Cut off

Cadel pov

I breathed out as soon as I got to the hospital. The one place where I got to work and not overthink, the right place I needed to just now. 

To my greatest surprise, I caught my mind wandering around. My thoughts were ceaselessly going back to what just happened at the pack, a new feeling of anger overwhelmed me again.

"What is wrong with Carson?!" I slammed a desk beside me, attracting the attention of some nurses around.

They looked at me and wondered if I was crazy. At this point I didn't care about them, I just left them confused.

I sat on the bench outside and it reminded me of Anne. How we sat on this very bench, how I met her, the feeling I got when I realized she was my mate. That was the best feeling ever. And now Carson wants to take that away from me. I balled my fist as anger struck me once more.

"I'll fight for her," I mumbled.

I grabbed my lab coat and rushed back to the pack. Aside from being very unproductive at the hospital, there were no patients in need of me.

Just as I walked through the gates of the pack, I stopped in my tracks as my eyes fell on Anne. This was the first time having a mate. The feeling was incomparable to any other. Once we locked eyes, every bit of anger, stress and negative thoughts disappeared like they were never there.

"Anne," I called out softly as I noticed the uneasy look on her face. I rushed to her and she was fidgeting like she was scared.

"I don't want to cause a problem between you and your brothers," she flashes me a sad smile.

How can this be happening? Just when I've gotten the satisfaction of having a mate. Drowning in an ocean of the mate bond. The happiness I got from seeing her for a couple of hours, I've never experienced before. Now, because of my brother's greed, all that was slowly crumbling down.

I cupped her face in my palm and made her look into my eyes. Damn! Her face felt so soft that I feared to ruin her skin.

"You're not going to be a problem between anyone ok?" I assured her and she seemed relieved.

"It will be a bad remark on me if my first day here causes trouble."

'Carson is so going to pay for this,' I thought.

"Cadel!" I heard Luca's loud call that startled us. I looked to his direction and back to Anne, "do you want to watch the pack warriors train?"

She hesitated, unsure of what to say -

How insensitive of me, I haven't even noticed how tired and exhausted she looked. She was still recovering from the death of her father and here I was making her feel insecure.

"Or nevermind, let me take you inside," I said quickly enough before she spoke.

She smiled tiredly, "that will be much better."

We went in and I led her to a room after fighting with myself whether or not to take her to my own bedroom. I figured that would be too forward.

I cleared my throat as soon as we got to the front of the door. 

"It's not fit for a Luna but please, stay here for a while," I scratched the back of my head not wanting to make the situation more awkward than it already is.

"Thank you Alpha Cadel, this is more than enough," she looked at the room that was big with a sapphire king-size bed. The floor was painted ocean blue and the curtains were velvet. It had everything she needed- except me. I chuckled at my cheekiness.

"Just call me Cadel, you don't have to be too formal with me," I said as a frown settled on my face.

She replied with a simple nod. Before shutting the door, she said lowly, "I'll rest in, now."

I stood looking at the door and smiling to myself.

"Don't try to go in, alright?" Cameron's echoing voice rang in my ears, making me readjust and switch back to Alpha mode.

"Cameron," I turned to him.

He smirked, he had already figured me out.

"Luca has been looking for you. I told him you went back to the hospital but he said he saw and -"

I knew he wouldn't shut up if I let me so I had to cut him off, "Where is he?" I asked.

"Follow me," he said and I rolled my eyes. He could be dramatic sometimes.

"Are you sure you don't want to give it a second thought?" He asked as we walked down the halls.

"And what's that?" I acted ignorant.

"The thing with Carson."

"I don't have anything to think about plus, I don't want to talk about it," I shut him off completely and he remained quiet as we walked.

If only Carson understands how it feels like to stay for so long without a mate, he wouldn't let his greed rule over his sense of reasoning.

Even before we got to the training ground, we could already hear the loud groans and grunts of our warriors. It was impressive as they seemed to be working their butts off.

"Ah! Alpha Cadel," Luca said as he took note of my presence.

Without a word, I stood next to him observing the warriors, how they trained like it was their last.

"Block with your two arms Gary!" I shouted to one of the warriors who in turn nodded.

"I wanted you to see and know that our pack has the most powerful fighters," Luca said with a smile of satisfaction.

I shrugged, "I've never for once doubted that."

I didn't notice anything until now, Carson was training with them.

"What's he doing?" I whispered to Cameron who was beside me.

