The Lycan's Rejected Mate

The Lycan's Rejected Mate

By:  Sunshine Princess  Completed
Language: English
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"She is a murderer!" Everything changed for Anaiah Ross when she inadvertently killed someone following her first unexpected Shift into her wolf. Now hated, abused, and mistreated by the members of her pack, her fated mate, Alpha Amos, rejected her instantly and ordered her thrown into the dungeons. Her heart shattered almost instantly and begrudgingly, accepted his rejection, resigning herself to a life of misery at the mercy of her pack. But on her eighteenth birthday, fate seemed to take pity on her and revealed her Second Chance mate as non other than a dangerous and powerful Lycan King, but Amos realizes that he simply can't let her go. With two men fighting for her attention and desperate to win her love and acceptance, her life becomes increasingly complicated. Anaiah discovers sinister plots at work and fights to discover the true power that will change the course of her life for good, making her the prime target for the evil that lurks in the shadows. Can Anaiah survive the evil thrown at her and finally, find happiness with the man that she chooses? Or will she succumb to the darkness and lose herself, and everything she knows completely? Trigger warning: The first chapters of the book contains Abuse. Read at your own risk.

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The Lycan's Rejected Mate is a tale of love, danger, and the supernatural. Navigate this werewolf romance novel through the eyes of Anaiah Ross, a fierce female lead. Hated by her pack for a tragic first shift, Anaiah finds herself torn between two love interests - Alpha Amos and a Lycan King. As she navigates the dangerous and unpredictable world of the supernatural, Anaiah must fight for her happiness and survival. Immerse yourself in this thrilling romance and discover Anaiah's journey, and get ready for a page-turner filled with passion and peril.

