The Clan Head System.

The Clan Head System.

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[Mutation of interface complete!] System-host compatibility: 95%- Requirements to integrate complete…, initiating integration and installation. … [Morales Clifford, Welcome to the Clan Head System!] “Wait…, what the hell?” “I…, Did I just transmigrate into Space world?” “What the f**k, is that even possible?” … Morales, a retired soldier in his previous world has been reborn in a strange world due to a mad scientist experiment; a world whose foundation is built upon his favorite game- Space World. For him to return back to earth, he has to accumulate strength and locate his other 4 earthlings that were reborn with him in this mysterious fantastical world. The road ahead is dark and ominous. Will he succeed? Will he die trying? Find out in this action filled mind-blowing novel.

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user avatar
Garren Pogi
more chapters please
2023-04-10 05:23:54
user avatar
Christopher Walcott
great storyline, always wanting more, couldn't stop reading it. when's the next book coming out in this series
2023-04-03 10:03:24
user avatar
Drew Archeron
decent descriptions and plot line.
2023-03-02 11:47:12
user avatar
muffin man
is there going to be a another book for this series
2022-12-13 15:14:02
user avatar
Eyituoyo Collins
Nice book, good storyline
2022-08-27 00:16:54
user avatar
Nate Worthy
I loved this book
2022-06-18 13:57:16
user avatar
Treat Trick
The ending is a bit lacking
2022-02-12 00:25:18
default avatar
Great read, not a lot of filler like in other books, the pacing of the story is great. A few errors here and there but that’s with any book read here. So far so good
2021-12-01 03:40:56
user avatar
Mairo Agbodo
Not too slow pace, not too fast, just nice with few mistakes.
2021-10-24 19:14:08
user avatar
Isodje Gift
Nice book author
2021-10-14 05:36:32
default avatar
this is great..keep going! do you have any social media that i can reach out?
2021-07-23 17:25:46
user avatar
Hey, thank you for trying out my book. This is my second book, you can also check out the first one "The Conspiracy Of The Elites". I hope you enjoy this long ride.
2021-07-20 14:25:15
user avatar
Joshua Compton
There are a lot of similarities between this, and the novel The Legendary Mechanic. Did you use that as reference? Great book, I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
2021-09-29 18:15:15
234 Chapters
It was currently 8:00 in the morning. The golden-red glow of the morning sun showcased its brilliance as Morales rushed to set everything that was required before he would report to his new workplace.His dark-toned skin glowed a bit like sparkling red wine as a consequence of the small sheen of sweat now on its surface. His dark unkempt beard made him look unruly like a middle-aged gangster with no purpose in life.His dull grey eyes and dropping chin did not help matters either, they made him look like a depressed man. After putting on his black overcoat, he finally started preparing the things he needed for his journey.           Today was a day that he had long been waiting for as the long-time goal that he was fighting for was finally accomplished.           Space world was the new reigning virtual reality game that was currently rocking the stats an
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           “It’s a good thing that he is awake, he’ll witness his execution clearly that way. The 2nd dungeon protector, Mr. Claw, said that the big boss is not coming over again, so there’s no need in keeping him alive”.“I love it this way. I like it more when they are alive to beg me before their death”. A deep voice echoed across the small dungeon room as a burly-figured man confidently stepped in.           On hearing these ominous words as soon as the dungeon protector came, Morales’s heart almost leaped out through his throat while his countenance dropped a bit.           “Really?? Can any nice words even come out of your big mouth?” He secretly cursed as he finally took in the figure of the man that was before him.    
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Morales entered a strangely steady and peaceful mood as the 5 thugs entered the room orderly with a cold expression on their faces. They already saw him as a dead man, so there was no need in communicating again.Clang!! With loud metallic ringing sounds, the heavy steel restraints were finally removed from his hand.As soon as the restraints were removed, he finally felt the familiar feeling of freedom. He felt like invisible shackles were just removed from his body.“Hehe, what a pity. We would not have another toy to play with for a while, this one would become blood and meat very soon”. One of the thugs mocked, causing the others to erupt in laughter.Though they laughed, this did not disrupt their movements as they reached his side in an instant.They quickly yanked him up before turning to lead him away. The first 3 thugs took the front, while the remaining 2 who held him trailed behind. As they escorted him confidently, he finall
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           As soon as Morales came outside the small dungeon room, he immediately deduced that he was standing in a long corridor. The room where he was held was at the very end of the corridor.           Through the light illumination, he noticed that the corridor stretched roughly to both sides like the internal belly of a dead anaconda.           After observing his surrounding for a short moment without making it too obvious, he closed the door naturally like nothing was wrong. He started moving forward as smoothly as he could.           He took all these counter-measures because he found out that security cameras were placed on both ends of the corridor.           As he moved forward, he was surprised