He made the 'i don't know' gesture. "But normally, that's how he vents his anger."

I scoffed, "and why is he angry?"

He made the gesture again and we just watched him.



Everything felt like a dream. I had a mate. Not that I was sure about him but he seemed not to oppose me and I could hold on to that for now, even though one of his brothers had already rejected me. 

All I could think of was how Alpha Cadel was. I lost my father thinking that I'd be all alone but just by miracle and fate, I found my mate. A smile formed on my lips as I thought about him, but then again, it disappeared as I remembered how rough he had it with his brother. I didn't want to cause trouble here and I had nowhere else to go. If I go back to my pack, it will be the same 'ol thing. If I stay here, I may be welcomed but I'm sure going to cause troubles.

I fell on the bed with a groan of frustration. 

I looked around the room, it was nice to be here. No one has ever treated me so softly. 

Feeling tired and my eyelids getting heavier, I repositioned myself for a quick nap.

Tossing back and forth in bed, my sleep was interrupted by loud arguments. I blinked several times before opening my eyes fully. I sat up on the bed trying to get back to my normal state of mind. I looked out through the window and noticed the once bright blue sky was getting a bit darker and realization done on me that I had slept longer than I bargained for.

What got my attention the most was the argument outside. It was so disturbing that I immediately rushed down to find out what exactly was going on.

After carefully listening to the voices and locating where it came from, I walked into what seemed like a battle ground. I'd recognize one because it looks just like the one back at my pack.

It was them again. This time, it was more serious than the former. 

"A-alpha Cadel?" I stuttered because who I saw wasn't who I met earlier. He was raging in anger, his eyes were dark and his fists clenched.

At my call, he slowly returned back to his normal self and turned to me.

"Anne," he called out my name in the most comforting way, very tenderly. No one and I mean NO ONE has ever made my heart flutter at the mention of my name.

"W- What is this?" I questioned him.

He looked at his brother weakly, "can you just let me get away with this one thing?" He asked who I assumed to be Carson and I heard desperation in 

his voice.

His brother laughed for a split second before his expression turned deadpan serious again. He eyed Alpha Cadel like a predator would its prey, "you've taken too much from me but this time, I wouldn't let you take this from me," he spoke between gritted teeth.

Alpha Cadel looked at me for a while and I just stared back, not knowing what else to do. What could I do? I was the cause of this in the first place. I shouldn't have accepted to come to this pack. I was running from trouble at my pack and now I'm trouble at another pack. 

I could not deny the fact that I was cursed, that no one wanted me anyway and anyway..

He began to walk towards me and I just stood rooted to the ground not knowing what to do.

"Then expect war," Alpha Cadel said, looking deeply into my eyes, leaving everyone in gasps but mostly, leaving me stunned. He took my hand in his and walked me out.

"Alpha Ca-"

"I told you not to call me Alpha," he cut me off, with his voice roaring at me like a troubled thunder.

"I'm sorry but you have to listen to me, you can't have a fight with your brother b-b-because of me," I said as I miserably failed to hide my brokeness.

He stopped and turned to face me, "sometimes we have to do certain things when we are desperate."

"You never fail to tell people how desperate you are. Alpha. Cadel," a mocking voice echoed and we turned to see Carson and the other one I think is Cameron.

"I tried to stop," Cameron raised his hands in defense.

I was getting tired of this. Was this what I was going to face here? Fights and arguments? It's all because I have no choice.

Cadel clicked his tongue and the echo retired again. He tried to walk towards him but I stopped him immediately. From what I've seen the hours I've stayed here, Cadel could be frightening when he wants to be and right now, he is angry.

He looked at my hand on his and slowly, I felt him relax. The popped out veins on his neck became invisible.

"Ignore this f*cker, Cadel, I'll handle him," Cameron said as he wrapped his arm around Carson's neck.

He didn't say a word, he just took my hand in his again and we continued going. I could hear them arguing behind us and it made me wonder what this was all about. I knew I was the cause but still, it wasn't as clear to me as it should.

We entered into my previous room and Cadel let out a sigh of relief as he rested his head on the door.


"Can I stay here for a while?" He cut me off as his eyes dimmed in relaxation.

"Mm," I hummed, rubbing my arm because I didn't know what to do or say. I just let him be. He must be exhausted from being an Alpha and trying to be the reasonable one amongst his brothers.

I walked to the large window and watched the pack's people. Somehow, it made me miss my own pack, my home, my family.

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