Chapter 2452 How Could I Forget?

The firefighter glanced at her meaningfully with a bit of playfulness in his eyes.

“Selena, we were classmates in college for two years. You don’t recognize me anymore?”

Selena froze slightly as she looked at his face carefully.

She finally matched this face with a vague memory in her mind.

The young boy chased her for two years, but she rejected him.

At that time, Selena was still stuck in her horrible marriage with Derek Norton, and her grandfather had people watching her at all times.

Thus, there were hardly any men of her age that were allowed to appear around her.

This was Zachary Salvatore who fervently pursued her back then, right?

In an instant, Selena had mixed feelings.

Why did Zachary look so different from before?

She did not pay much attention to him before, but he was so hot now!

Selena thought to herself and felt regretful.

After Zachary checked the fire hydrant, he went to see the fire extinguisher.

However, his face was solemn as he put the fire extinguish
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