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From the 9 agents that Morales killed to forge his way here, he got a total of 2960 experience from them. He channeled them all to level up. As he did not have an active pugilist skill yet, he would make up for it with superior attributes.______________________________Pugilist [Novice] has been raised to level 2+10 Energy, +1 STR, +1 END+2 free attribute points+1 talent point…Pugilist [Novice] has been raised to level 5+10 Energy, +1 STR, +1 END+2 free attribute points+1 talent point__________________________________It cost him 3000 experience to level his main class up to level 5 as experience required to level up doubled after each subsequent leveling.As his interface sent him notifications, his mind became calm and serene, prompting his muscles to itch like tentacles were wrapping him up. He felt like a slumbering energy deep within him just awakened. As a r
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Feeling the pressure being emanated by the head dungeon protector and the hostile gazes of the dungeon protectors around, the elite squad leader’s fragile heart fractured immediately.Stammering, he quickly spilled out every detail of what transpired without excluding any detail.“Hmmm, he actually broke the bloodline shackles and became a pugilist, interesting”. Shasha muttered with a smile that was not a smile before turning around, getting ready to go back.“If you really shot so many times at him, there’s an 80% chance that he would die in the river”. He directed this at the elite agents before pausing a bit.“But you allowing him to escape is incompetence on your part, I don’t breed shit stirrers here, I bred fighters”. As soon as she said this, she waved her hand prompting a red energy field to erupt from her position.Before the 4 elite agents could even comprehend what she just said, the
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Not long after the slave trade gang leader announced to them, they finally saw the outline of a mining base appearing before them.The sun shone glaringly on the rooftop of the large base security building, making its smooth surface reflect the light in other directions.Apart from the security building, the mining base had a large building at the center that was surrounded by a larger and more durable defense fence. The surrounding outside the fence was the real mining base, stretching for kilometers.It was an underground mining base, so deep trenches leading underground covered most parts of the base. Streamlined slopes made using machines covered most parts of the base strategically to protect it from the fierce beast attacks.The animals in Beiger were all outrageously strong as most of them were mutated beasts. There were some that already even awakened intelligence, this was based on their level.Morales and the new group of slaves did not e
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            It was another bright day in the mining base as the sun shone glaringly at the mineworkers like an angry girl confronting her cheating boyfriend. They all worked without distraction under the strict supervision of the mine base guards.           Their afternoon shift was surface mining, that was why they had to endure the unrelenting punishment of the sun.           Sweat dripped down like falling waterfalls from Morales’s face as he lifted another big metal bucket packed full of steel and some other metal ores, before slowly climbing up the steep slopes of the mining base.           The slaves all had fatigued expressions on their faces as some kept on digging deeper while others carried their harvest up the way Morales was doing.&
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In the dark underground shelter of the mining base, as the other slaves slept, a figure was already up. He looked smilingly at the sword that came into his hand mysteriously from nowhere.Morales’s smile was wide as he softly caressed the sparkling metal body of the sword.Lionel always asked him again and again for the past few days why he did not demand a weapon to be crafted for him. He always replied with a smile, and that he already has his own weapon.Though the latter always looked at him doubtfully after hearing him, he gave up in the end as he was the leader. The risk of their uphill endeavor was clear to them all.It took a lot of willpower on his part to prevent his desire to bring out the weapon that he got from his system lottery draw for the past days. Finally, he could freely bring it out today.All it required from him was to let his intention known and the sword mysteriously materialized from the system.He was waiting
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In the most luxurious room at the center-most point of the mining base, the leader of the base slept peacefully. As a beast-man, his sleeping posture was not the most decent.Grr!!Chakra spread his body like a rag across the large king-sized bed as his loud snores echoed across the room like rumbling and boiling water. His physique could only be described as wild.As he was not a human, most of the things seen as indecent to them were daily normal occurrences to him. His naked body twitched at intervals on his bed as the faint wind blowing into the room tickled his thick skin hair.All his burly muscles were clearly outlined, forming a stunning sight depicting immense manliness, but the group of people who were entering the room stealthily did not admire this. They did not have weird tendencies.As soon as he entered the room, the first thing that Morales did was to use his detect skill on their dangerous target immediately.---------------
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