Chapter 2448 Let It Slide This Time

Ferguson Corporation.

Selena did not have to register or make an appointment to meet Eric because Mitchell personally brought her in.

Due to this, many people secretly paid attention to Selena.

Selena was beautiful and had a good temperament, and Mitchell personally brought her here, so it was not hard for her to become the center of attention.

Soon, word spread throughout the company.

Selena did not notice this because she was fuming and wanted to rip that son of a b*tch to pieces!

Mitchell could hardly catch up to her.

Selena looked at the sign at the door and walked toward the President’s Office.

A special authorized card was required to enter the President’s Office, and Mitchell had it.

Coincidentally, the office door was not closed.

Just as Mitchell was about to catch up to Selena, a male employee behind him suddenly said, “Mr. Crawford, there are visitors in Mr. Ferguson’s office…”

Mitchell’s expression changed. At that moment, Selena was way ahead of him.

Before he c
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Stephanie Wright
Keep the chapters coming. You need to release more than 2 at a time.
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Suzy Q Crafts
TOO excited to see what happens with Selena and Eric!

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