Chapter 2463 Very Experienced

In the dark, Eric sneered.

“One thousand? You’re very experienced, huh?”

Selena really was not lying.

The young hunks who come to the bar like to take off their clothes when they drink too much. Then, they would dance to their heart’s content on the stage.

Looking at them made people excited, but Selena only admired their bodies.

Some were thin and bony.

Others were fleshy and bulky.

There were also some that were neither fat nor thin but had a little belly.

There were very few who were as lean and well-proportioned as Eric, with such well-balanced and aesthetic abdominal muscles.

Selena just felt that she should not look so eager.

She snorted coldly and went to the inside study.

Eric sighed.

“Now, I’m even more scared! You’d better go back. I’ll call you if I need anything!”

As he said that, he lifted the quilt, intending to close his eyes and go to sleep.

Selena paused and no longer wanted to go into the study.


Was he planning to wake her up several times at nigh
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
I would like to see Eric and Selena hook up, they would compliment each other. Cindy needs to be in somebody’s jail. I can’t believe she had the nerve to show up.
goodnovel comment avatar
Mega Barton
Like Selena and Eric are like kids ...‍♀️... and these big rich people staff just open the door no check and see who is it first ...‍♀️
goodnovel comment avatar
Renee Higgins-Gilmore
I find them boring (Eric and Selene) I don't even read those chapters. The author needs to wind this book up with Nicole getting pregnant and Eric moves away

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