Chapter 2468 Girlfriend Can See

Perhaps due to their professions, everyone had a straight posture and great build, which was pleasing to the eye.

The boys were interested in the truck and excitedly wanted to climb up to take a closer look.

The girls only surrounded the good-looking firefighters and asked for hugs.

Seeing this, Selena felt that having a thing for good-looking men was a bad habit that developed since young.

Zachary’s colleagues saw the woman behind Zachary and looked at him with a playful smile. Then, they greeted her as if they already knew who she was.

One of the youngest smiled naively and asked, “Zach, is this the owner of the bar that you helped to buy fire-fighting equipment for?”

Everyone else pricked up their ears and listened.

Only Selena was a little shocked and thought, ‘So many people knew about this?’

Zachary lightly reprimanded him with a carefree smile.

“Fortunately, she is. If not, you would’ve ruined my chances!”

The others chuckled.

Selena also stood up and said with a smil
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