The Casanova Underboss - The Legacies Series - Book Two

The Casanova Underboss - The Legacies Series - Book Two

By:  Peyton Iuga  Completed
Language: English
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Dash is no stranger to pain, but he learned from a young age to conceal it from the world. He grew up watching his parents fight, his mother crying herself to sleep while his father drowned himself in booze. That’s not the life he wants for himself. Dash swore off women right there and then, but growing up, his hormones played a significant part in turning him into a man-.  Dash is a single billionaire with a gigantic dark secret. He is the Underboss of the biggest Mafia in New York City. Dash likes to sleep around, and rarely sleeps with the same girl twice, but his sense of humor and his charismatic smile make every girl bow at his will until he meets the only girl who won’t look twice at him.  Grace is Dash’s polar opposite, but opposites attract and Dash can’t stop thinking about the girl he saved the night he covered his twin brother’s . The girl who was dancing on the table trying to strip her clothes, and ended up in his arms. The same girl that emptied her stomach all down his new leather jacket.  Getting to know Grace and trying to seduce her will be Dash’s biggest challenge, bigger than taking down the Italian Mob that is threatening their power in New York. How serious will Dash be about Grace when he sees a target on her back? Will he be able to put her above everything and everyone, or will go back to his old self not caring about anyone else? This is the second book of The Legacies Series. You can read this book as a stand-alone, but for better comprehension, it is advisable to read the first book of the series. “The Reaper CEO” 

