Chapter 2475 The Role of A Third Wheel

Soon, the person the Yeagers had been waiting for arrived.

That person did not seem the slightest bit guilty for being late.

A little boy followed him.

The kid liked to look around and saw Selena at a glance.

He thought about going there to surprise Selena, but he realized that he came with Eric, so he was hesitant.

Since Chance saw Selena, Eric naturally saw her too.

Eric folded his sleeves with one hand and looked stern as he glanced in the direction of Selena and Zachary. He was exuding such a frightening chill, but the couple did not notice him at all.

Selena and Zachary ate happily and chatted about everything. Occasionally, they would talk about the people around them in a low voice.

The more they talked, the more they hit it off. They were also no longer as distant as before.

They looked like a young couple in love.

This scene was an eyesore to Eric.

He thought, ‘Hah! No wonder that woman was unmoved when I hinted that she could pursue me last time. She even uncharact
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goodnovel comment avatar
i hope Eric wil die from jelousy. he cannot appreciate once's value until it will be taken it away from him.

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