Chapter 2472 You Can Pursue Me

“I’m sorry.”

Eric blurted out in a low voice.

It seemed that the apology that he had been stewing on was not that difficult to say.

Why did he have to make things worse when he could solve the problem with these two words?

Eric did not feel much better when he saw Selena suffer, apologize, and act indifferent.

He had only one feeling, and that was that he had screwed up very badly.

Selena thought she had misheard, so she raised her eyes to look at him.

Eric’s chiseled face was reflected in her eyes. He was shrouded in a halo that made him look exceptionally good-looking.

Eric was silent for a moment before he said in a deep voice, “I came to apologize. What I said just now was inappropriate, so I take it back. Please don’t take it to heart. We’re friends, and I don’t mean to look down on your past. You’re brave and upright to be able to break free from your past marriage. There’s nothing to mention, so I won’t bring it up again.”

Selena raised her eyes and met his shallow gaze
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Comments (7)
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Sleepers ForNow
I think we have seen Eric to be someone who ignored his first wife, disregarded his son, be cutthroat with his own family, and now be chauvinistic/high handed with Selena. At this point, he needs a transformative moment to make us root for him. If not, he’s a rich jerk. Not redeemable.
goodnovel comment avatar
Stephanie Wright
Ok, enough of the back and forth already. This supposed relationship is dragging. It is time to solidify Eric and Selena's relationship. Leave the young boy out of it. Selena needs a mature and meaningful relationship with Eric, not a boy toy with a fireman guy. Can't even remember his name.
goodnovel comment avatar
Oh c’mon already!!!!! Can this author stop with all these nonsense already!!!! Stop keep making Eric a mean person!!!!! Since Nicole is not available anymore, I want Eric to find himself a nice honest woman that love him for who he is and his son!…Selena is perfect for him!!!!

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