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Kyla Ren
Wow! I loved the book. First I read Wyatt’s story and I said this is one of the best stories I read and then Dash’s story was even better! What can I say, brilliant work author! I cannot wait for Jagger’s story now
2024-06-11 19:08:28
user avatar
Kate Johnson
Nice one author
2024-06-10 17:03:44
user avatar
Dahlia Evans
Oh gosh, are you writing one for Jagger please… I can’t wait for your announcement!
2024-06-04 02:14:31
user avatar
Loved Dash's story and the series. I'm excited to read Jagger's upcoming book.
2024-06-01 05:46:45
default avatar
This was a very enjoyable story. I liked this better than Wyatt’s story and now I’m looking forward to Jagger’s story. I think I have a feeling where it is going to go.
2024-06-01 03:49:07
user avatar
Mandi Hartman
love this boom. can't wait for Jagger
2024-05-31 23:05:18
user avatar
Rosslyn Scott
What a fantastic book! I'm smitten with the delectable Dash!
2024-04-25 19:07:31
93 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Grace Stewart
Grace POV“Come on Grace, it’s your birthday,” Amber says as she pulls me out of the bed and I groan in frustration. I hate celebrating my birthday. My birth is nothing to celebrate honestly. I never thought birthdays were that special. My parents always threw me massive parties, but barely any kids showed up. We would always end up with large amounts of food, and the grownups would always look at me with pity plastered all over their faces. “Seriously Amber, all I want is to go for dinner, and then come home and watch a film with a large bucket of popcorn,” I say as I adjust my glasses that are sliding down my nose. Amber stares at me, shaking her head and resting her hands on her hips. “Okay, dinner, and then a couple of drinks,” she says, and I take a deep breath. I guess I will have to compromise on this. She won’t stop annoying me if I don’t do the drinks. “After all, we’re all legally allowed to drink,” she says and I couldn’t care less. Alcohol is not something I enjoy. I alw
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Chapter 2 - Dash Bolton
Dash POV“Seriously? A college party?” I let out and Jagger shrugs. Usually, he is the one who does this type of job, but today I am the unlucky bastard who has to deal with kids. I owe him. I promised I would do something for him. That’s what happens when your twin brother gets shot saving your fucking life. Jagger is the enforcer in our fucked up world. We belong to the MOB and I am the boss’s right hand. So usually Jagger needs to deal with this situation, scare some people, and beat them up, but today is my turn. I hate doing these types of jobs, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy beating some people and violence is always the answer, but when it comes to parties like this… I hate doing it, there’s too much to lose and I usually tend to get into some girl’s bed. As I said before, we are twins. I can’t see anything similar between us, but everyone says we look ex
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Chapter 3 - Grace Stewart
Grace POVI open my eyes and immediately regret doing so. I flinch as the pain in my head strikes like a football to the head. “Oh God,” I murmur as I sit up on the bed and frown, taking in the room. I look around, not recognizing the furniture. The large black chest of drawers with a huge TV hanging on the wall above it, a navy blue arm chair on the corner with a round table with a modern design next to it. The walls are light and the bed is huge with fluffy white covers. I look down at my body and my eyes widen and I jump out of bed to find myself wearing clothes I have never seen before. I lift the band t-shirt I am wearing and immediately smack my forehead with my hand. Fuck. Fuckity fuck, what have I done? I look around, trying to find my clothes, but all I can see is the nicest bedroom I have ever seen. Oh shit. I look down again, not recognizing the clothes. It’s a black T-shirt and some black male boxer shorts. No. That can’t be true. Where the hell am I? I can’t believe I
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Chapter 4 - Grace Stewart
Grace POV“Oh my God, where were you? I even considered calling the cops.” Amber says as soon as I call her back after getting home. Lying on the couch with my arm covering my eyes, I listened to how worried she was and how she got everyone, including some of the guys from the football team, to look for me. “I’m fine, I’m home,” I say and she takes a deep breath after filling my ears with the amount of worry, especially after what happened last night. “Okay, wait up. What happened last night?” I sit up straight on the couch and Amber takes her time. “Amber…” I say in a warning tone. “Someone walked into the party and broke loads of stuff and beat the crap out of Angelo when he tried to stop them. They stole some of his stuff,” Amber says, and my eyes widen. “Is he okay?” I ask, and she takes a deep breath. “He’s got a broken nose, and a broken arm, he was asking for you, he was worried about you when we couldn’t find you, everything happened in his room, where you were sleeping,”
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Chapter 5 - Dash Bolton
Dash POV“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I say as I watch my brother sit next to me. His eyes scan my face as I take a deep breath, cradling the drink in my hand. “Can you please stop staring at me?” I let out in frustration. If there’s one person who can get under my skin is my twin brother. Jagger is my best friend and sometimes I feel like he is a part of me. It’s freakishly frustrating when he looks at me and I feel like I can read his mind. “I just think it’s weird you’re sitting here instead of being down there grinding your cock against some random bimbo,” Jagger says, and I shake my head. “Can’t I have one night of peace?” I let out and he offers me his biggest grin and I know I’m in for shit. “I haven’t forgotten the girl you took home with you. You haven’t told me what the fuck happened,” he says and I roll my eyes as I empty my glass, raising it above my head. “Who’s the girl?” I wish I fucking knew. She got out of my house so fast I didn’t even get a chance to
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Chapter 6 - Grace Stewart
Grace POVI look at the dress my mom got for me, and I can’t help but scrunch my nose. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful dress, but it’s not something I would wear. The green fabric matches my eyes and I stare at myself in the mirror with the dress in front of me. “It’s an Ellie Saab,” my mom announces and I look at her over my shoulder, not really knowing what she means by that. I know nothing about fashion. It never really interested me, anyway. That’s why I allow my mother to buy the dresses she wants me to wear to these types of events. “It’s beautiful, Mom,” I say, and her smile widens. I hate breaking their heart and I always pretend to love everything they do, and all the clothes they buy me. They always end up staying in the back of my closet, forgotten. “Good, the glam team will be here soon, so come on, go have a
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Chapter 7 - Grace Stewart
Grace POV“I finally found you, Sleeping Beauty,” he whispers against my ear. His breath caressing my skin and I could feel every hair on my body rising at the feeling. Oh, God. Why are you doing this to me?“Sleeping Beauty?” I ask and he nods, smiling. It’s not the first time he has called me that, and I know he is using it as an endearing term, but I really don’t agree with it. Sleeping Beauty is one of the films I can never watch. The fact she would only wake up with the prince kissing her always made me think it was wrong. True love’s kiss should’ve been from her parents, not from a guy. “You were the most beautiful girl I have ever seen while sleeping, so I thought it was a good way of describing you, especially coz I didn’t know your name, you ran way too fast,” Dash says and I can feel my cheeks burning. Me, the most beautiful girl?&l
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Chapter 8 - Dash Bolton
Dash POVThe way Grace’s legs tighten around my waist as she grinds against my cock is driving me wild. My head is spinning with the way her body is moving and the way her hands are digging into my air slightly, pulling as I move my mouth down her neck, leaving small kisses on her bare skin. I move my hand from her ass, caressing her leg that is exposed by the huge slit on her dress, and slowly move to the inside of her leg, caressing her pussy through the thin fabric covering it. I can feel her wetness and as my fingers move slowly, her breath hitches and she moans slowly.“Fuck, you’re so wet baby,” I whisper into her ear as I leave a small bite on her neck sucking. Grace moans with her mouth on my shoulder, then her hips keep bucking against my cock. Her hands gripping my jacket to keep herself in place. I pull her underwear to the side, coating my fingers with her juices, and Grace bites my
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Chapter 9 - Grace Stewart
Grace POV“How was the party?” Amber asks as we sit at the table in the coffee shop we usually meet before class. I shrug and she looks at me, frowning. “You looked so good,” she says and I offer her a smile. Thinking about the party makes my stomach flutter. Thinking about Dash makes my entire body of work on an overdrive. I feel my cheeks burn as Amber frowns, looking at me. “Okay, what happened there?” She asks before she takes a bite of her Danish. I shrug once more and she is not having it. Her eyes scan my face and as the heat creeps up to my cheeks, she points at my face. “Aha,” she lets out, and I take a small sip of my coffee. “It was weird, okay? My parents kept introducing me to different guys. My mom’s obsession with getting me married is unreal,” I say, shaking my head. Amber takes a deep breath, putting her coffee cup down and looking
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Chapter 10 - Dash Bolton
Dash POV“Okay, do we really need to do this now?” I ask as I enter Wyatt’s office and his eyes meet mine. He sits back in his chair, throwing the pen on the desk and taking a deep breath. His feet rise as he rests them on the corner of the desk and stares directly into my eyes.“Why not?” He asks, and I raise both hands above my hand in exasperation. Is he for real right now? Wyatt has lost all sense of danger lately and I know he wants shit done and he wants us to corner Parisi sooner rather than later. I know he is worried about Blake going into labor while we’re dealing with Parisi.“Because you’re not thinking about this,” I say and he takes a deep breath, pushing away from his chair and standing up. His hand resting on my shoulder when he reaches me while he looks me in the eye. “Sandrine is going rogue. I can deal with her, but her cousin. He
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