Chapter 2457 Wake Up

Selena recovered after resting for a while. That bit of wine was really nothing to her.

It was almost evening.

From the balcony, Selena could see a servant outside watering the garden while the other was picking vegetables.

The sun was setting.

The orange hue enveloped the entire villa and created such a tranquil and beautiful picture.

Usually, at this hour, the bar was starting to get lively.

Selena was not there, so she was worried about the bar.

However, since she agreed to Mitchell’s request, she could not just leave like this.

Selena looked back at the pale man on the bed speechlessly. His eyes were tightly closed, and he did not move at all.

This was the first time Selena saw him in such a vulnerable state.

She thought, ‘Hah! You said you never sleep in. Look how long you’ve been sleeping now!’

Selena pursed her lips and thought that Eric was really pitiful.

The Cantonese food that the servants made was decent. Selena was a picky eater, but she could not find any faul
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Haley Ashton Jett
Need more chapters. Costing a lot of money to keep reading
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Karen Strouf-Weaver
There seems to be no end to this book, but only 3 chapters at a time is just ridiculously slow. You don’t even get enough to read and collect bonuses.
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Like the storyline. Just need atleast 10 chapters a day.

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