Chapter 2451 Reported

Selena ate a crab leg. It was so indescribably delicious and fresh!

It must be freshly imported that morning.

Chance happily took a mouthful of chili con carne and sniffled.

Selena said, “It’s so spicy. How did you grow to like it?”

Chance said with a smile, “Two days ago, Daddy asked his secretary to bring me here for dinner. I didn’t know what to eat, so I ordered this when I passed by. It was really delicious!”

Selena smiled. “I think so too, but you’re still so young, so you shouldn’t eat too much spice.”

“I know. Don’t tell Daddy. He won’t let me eat this!”

Selena shook her head.

“He’s too serious. If I was born into his family, I’d rather not get reincarnated!”

Chance laughed and continued to eat with his head down.

The two of them ate happily. They looked so relaxed and harmonious as they talked to each other.

For a moment, they did not notice that someone was behind them.

They did not even hear footsteps.

The manager of the cafeteria keenly noticed the man and quic
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