The Deaf She-wolf: Kaya

The Deaf She-wolf: Kaya

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This book is authored by Ariel Eyre. "She is deaf." "What, she can't be deaf. I have never heard of a deaf wolf. It is impossible." "I am serious. She had an accident when she was six. She didn't have her wolf then, and it couldn't heal, resulting in hearing loss." She smiled. Her smile could have knocked me over. It was something I would want to see as often as I could. "Can you hear me?" She just shook her head. How on earth would I communicate with her if she couldn't talk? If I marked her, I could mind-link. I could mark her here and now. It is my right, after all. But she may not like that. I had to wonder if her being deaf, though, would be okay. If I marked her, she would be Luna to my pack. She would need to be strong. I had no idea if losing her hearing made her weak. As much as I wanted to claim her on the spot, I would need to know that she could hold her own. Or, at the very least, could be taught to fight. --------- When I pressured my brother to take me down to the southern territory I just wanted to experience the way the rest of the world lived. Growing up in the north is brutal and we survive off the land. But I never expected to meet my mate and from a southern pack made it all the more difficult. His values differed from my own. The way his pack lived was the opposite of how I was raised. The brutality of my life would lead me to make decisions that put the Shadow Pack in jeopardy.

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128 Chapters
1. Kaya
Kaya I am walking on the ice. My mother is shouting, telling me not to go too far into the inlet. I just wanted to explore. I wanted to see the whales that come into the bay sometimes. I hear the ice creek beneath my wooly boots. After a few minutes, I finally see the whales in the bay. I move closer. I love seeing them hunt. I hear my mother yet again calling for me. I turn to face her and tell her just a few more minutes. But as I turn, I hear the ice begin to shriek. All of a sudden, I feel the water swallowing me. My body is being stabbed by thousands of needles. And I twist and contort under the ice. My adrenalin is coursing through my tiny body. I need to get out from under the ice. I stop resisting. Please let this work, I think to myself. I let the current take me out further. I look up and see it is working; I am out beneath the ice shelf after a few moments. I try to brace myself. I know better than to fight against the current. But if I don't surface soon, I will drow
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2. Kaya
Kaya The look on the people's faces was one I had gotten used to seeing. When northerners would visit our pack. Primarily young men looking for their mate. They always gave me strange looks when they found out I could not hear. The day I had fallen under the ice had left irreparable damage to my ears. I was only six then. My speech suffered since I could not hear what I wanted to say. So, I just stopped speaking altogether. When I got my wolf at 13, I could finally communicate through a mind link, but that was only with my pack. Before that, my parents made painstaking efforts to teach me to read lips and sign. Reading had been a challenge until I had hit 13. But once I got my wolf, things took a turn for the better. Communication was opened to me. Not being able to hear, though, only heightened my other senses. I was the best tracker in the north. I could feel vibrations. Making it almost impossible to sneak up on me. If the smell did not give you away, then your movement would.
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3. Cade
Cade I smell something sweet, something flowery. I have a tingling in my gut. I know this feeling. At least I have been told what this feeling is. It means my mate is nearby. I followed the sweet scent, and as I got closer, I could finally detect who the smell was coming from. I see she is dancing with some little man. A wave of jealousy came over me. Who would dare touch what is mine? The young man stands still, seeing me staring down at him. I push my alpha auror out, causing him to let go of the woman. I take my eyes off him to examine the woman who still has her back turned. Does she not smell me. Why has she yet to turn around? I take a moment to look at her back. She has very long black hair. It must have been the longest I have ever seen, and it looked glossy and well-kept. It didn't hide her round bottom, though. She finally turns to face me. I take in her appearance. She has beautiful dark brown eyes. Her tan skin looked so soft that it would feel like silk if I touche
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4. Kaya
Kaya He said his name was Cade. I had never met anyone named that. Then again, I had yet to meet that many people. I wanted to know if there was any significance behind his name. I was examining him when he grabbed my hand. It sent little tingles across my flesh. He pulled me past Quill and out of the hall with everyone. He continued to lead me up the stairs and then into a room. It was dark in there, but I had no problem seeing. My vision was superb, not to mention we wolves had already had the ability to see in the dark. The next thing I saw was his face coming towards mine. Then I felt his lips connect with my own. I had never been kissed before, and I was hoping I was doing it right. I wish I could have asked him if I was okay. But the kiss began to deepen, and to me, it didn't seem like he thought I was a novice. If he did think that, it didn't seem to faze him as he opened his mouth, and I reciprocated, opening mine. Letting him take the lead, I followed what he had done.
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5. Cade
