The Alpha's Ferocious Mate

The Alpha's Ferocious Mate

By:  vhictorrryyy  Ongoing
Language: English
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I stared at him blankly. "Then reject me before I do it myself." "I won't. I'm not as heartless as you are." "Compared to your cold-blooded pack?" I laughed with no humor before being serious again. "Choose and save us both from this misery. Reject me or I will." The alpha remained still, just staring at me with no emotion at all. "I, Zehra Heyerdahl of the Crescent Moon Pack, re—" He cut me off. — • — Zehra Heyerdahl's life was sailing smoothly until one night, her family was murdered brutally by unknown assailants. To seek justice that they deserve, she found herself stepping into the Farnsworth Valley where she encountered a series of events that turned her world to disarray... especially after meeting Alpha Xanth. Skeletons in the closet were unveiled, revealing all the unmentionable things kept for a long time ago. Two souls with their own priorities; one uncovering the truth and the other one protecting the lies they believed were true. What faith awaits to the both of them? Will there still be a happy ending? Or will they just go in separate ways?

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4 Chapters
1: Saved or Not
(ZEHRA’S POV)MOON. That's the only thing that gives light to where I am right now. The bus I rode on a while ago had already driven away which left me alone in the road intersection. There are no more vehicles waiting in that part because it's already past midnight.I walked along the left side of the road. It was a little over half a mile to get me home and it will take me at least fifteen minutes. A long walk to others but not for me who's been sitting almost the whole day. I needed to stretch my muscles and walking will be the best way to do that.With the help of the light from the moon, somehow, I can see the path I’m taking. For me, it's an advantage that no single vehicle was passing by the road so no one will notice that a girl is walking along. Trees are on both sides of the road that if any suspicious vehicle stops, it will somehow save me because I'll be running towards the trees.Maybe still more than a hundred meters away from home, I can already hear commotions coming t
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2: Confusing
(ZEHRA’S POV)I froze in place. Even if I wanted to take a step and leave that place, I couldn't. My heart was also pounding as if it would come out at any moment.The number of people around is gradually increasing. Maybe they saw the four women running from where I was. Anyone who sees them will be really curious as to what happened and they just look like that. They ran as if someone wanted to kill them.I would also do the same if the person who tells me 'Let go before I make you' is the person who is feared in their University. I will also choose to run away rather than staying in that place and wait for that person to get close.I took a deep breath and was about to walk away when I heard a voice, stopping me on what I was about to do."Stay right there!" A manly voice said.I didn't dare to check who it was. My back remained facing where they were. Then I heard footsteps approaching where I was and some whispers from the people watching. I felt nervous again. Feeling my stomach
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3: The Scent
(ZEHRA’S POV)"ZAHRA!" I exclaimed as I sat up on my bed, catching my breath and sweating heavily. I looked at my surroundings frantically and my hand held her chest, the part where my fast beating heart was located, when I struggled to breath.I’m in my room. I released a sigh of relief upon realizing that. I even closed my eyes to focus on breathing normally.Like the past days, I was woken up by those nightmares again. It already became a cycle; I'll sleep, wake up because of those nightmares, and survive the day, then sleep, wake up because of those nightmares again. Those nightmares have already become a part of my life. I’m already afraid to sleep every night. And if it's on me, she will never fall asleep ever again just to avoid having those nightmares.My nightmare earlier was far more different from the past. My parents are not included, only Zahra and those assailants with blurred faces. In my dream, I was already near our house when I heard Zahra's voice, calling me and ask
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4: The Condition
(ZEHRA'S POV)I stopped dead in my tracks. It was like I saw something in front of me that prevented me from taking another step.That voice. I knew exactly who's the owner of it. Even without turning around and looking at who it was, I knew that it was none other than Alpha Xanth.Why is he here? To punish me for going to this part of the University?Questions flooded my mind in an instant. I unconsciously held my necklace's pendant. My brows furrowed the moment I felt that the two pendants were separated. My heart started beating fast like it was getting out of my ribcage. I held on to it tightly to make them as one again. I straightened my back when I heard a groan. I slowly turned my body to face Alpha Xanth behind me. His head was bowed down and he was breathing deeply.I was tempted to touch him but I restrained myself. He's an alpha and I was just nobody. I don't have any right to be associated with him.I took a step backward. My breathing hitched when the Alpha looked at me.
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