Chapter 2465 Subpar Reputation

Selena was not afraid of others watching her. She stood there righteously and said with a smile, “Ms. Yeager, go home. Mr. Ferguson doesn’t want to see you.”

“Whatever you say isn’t credible. I don’t believe that you conveyed the message. How about this? Ask Mr. Ferguson to come out and tell me in person.”

Cindy lifted her chin with a haughty look. She would not give up until she reached her goal.

Selena raised her eyebrows nonchalantly.

“Ms. Yeager, don’t you understand? You’re being rude for coming here uninvited. Is this what the Yeager family is capable of? To tell you the truth, Eric can’t come out because he’s still lying in bed naked from having too much sex last night.”

“You… You’re shameless!”

Cindy yelled.

Selena laughed. Her slender neck and shoulders were straight, and she was a charming woman. When she stood there, she looked more like an arrogant little temptress.

“You’re even more shameless than I am!”

Selena was not the type to just let someone scold her.

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Please let Eric and Selena fall in love and get married
goodnovel comment avatar
Kelly Canales
More Selena and Eric … and more than two chapter at a time
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Corazon Bautista
I like reading the both of them.Please give us more chapters to read for both of them.

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