Chapter 2474 Agree to Go on a Date With Him

That was why Julie tried her best to invite Selena to make a guest appearance.

Julie always had an eye for potential.

It was just a short clip of around ten seconds, yet it had caused quite a stir online in an instant.

[OMG! She’s so beautiful! I want to know who she is!]

[Isn’t this the singing bar owner some time ago?]

[OMG! Her figure is amazing!]

[She’s so much better than many celebrities. I’m now her true fan!]


Selena was in the bar, holding a cigarette in one hand while scrolling through the comments on her phone.

She clicked her tongue and felt a little helpless.

“Everyone has great tastes to appreciate me so much!”

Chaz was speechless and thought, ‘If her fans see this, they will surely cancel her immediately…’

The waiter, who was interested in the topic, came over and asked, “Boss, what’s next after this clip? Can you give us some spoilers?”

Selena could not help but laugh.

“She’ll undress, of course!”

Everyone was shocked.

Was this something they were
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