Cade I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to kiss her. To feel her lips on mine. Why was I thinking about it when I could actually do it. I thought about kissing here right here in front of everyone. But I wanted the moment to be more intimate. I grabbed her hand and led her out of the overcrowded room. Once on the second floor, I pulled her into the first room there was. It was dark in there. I moved closer to her. Extending my arms and pulling her in. Kissing her is like something unworldly; her lips are so soft, so inviting. I begin to feel her body. Her curves were hard to hide, with my hands freely roaming over her body. I opened my mouth. I wanted her to do the same. I had wanted to taste her. When she reciprocated, I let my tongue slide into her. She tasted like honey, sweet and earthy. The room was filling with the scent of her arousal. The kissing had tightened my pants, but smelling that she wanted me was a new kind of arousal. I wanted nothing more than t
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6. Cade
Cade Kaya threw the first punch. But Annalise dodged it. Then Annalise swung down and went in for a gut punch. It connected with Kaya's ribs. This ignited a frenzy in her. She began to circle fast. She went in for punches, not worrying about the blows she was taking. Annalise stepped back and went in for a roundhouse. Then, in an instant, Kaya grabbed hold of the kicking leg and punched the femur. I could hear the bone breaking. Annalise backed away, almost hobbling. Kaya didn't stop there, though. She, in her human form, crouched down and pounced. This was the first time I had seen something like it. It was as if, in her human form, she had taken on the attributes of her wolf form. She spang up, tackling Annalise to the ground. Once on top of her, she began to franticly hit. Annalise at first threw some heavy punches, and you could hear Kayla's ribs cracking, but that didn't stop her. She continued to hit and hit. After minutes, Annalise stopped moving. But Kaya just kept hit
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7. Kaya
Kaya The nurse looked directly at me. "Where does it hurt the worst? "I pointed to my ribs. In truth, they were on fire. Every time I breathed, they felt like they were being punched again. I knew I had cracked several. Annalise surely could throw a punch, but I could do something better. I could take it. It gave me the upper hand. I had won the fight. She would think next time she wanted to put her grubby little hands on my mate. Man, I was possessive. The thought of how possessive it made me laugh. But then I shuddered at the pain that caused. "Can you show me your ribs?" I nodded. I got out of bed and was about to take my dress off when it occurred to me that both my brother and my mate were sitting there looking right at me. I had shifted around my brother before, so it was not new to him what I looked like, but I still didn't want him staring at me. Unlike when we shifted back home, no one considered how anyone looked. It was just a part of nature. But here in this room, wh
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8. Cade
Cade I knocked on the door to Kaya's and Quill's room. He opened the door. "Cade, she is out like a light. I don't think you should wake her. "I wanted to just lay next to her to be near her. But I didn't want to risk waking her up. I nodded at Quill. "Alright, I will see you in the morning. We can meet in the lobby. "I turned away, and Quill shut the door. I went back to the room I had gotten. Mark, my beta was in there. "Cade, your back?" Yeah, she was asleep. I didn't want to risk waking her up.” "Got it. Well, I can't wait to meet her." "Yeah, what do you think they must talk to their pack about. I mean, she would normally come back with us, so I don't get why they have to talk to their pack." "Yeah, I don't know; maybe they just want to let her parents know or something. They may want to coordinate where to get her stuff sent. I have no idea." It seemed weird that Quill had stuff to go over with us. It was customary for the female to join her mate's pack once they found ou
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9. Cade
Cade It had been two days since I said goodbye to my mate. I was having a hard time focusing on anything else. I missed her smile. I missed her smell. It was not usual to part with your mate after the meeting. It was unnatural. Under normal circumstances, we would have sealed our mate bond already. I had to keep telling myself we were almost there. The pilot had said as much. I was glad I had brought Mark and his Mate Helen. I asked Mark to come, and Helen had insisted she tag along. The plane finally touched down. There was fresh powder on the ground. And the aircraft swayed a bit. As we exited the small plane, I took in the area. It was covered in a white blanket. You could see hills in the distance. Helen spoke up. "What now? I am freezing my ass off." I thought it was cold for October, but then again, we were in the Arctic Circle. Quill had given us the latitude and longitude. According to the GPS, it was about 7 miles north of here. We had a handheld GPS thing that Mark had
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10. Kaya
Kaya As we walked to where I would have us camp for the night, I began to feel a bit nervous. I felt my palms sweating. I tried to relax. I removed the pack once we got to the clearing, I thought would be a good place. I reached down and pulled out the Ax I had attached to the side of the pack. Cade made a face, but he understood after seeing me cutting up a fallen tree. Cade had taken over the wood so I could set up the bedding that I had brought. I laid out the furs next to where I planned to put the fire. I gathered it up once Cade had cut enough wood for the whole night. He watched as I started the fire. I looked at him. There was nothing else to do. This was it. I felt my face getting hot. Why was I so embarrassed? Cade came closer, closing the gap between us. His gaze met mine. He must have known I was nervous because his mouth moved. "Just take a deep breath. It is just us here." I did as he said. It helped. Then, slowly, he kissed me. He opened his mouth, and I mimick
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