Chapter 2461 Devious

That one sentence quelled Selena’s excitement.

Oh, she forgot that the other party was Eric Ferguson.

Selena chuckled. “I was just joking. How could I do such a devious thing?”

Eric looked at her meaningfully as if he was saying, “Is there anything you can’t do?”

Selena was speechless.

All afternoon, Selena was busy helping Eric get his laptop and documents to prepare for a video conference.

Eric simply used her to the fullest.

Even during the meeting, he asked her to stand by with a glass of water, as if he was ready to drink water at any time.

There were also a variety of imported fresh fruit and snacks.

What a precious mouth this capitalist had!

Selena endured it all.

Seeing how enthusiastic Eric was about work, Selena thought that Eric probably would not spend too much time in bed.

He would get up on his feet in two days, so she should just put up with him.

At that moment, Eric was conducting a video conference with a stern expression.

Selena, who was next to him, pic
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goodnovel comment avatar
To be truthful, if I were Selena, I would do a little investigation into this matter first because I think Zachary did help Selena with the fire extinguisher part and maybe a little more which would warrant the dinner with Selena. Plus sorry, but I am really bored with Eric and Selena’s interaction

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