The Lycan's Obsession

The Lycan's Obsession

By:  Natalie  Updated just now
Language: English
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After her parents are killed in a pack attack, Celia escapes the clutches of the alpha and his notorious pack members only to find herself face to face with the youngest Lycan Prince, Jasper. He is someone everybody avoids, nobody understands and even the King is wary of. "Just kill me and be done with it” I said as irritation building up inside me found its escape through my tongue. I was not even afraid of death anymore. I could even picture meeting my parents again in the afterlife. "Things have gotten too interesting for that” He replied, dragging me out of my thoughts. He gave me a malicious look and a smile that did not reach his eyes. Death would have been an easy way out but there was no escaping Prince Jasper.

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Ashley Gwin
Ive been reading this book from the beginning since you started writing and i love it i would like more chapters but i understand it takes time cant wait to finish it ...
2023-07-28 09:22:26
default avatar
Love this book so far!
2023-07-28 05:41:23
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Lisamarie Smith
really good story
2023-07-27 23:35:26
default avatar
Love this book !! Anxiously wait for updates everyday!! Can’t wait to see where this goes !! ...️...️
2023-07-27 20:37:58
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Michelle Phillips
Love this book , keeps you on your toes .. I just hope Jasper and Ceila end up together in the end !
2023-07-27 10:24:49
default avatar
This story is by far one of my favorites! We have an excellent writer here! I hope this story reaches beyond this application!
2023-07-27 10:08:48
default avatar
Love this book. Always so exited for the updates! Can’t wait to see how jasper and Celia’s relationship goes!
2023-07-27 03:53:23
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Lexie Henzi
Absolutely love this book! This book keeps me guessing and I always get excited for the next chapter!
2023-07-27 02:57:16
default avatar
Kim Hagood
This is a compelling story that keeps you engaged and excited to see what happens next! The characters draw you in and you learn everything is not as it seems. Excellent writing and I can’t wait for the next chapter!
2023-07-27 02:30:22
default avatar
Such an amazing writer I love this book, thank you for your hard work in writing books for us readers to enjoy ...️
2023-07-27 01:44:33
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Lissette Garcia
I absolutely love this book!!!
2023-07-27 00:46:10
default avatar
I have literally been hooked and so happy that the updates are more often please please give us more or me please hahahah absolutely amazing gift you have and it’s not easy to bring out emotions from readers so well done and thank you ...
2023-07-27 00:45:40
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Christy Dickerson
Such a great writer, hands down my favorite book thus far.
2023-07-27 00:31:45
default avatar
Great story
2023-07-20 03:48:58
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
186 chapters 7-19-23
2023-07-20 01:10:33
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223 Chapters
Chapter 1
CeliaTonight was the most horrible night of my life. The lightning was thundering and the black clouds looked as gloomy as my life and my pack was being torn to shreds.Our lives had been peaceful earlier but ever since the Lycan King had cast his gaze upon the southernmost part of his territory, where my pack resided, things had gone downhill.Werewolves were his pawns and alphas bowed to him. Under his rule, even the mighty alphas cowered in fear.And now, as the rain poured down on me, I was sitting on the ground, unable to move…unable to think.“Ma…please don’t leave me”She had lost blood…lots of blood.Her gaze flicked to the pups that were cowering under the small shade and trying their best to hide from the attackers.“Go, save the pups”My mother ordered as I saw a werewolf lunge at us. I was too stunned to even move but my mother turned around and deflected his sharp claw that would have slashed through my abdomen.She saved me but she took the brunt of the attack as the cl
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Chapter 2
CeliaThe two men were dragging me to a far corner, away from the center of the territory. While others were busy disposing of the dead, these two men wanted to rape me.Fear and panic rose in my heart when I heard their words.They were both strong and muscular while I was thin and weak. I could not stand against them in a fight.My mother’s last words echoed in my head. “You are strong, remember that.”‘Think Celia, think’At that same instance, my wolf, Rain, spoke to me in my head, “The moment they free your hands, give me full control. I will run away as fast as I can.”She tried to reassure me. But the men maintained an iron fist on me. They took my hands and tied them to a tree as I shouted.“If you are man enough, let me stay free and I will show you how it is done”I snarled but they obviously did not pay any attention to my provocation and instead thought of it as an invitation.“Ooh, you want to show us? This one can surely bite”One of them grabbed my face by the chin and
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Chapter 3
CeliaThe two princes stopped just in front of me and I felt my heart constrict. It was beating so wildly that I thought I would die of shortness of breath.They were both tall and their bodies obstructed my vision, blocking everything else in front of me.“Hmm, why is this month’s haul so low?”“Not sure, Edriel. Those rabid dogs need to be put on a leash.”So he was the eldest of the three, Prince Edriel.Prince Edriel, made a gruff noise as he touched a strand of my hair. I tried not to wince as he took a whiff and walked away from me, apparently done with me.I let out a sigh of relief when the eldest walked away. The second one was still hovering in front of me, but he seemed to be confused between me and the girl standing beside me. He had to be Jasper because he was staring at us with a devious glint.It was time to help him make a quick decision.He had to hate me.So I began to cough violently, making the most unlady like sounds I could muster.It wasn't my best performance—
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Chapter 4
