The Alpha's hybrid mate

The Alpha's hybrid mate

By:  Jl10  Ongoing
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Lilly hail is a slave to the blood moon pack Ever since her parents died in a rogue attack six years ago. Her brother Alpha Jackson hail hates her as she was the last one to see them alive. "Get up you filthy whore you are ment to get breakfast ready ten minutes ago!" Jackson yelled while kicking Lilly in the stomach. "Don't worry just start lunch we have important guests arriving in two hours so get cooking!" With one last kick she slowly got up and started to do lunch. Jacob black is the Alpha of the Shaphire moon pack and he is not looking forward to the meeting with Alpha Jackson but as soon as he sees Lilly he found out that she is his mate and takes her back to his pack and lurns the truth about her past and how the pack treated her like she was scum. But what they both don't know is that she is a powerful hybrid and now she has people after for her for it.

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The novel is a story about fantasy werewolf fiction. Lilly has been living a lie all along. But her suffering under her brother's hands made it hard for her to accept her fate and the truth about her true identity. After meeting Jacob an Alpha who claimed to be her mate, things changed - her brother suddenly treats her well. But one thing will not change for her she should trust no one but herself. Does Lilly think she is just tricked by Jason since she has been marked as the mate of an Alpha in another pack?

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17 Chapters
Chapter 1
My name is Lilly Hail and I am a slave to my ruthless brother Jackson and the pack. Jackson is now the Alpha of the blood moon pack ever since our parents were killed in a rogue attack, he has hated me and so has the pack I live in the pantry of the kitchen so then I can get up and cook and clean straight away. "GET UP YOU WORTHLESS PICE OF SHIT" "Crack!" there goes my right rib as Jackson kicked me. "I SAID GET THE FUCK UP" I got up without wincing in pain, if I do I will cop it again. "Cook lunch since you missed doing the morning routine" "Yes Alpha" I said holding back my tears "Dont cry Lilly or we will pay for it" my wolf Silver spoke "I know Silver I know" I replied still fighting the tears. "We have guests coming over so prep more food" "Yes Alpha" I said with my voice shakely. When I finshed cooking lunch that's when I heard the girl's giggling. "Did you hear that the Alpha of the Sapphire moon pack is coming over to have lunch?" Ally said. She is a tall skinny
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Chapter 2
LILLY: As Jacob walked up to my bed I was terrified I didn't know what he was going to do. "How can I be your mate? I'm nothing but worthless and a slave" I said with my knees to my chest. he came up and pulled me into his arms whispering "Hey I don't ever want to hear that come from you." He grabbed my chin and made me look up at him. "I just don't understand how I can be your mate, how did I even get here and where is here?" I looked into his eyes god those honey blue eyes are something I can get lost in. "When I found you, you were covered in blood and you were barely breathing. So I took you to our pack as you are now the Luna of the Jade moon pack" When he finished I remembered when the girls attacked me and beat me to a pulp. "I don't know if I can be your Luna as I am nothing but worthless" As soon as I said that a low growl rumbled in his chest. "I do not want to hear you say that ever! do you un
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Chapter 3
JACOB:When I was close I told Lilly and she tilted her head to the side so I can mark her."Lilly are you sure that you want me to do this?" I looked in to her eye's"Jacob I swere that I am ready for this please""I will mark you but one thing" I looked up at her."Any thing" her breath is starting to get ragged.I took a deep breath"You will mark me as well"Her eye's wided and she then gave me a nod of aproveal. As soon as we marked each outher it was just pure bliss. After we finshed I needed to go and do some work in the office I need to find out more about Jackson and his pack. I was hard at work and did'nt realize that Lilly had walked in and was standing behind me."Why are you looking a my brother's record's for" I jumped when she spoke. She let out a little giggle witch realaxed me a bit. "I want to see how he run's his pack and how strong his defencer's are, as he has been getting a
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Chapter 4
JACOB:I can't belive it my mate is the lengendy silver wolf there is a old tail of the silver wolf. The moon godess had a child with silver hair and that child how grow to be a great worrior and ruled over the land and became the alpha of all wolf's. She was belived to have died giving birth to a baby girl but that child vanished with out a trace. Right now I think that Lilly is her child and that mean's that she is royalty. "Lilly are you sure that you're parant's are you're parent's?"Lilly looked at me confused then Jackson looked at me pissed off. "Why would you ask such a thing I was there when our parant's brought her ho-" Jackson stopped all of a sudden and looked at Lilly."Wait when they brought you home you where already a year old now that I think of it"We all sat there in silence untill Lilly spoke.  "Jackson what you are saying is that mom and dad brought me home when I was a year old and that the
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Chapter 5
