Chapter 2470 Wait in the Bedroom

Selena thought that Zachary was a rare gem among men.

Thus, she did not mind considering him.

After a while, Zachary’s colleagues, who were concerned about Zachary’s love life, quickly urged him to accompany Selena.

Fortunately, Zachary did not bring up the matter of Selena being his girlfriend again. Thus, Selena and Zachary got along quite casually.

Zachary was an easygoing person to talk to, so it did not feel awkward around him. He would share some interesting stories from time to time, which made Selena laugh uncontrollably.

“Two days ago when we were on the job to put out a fire at an old man’s house, he said his son was at home, so we went in to rescue him. But we searched several times and couldn’t find anyone. Even after the fire was extinguished, we couldn’t find his son. But guess what? His son was a cat. As soon as the fire broke out, the cat ran away. The old man saw that the cat was unscathed and got so angry that he beat the cat with a stick…”

These were just trivi
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