CeliaBut then I recalled that I had yet to answer him.And it would do me good to answer him than be called that wretched name again. Hence, I answered with as much courage as I could muster.“Ce-Celia”“Not so beautiful, are you? My brothers usually don’t leave anything but they left you so you are clearly the worst possible choice.”Jasper said in a neutral tone but it felt like a slap on my face.His words made me boil in rage. I clenched my fists and was about to answer but my wolf, Rain, cautioned me.“Don’t get into a fight with him. He would probably bury our body in the garden in broad daylight and nobody would bat an eyelid”As much as I wanted to wipe that cocky grin off his face, she had a point.I wanted my head on my shoulders and if possible, my virginity intact.I did not want to be claimed by a prince…not a monster in the least.His voice was deep and broody and he neared me to whisper something in my ear.I tried not to show that I was afraid of him as I stayed my gr
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Chapter 5
Celia Jasper’s laughter rumbled through the big and wide chamber that had just us both. I was standing naked in front of him but so far he had not even touched me. His deep throaty laughter rumbled through the space, the sound amplified as it bounced off the walls. Jasper was clutching his stomach tightly and his eyes had begun to water due to all the laughing. I could do nothing but just blink as I folded my hands across my chest. Had I just made the evil prince laugh? I was not even sure what great joke I had cracked. My foot tapped on the floor and I tried to not let my annoyance show as he tried hard to contain his laughter. It was not laced with mirth or annoyance…just pure delight…as if he had never heard anything funnier. I rolled my eyes and waited for the prince to finish his laughter and let me know what he planned to do with me. But then a woman came running in hurriedly, her body shivering uncontrollably. However, she stopped by the doorframe and hovered around it
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Chapter 6
CeliaI saw darkness and stars in front of my eyes.Soon, I would be meeting my parents. That thought made me feel happy.But why was my breathing not slowing down?And why was I still hearing my killer’s soft breathing?I had let out a scream, hadn’t I? Maybe, I was hallucinating and it was an effect of my brain shutting down before the rest of the body followed suit.I could still feel the way my veins were thrumming under his skin, the way Jasper’s robes swished against my naked skin.My eyes flew open as I saw the chandelier hanging down from the high ceiling.Jasper noticed the flutter of my eyelashes and kept looking at me curiously.It looked like the woman had been right. He loved toying with women and scaring the hell out of them.But before I could speak anything, I heard him bark an order.“Maids”Soon after, a flurry of girls suddenly appeared out of nowhere, scurrying like rats.A total of four women, each dressed in simple palace clothes arrived and stood by the door, bo
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Chapter 7
CeliaAfter everybody had left me to my thoughts, I got up from the chair and marveled at my reflection.I had never known I could look so beautiful or elegant.All my life, I had just trained hard, wearing soil stained and sweat soaked clothes to fight. But when my own mother had taken a hit, I had not been strong enough to fight the werewolf.The memory made me curl my hands into fists. I was not going to be weak…ever again.So, I painted my lips the color of murder and planned my next move.A soft knock on the door made me turn around.It was yet another maid.“My lady, your presence has been requested at the feast.”My lady?I raised an eyebrow in suspicion but she stood with her head bent low, waiting for me to walk toward her.“I am not your lady. I…I don’t know what you are supposed to address me with. Probably the prince’s personal slave…”I added carefully, waiting for her reaction.But she only pursed her lips nervously. “The prince had asked all of us to address you like t
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Chapter 8
CeliaI was reeling due to the rage boiling inside me. And I saw Borivin’s jaw twitch as he looked at me with an ice-cold gaze.I had openly wounded him despite being a nobody. I wore no royal emblem nor was I marked by any of the Prince which must have given him the boldness to act like that with me.But royal or not, I would not let anybody openly insult me.Borivin had begun saying, “Oh a particular part of my body is extra dark but it is not the heart, sadly. I will probably show you if-”However, the doors through which I had entered flew open as a pin-drop silence blanketed the large hall.Striding in through the hall without a care in the world was Prince Jasper.While all others were dressed in robes and heavy dresses including the King and his brothers, Jasper strutted in just wearing black pants and a white button down shirt.The two top buttons of his shirt were open and his hair looked a bit messy.But the way he walked in left no room for doubt that a deadly and vicious b
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Chapter 9
CeliaI heard gasps around me once again as Jasper’s voice echoed through the hall, stunning everybody.In a room full of courtiers, jam packed with highly ranked nobles and elites, in a room that had his father and brothers, he had addressed me as a dignified member of the court.But, I was not so startled by the declaration but more so by his gaze.His silver eyes were looking away from me, fixated on something at the other end of the table.His hand came up and brushed my knuckles as he reached for the button and undid it, freeing my lock of hair.He did not look at me, allowing me to admire him from up close. The way his hands gently brushed my skin left me begging for more.I was merely an inch or so away from his face and if I leaned forward, my lips would brush his cheek.I could feign losing my balance but that would be too much. And as if knowing what was going on in my mind, Jasper breathed,“Still gawking?”This time his voice was low, barely a whisper but loud enough to re
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Chapter 10
Celia Borivin looked utterly ost and seemed to have developed a stutter all of a sudden. Jasper’s chalice was empty but his fingers gently tapped on my waist, making me look away from Borivin. I looked down and saw his chalice and promptly filled it with whatever thing he was drinking. Poison wine was it? I hoped it was not made of poison because I saw Borivin begin to foam around his mouth. He brought the handkerchief to his mouth and wiped it away as he stuttered. “Yo- your majesty, I am truly sorry. Wh-what should I do instead to appease you?” Borivin asked and I smiled wickedly. Only if I was the prince, I would make Borivin eat up his words. I would humiliate him in front of the others, in front of the entire court as he had done. Sadly, I wasn’t. So, I just waited for the prince to deliver his judgment. “Perhaps, continue whatever conversation you were having before I entered, I feel bored here.” Jasper said, much to the dismay of his brothers and the King. They all
Read more Protection Status