continue Lilly's pov:"I have found out that no you are not my sister and you're parent's are the King and Queen of the Fay Kingdom and they also had silver wolf and I don't know what happened to them but we are trying to find out more on that part look Lilly you may not be my sister but I will alway's call you my sister"I took a deep breath and as soon as he said that I got pissed as he has not treated me as a sister since our parent's died."Jackson how can you call me you're sister when these past sixteen year's you have treated me like shit and that you let the pack treat me like shit as well if you loved me then you would have procted me and not let anything happen to me but you know what? You and the pack have made me even stronger and now I can be a better Luna and I will treat my pack with respect and loyalty and I will never let another pack member lay a hand on another"After I finshed that I told Jacob that I want to go home and that I do not
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Chapter 6
LILLY:After I finshed getting ready I went down to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee as I really need the boost. When I sat down at the island table I was joined by Jason and Jacob I was just about finshed my coffee when Jacob spoke up."They are hear"All of a sudden I have butterfly's in my stomach and I griped on to Jacob while we waited at the front door and when the car pulled up my heart almost stopped. The woman who stepped out her hair is sliver and her eye's are blue her hair reacher's her waist line and all I can sat is that she is stunning."Lilly I prersume and you are Alpha Jacob?" "Yes you're majasty I am Alpha Jacob and my mate Lilly Hail" My heart is now skipping a few beat's when we enterd the office and sat down the Queen spoke agine."Lilly I know that this may come to a shock but yes I am you're mother and no I did not give you up you where taken by you're farther when he betrayed me and the kingdom I have
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Chapter 7
LILLy:When we arived I saw that Jacob, mom and Jason are in their wolf form fighting off the rouge's I can see that mom was very skilled at fighting and when I saw a rouge sneeking up behind her so I trapped it in a water wall and turned it into ice."Make sure that the one's that can't fight get to the safe house same with the children" Jacob shouted thru the mind link I can see Jackson putting the children and the one's who can't fight into the underground safe house.I sniffed the air and caught a sent that turned my stomach upside down but I chose to follow it any way. I was half way there when I was knocked down but a wolf and I knew that it was my farther."Lilly I can see that you have grown into a nice young lady I can't to kill you and get you're power as you stole that from me when you where born I never thought that I could steal it untill I was told by a wich and now that you are hear I can take it back so now are you ready to die little one?
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Chapter 8
LILLY:When I opened my eye's I could'nt belive what the nurse told me I was in a coma for two week's! I asked for a drink and they handed me a glass of water and that's when Jacob walked well ran in. I can see the tear's in his eye's he came beside me and held my hand and kissed me on the forhead."Baby how are you feeling are you sore any where is there anything that I can get you"I smiled at him and shook my head I can tell that he has bearly slept so I just gripped his hand tighter and pulled him down to me and kissed him. I saw him relax and his eye's sofen I asked the nurse once she is finshed doing her check if she can leave the room to give us some time alone."Jacob I need to asked you something""Anything baby girl and I mean anything""When I get out of hear can we go some where and I mean any where as we both need a holiday"He smiled and nodded his head and looked at me and then he laid down next to me.When I was
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Chapter 9
JACOB:I was in a meeting with my beta and we where talking about the peace we have with Lilly's brother Jason. I am abit worried as they have been getting acttacked from rouge's have a few of their hunter's, tracker's and he has lost his girlfriend in one of the fight's. I have sent some of my men but it has been three week's since I have herd from them and we have'nt been able to get in contact with Jason as well so I have made up my mind to go and see what is going on in the pack and so I will be leaving this weekend and I will tell Lil after we have brekfast. So after the meeting I went to the kitchen and just as I was walking to go up to the bedroom I was shocked to see Lil already up so I asked her to join me in the kitchen.When Lilly took her seat in the garden I grabbed some orange juice and sat across form her and started eating. Lilly was so happy and so am I we are able to conertrate on our growing famliy and I can not wait for our little one to be bor
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Chapter 10
LILLY:It has been two week's since the docter got hear her name is Beca and she is lovey but pushy but we have become friend's. I have four more day's until this baby boy yes we are having a boy and Jacob is very over joyed and frantic on getting everything baby friendly and getting everything ready for our bundle of joy. We where sitting in the lounge room when one of the omega's came in with the mail and I was shocked to see one from my mother and it was strange as we alway's called or texted and for her to send a letter was out of her usal dear Lilly If you are reading this then I have gone to be with the moon goddess,I know that this is not a thing that I will do but I can't tell you in person as it will brake me to see you cry to tell you that I have been sick for the past few year's. I am so glad that I meet you and got to know you and you're husband Lilly I want you to be strong and to never give up I know that y
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