no idea she would embody everything he detested the most. What transpires when these two come into contact and Bella learns that her life is in danger since she is a silver wolf and the Alpha King's mate? When her ex-boyfriend asks for her back, things get crazy.

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1
Bella's POV The question "What is your name?" He queried. "Bella ." The question "Bella what?" I am Bella Jones. "Good." I'm going to reject you, he hummed. He murmured, and my chest began to hurt sharply. I wanted to beg him not to and promise him that I would stop at nothing to prevent him from rejecting me. "And you're going to accept my denial and stop thinking about me because we'll never get together!" I don't need a partner like you because I'm an Alpha King. My tears increased as he said, "Stop your crying, it is fucking irritating!" I cried as he stated this. "Mutt, after the rejection, you're going to leave and never come back into my domain!" "Is that clear?" he cautioned. I gave him a nod as I watched him carry out the action I most dreaded. The moment the silver-laced whip touched my back, I hissed. The whip came down again, leaving a gash worse than the last, and I felt my skin slash open with a fresh wound.Should we carry out 22? "Or twenty-two multi
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2POV of Bella The first time I ever experienced this kind of guilt was when my now-deceased father repeatedly reminded me that I was to blame for my mother's passing. All of the pack members made an effort to tease me about how my father's death was my fault after she died giving birth to me.It has been weeks since Alpha Titan's neck was severed, killing him, and weeks since I was forced to grieve outside on the public grounds. It has also been weeks since I beat myself up and grew distant from everyone, including Amara and Hera.Hera was also in a lamentable mood. She had resented him for putting us through so much, but he was still our father, and she was saddened by his passing.Amara had no idea what was happening and didn't care that her grandfather had passed away. She just knew that she had a deceased grandma; he had been an absolute stranger to her and hardly even remembered her name.After throwing away the delectable pancakes I had made, th
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Chapter 3
POV of Bella "No!" I screamed and ran to her, tears already streaming from my eyes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Amara was unconscious and covered in her own blood as she lay on the ground. I knelt down next to her and picked her up. "What happened, baby?" "What happened to you?" I inquired. "The Beta is here," Blood dribbled from her mouth as she coughed and said, "It was when he kicked me." I remained silent. I hurried over to the mattress and put her down. Since we were denied access to a hospital and I couldn't heal her on my own, I was unable to take her to the pack doctor. She was getting weaker and coughing up spurts of blood, so I moved her blonde hair to the side and touched her face as I observed her face turn paler. She had a gash-like wound on her torso, which I could see when I lifted her shirt. How could he harm our dog in this way? I'm going to fucking end him, Hera hissed. Hera, please calm down. We need to figure out how to get her healed first, and
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Chapter 4
For a very long time, we walked, and the darkness just became darker. Unexpectedly, these wolves appeared as though they had not even endured a particularly taxing voyage. We never stopped to rest. Hera made an effort to follow them. She was losing strength and had scratches on her paws from stepping on thorns while attempting to catch up with them. She howled in agony when she walked into another thorn. "Move, mutt!" With a roar, the same white she-wolf turned to face us and said, "Move!" Cora complained about her scolding. She was struggling and was standing next to us. If you don't quiet that puppy, I'll give her something to complain about. Cora yelled as a result of her barking at us. I sensed that we were getting close to the pack house as we proceeded on our trek and soon arrived at a field with neatly groomed grass. As we entered the field and moved through it, I soon came into view of a sizable castle-like house. The house grew larger as we drew nearer, and I could make
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