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99 Chapters
The Most Hated Wolf
Anaiah's POV My name is Anaiah Ross. I'm the most hated wolf in the pack because when I shifted into my wolf for the first time, I killed Tomas Rivers, our Alpha's brother, who attempted to rape me. Tomas Rivers was a pedophile who used to touch me in the most inappropriate way when no one was watching. That's why I'm not sorry I killed him. Since that day, the pack has been mistreating and bullying me. They beat, starve me and make me clean the pack house day in and day out. I tried to tell them that it was only self-defense but they didn't believe me. Tomas's wife, Leah, denied all the accusations and said that her husband was the perfect man, but I know she knows the truth. Even my parents turned their backs on me because, after the murder, they were demoted from their Gamma status to Omegas. Omegas are considered the weakest link of the pack, others are strong, but most of them are just cleaners and help out around the pack. They have no major role to play, like fighting in w
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The Dungeons and Rejection
Anaiah's POV I cough, making my ribs hurt. My wolf is trying to help me heal quickly, but since we don't shift as much as the others, my healing is not as good as other wolves. I get up to my feet with so much difficulty, but she kicks my legs and I fall back down, she puts her heel over my neck, and I close my eyes, waiting for the worst. "What I have to do is press a little harder and I can take you out of your misery," She says in that annoying tone of hers. My heart is beating so fast and my wolf is growling menacingly even though she can't fight back in this situation, she has a strong fighting spirit and most times has given in to me, but I know when to quit and she doesn't. I don't want to die. My wolf, Chalo, resurfaces, and, using her strength, I kick Eunice in the legs so that she is on the ground. Those weak stupid bitch minions of hers scream, scared, but no one tries to stop me. Anger courses through me, I feel the adrenaline pumping through me and I hover over her, pu
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She Has Accepted Our Rejection
Amos's POV I was welcoming our guests for the renewal treaty celebration when something kept tugging on my heart. Something was wrong, my wolf Narcisse was giving me a hard time, growling and snarling at me. There are times he acts sick, he hates me and I rejected our mate, but I can't accept her as my mate, especially my Luna. She killed my uncle. 'In self-defense!' Narcisse growls. 'No one believes her,' I retort. My uncle was a bastard, but he was still my family. She could have dealt with the situation better than killing him in cold blood. 'She was fucking thirteen years old! She had no control over her wolf, Amos, I can tell that her wolf is strong,' he says the last part proudly. Indeed, my uncle had Alpha blood and was one of the strongest wolves, but she still bested him. Anaiah Ross is not only the most beautiful girl in the pack, but even behind her dirty clothes, she can make any man bow to his knees. She is strong as well. She has endured so many hardships since she
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Unknown's POV I didn't want to come to this poor excuse of a pack but it was my duty as a Lycan King to attend, so I did. The Dawnrise pack isn't the strongest or wealthiest but they are doing well for themselves and have survived this far because of their alliances. However, the Alpha and Luna are not the most intelligent of the pack, but oh well, at least they are leading to the best of their abilities. Once the celebration begins, they announce that they will pass down the Alpha title to their son, Amos. He's a strong wolf and might even be more capable of leading than his parents. Amos walks on stage with a she-wolf by his side, she has a huge smile plastered on her face and I assume, she's his Luna. The outgoing Alpha briefly gives a speech, he acknowledges my presence and people applaud. Amos is then called on stage and says his vows. "I, Amos Rivers, will lead this pack, fair and to the best of my abilities," He continues, and together they join their hands and the transfer
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They'll Pay This
Leondre's POV I took my mate to the pack house hospital. I lay her on the bed and the doctors asked me to leave the room, but I didn't do it. I'm not leaving her ever. My Beta comes to my side, putting a hand on my shoulder. I'm sure the people who were there informed him about the situation"Is that the Luna?" he asks, looking at the girl on the bed. The doctors who are attending to her look very wary of me because my Alpha aura is going crazy but I can't help it, they were torturing her."My Ki-king, I think you should... um, leave, you won't want to see this," A tall nurse speaks in a stutter. "She's right and already, the doctors can't do their job well, bro, your aura is imposing," Dan says. I shake my head, I want to see, I want to know what they did to her. "No," The doctors turn her on her belly and tear her already torn shirt. My Beta gasps. I repress a growl and clutch my fist. Her back is red and bloody. They have been hitting her, some cuts are so deep and unable to hea
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She Was Mine
Leondre's POVI woke up at 10 am, showered, and got ready for the day and I went to Amos's office. I didn't wait to hear a come-in before I enter. I find him sitting in his chair, the former Alpha and Luna are on the couch along with two other men. They all get to their feet at my arrival and bow.We exchange pleasantries and I take a chair in front of the new Alpha."I found my mate in your pack," I inform him, from the looks on their faces, it seems they already knew. Amos knit his eyebrows in interest while the other people in the room cheer forcibly as if they were wary."I found her in the dungeon, being molested by your guards," I say, repulsed. Amos's face shows anger and fury as I continue to tell them. A growl rips from his chest and he hits his desk, breaking it in half."I'll kill them," he declares."Already did," I grin sarcastically. "What happened? Why was she locked up?" I asked, looking into his eyes and he fidgeted uncomfortably. I believe it has something to do wit
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Hello, Love
Anaiah's POVI slowly lift my gaze as the most enticing scent of vanilla and honey fills my nostrils, my breath gets caught in my chest and I forget how to breathe, the man walking in front of me is tall and intimidating, he's the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. He has thick jet-black hair, blazing dark blue eyes, a prominent face with high cheekbones, and a muscular body that looks like a Greek god. As soon as he entered the room, he dominated it immediately and a wince escaped my lips. He smiles ever so gently once he nears me and my heart skips.My wolf is trying to say something frantic but I can't hear her clearly, I'm still in awe of him. "Hello, Love," His voice is deep and huskily sexy. I just watch him like an idiot, no words are leaving my mouth."Anaiah," He whispers my name, his eyes looking at me with love. My name sounds so good on his tongue, and a shiver runs down my spine. He cups my face and tingles run down my body, I gulp.'Mate,' I hear my wolf chant, not fuckin
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Get Away From My Mate
Anaiah's POV"Get away from my mate," As soon as the growl tears from Amos's chest, Leon is in front of him, growling. I gasp when he grabs him and backs him into a wall, I see Alpha being lifted off the ground by the powerful King. I get out of my bed and rush to them, placing a hand on my mate and my gesture seems to yet again soothe him. He lowers him down with a growl. As the two stare each other down, I can tell the difference in strength, even though they look like they are about to tear each other apart.Amos is the first to break eye contact, he bows subtly, after all, Leondre is still his King. He turns to me and raises a hand to touch my cheek but a growl stops him mid-way. "How are you?" Amos's voice is soft like never before and I'm surprised by the change of attitude. My wolf snarls at him and says something snarky. I don't answer him, instead just hold my Lycan's hand."I want to rest now, do you want to lie next to me?" I ask gently, and Leondre smiles, his eyes shinin
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Your Future Queen
Leondre's POVAfter Dan finished telling me what that woman did to my mate, I was fuming with anger, so I went to Amos's office and demanded justice for Ana. I won't let anyone hurt her without any consequence."Who do you think you are barging in here like that again?" He demands, his fist clenched"I am your King. Someone attacked my mate and I want them punished, now," I demand from him, he looks startled and takes a step back. "Who hurt her?" "Find out and I want to hear her screams," I say, leaving the office after he nods. I don't immediately go to my mate, instead, I decide to do some work that I have been putting off, however, I can't seem to get the picture of how I found my mate out of my head, she has endured so much at the hands of everyone here.'She's a fighter,' says my Lycan. Indeed, that she is. I allowed myself to smile while I picked up my phone to call my sister. "Hello Leon," My little sister Arya, greets. "Hey," We exchanged pleasantries before announcing to
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He Loves Us
Anaiah's POVI'm sitting at the edge of a cliff, my legs dangling. I sigh as I look at the ground. If I decide to throw myself down, no one will miss me, I can end it all in a heartbeat.'What about saga and Leondre?' I scoffed, " You've only known him for three days and you're already attached? Don't hold your breath for him,' I answer my wolf. 'He loves us!' 'No one loves us, they always end up hating us, do you even realize that our second chance mate is the Lycan King? The most powerful man in the werewolf world. I am just an Omega, abused and hated by everyone. What if his pack is even worse than this one,' I say, angry tears running down my face. Gosh, I hate to cry. 'They will accept us because he did,' she says calmly. 'We can't be sure, I refuse to be hurt again,' I will keep my guard up, or maybe just leave him and become rogue. I can't trust him too. While I'm in a conversation with my wolf, a beautiful woman appears in front of me, she's shining in holy light and I c
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