Chapter 2473 Which Uneducated B*stard?

Mitchell sent Selena another message. [Which uneducated b*stard gave you this scrap paper, Ms. Nelson? Next time, you can ask me if you don’t understand anything. I’ll answer your questions anytime!]

Selena paused and replied.

[Thank you. I think it’s better you don’t know.]

Mitchell was speechless.

He suddenly thought that something was wrong.

Could it be... Mr. Ferguson?

The chat between Selena and Mitchell came to an abrupt end.

Selena took a deep breath and thought of the happiest moments in her life before she could suppress the anger in her heart.

Otherwise, she would really explode.

When she calmed down and planned to go downstairs, Eric suddenly sent her a message.

[I forgot to sign that check just now. Come over tomorrow, and I’ll sign it for you.]

Selena did not have any regrets in her heart. She even thought that this was just another one of his traps.

Did that motherf*cker think that she was an idiot?

Selena replied. [Get lost! I don’t want your stupid money!]

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