Cameron pov 

“MATE!” Killian, my wolf screamed. 

“What do you mean Killian?” I questioned.

“MATE! She’s our mate!” Killian repeated. The conviction made me echo my thoughts. “She’s my mate”

“No, she’s my mate!” Carson counter attacked. While I so desperately wanted to get in a fight with Carson if he was pulling my legs; I noticed Cadel stood in his tracks as silent as ever. 

“She’s your mate too, isn’t she?” I state as a matter of fact rather than a question. From the way he didn’t respond, my thoughts were confirmed. 

How was my brother’s mate mine? What was the moon goddess planning?. It wasn’t something unusual nor was it something unheard of. 

As triplets, it was only normal we shared the same destiny but this, this was unacceptable.

I pulled Cadel and Carson to the side. “What should we do?”

“I’m not giving her up” Cadel replied strongly. It wasn’t as though he was selfish, his reason was completely understandable. 

While Carson and I were given mates; although we’d rejected then, Cadel wasn’t given. He’d lived his life thinking he didn't have a mate and had nearly lived as a lone wolf. 

He spent his days either in the hospital or elsewhere; he was barely ever home. 

“Then I guess the decision is up to Carson and I” I turned my gaze towards at Carson, “This is ridiculous. The way I’m seeing her, she’s a wolf of chaos who is going to come between the three of us. It’s best we reject her”

Carson scoffed, “You can go ahead and do that but I won’t”

“What?” Cadel questioned, as if he’d heard wrongly. His tone was so harsh that I could tell that he was ready for a fight. 

“You heard me right” Carson repeated. “As the eldest of us three, it’s only right I claim her, right?”

Cadel launched himself quickly at Carson but luckily I seperated them just in time, “You! You’ve just always wanted what was mine, haven’t you? Ever since we were young. I’m pretty sure you want Anna because of your greed!”

“Yeah, you’re right!, It’s because of greed. So what are you going to do about it?” Carson cut in sharply. 

“Stop it right this second!” I shouted, pushing them farther away from eachother; obviously furious over their squabbling. Turning to face Carson, I demand, “Why do you wish to covet what isn’t yours?”

“I deserve to have her as I’m to be the alpha of this pack. It’s my right!”

Cadel scoffed, “Really? Then your ‘right’ remains over my dead body”

Taking my hand, Cadel and I moved to where Anna stood. Words didn’t need to be uttered for I knew why he’d brouyme to her. It wasn’t for an introduction but for a rejection. 

Flashing a polite smile at me, she bowed, “Hi, I’m Anna. It’s nice to meet—”

“I’m sorry” I say softly before uttering those words, those necessary words I dreaded but had to say, “I Cameron Lakeshore of starlight pack hereby rejects you Anna Marion as my mate”

A loud wailing filled the forest as Anna clutched to her chest, slowly falling to the ground in pain. Tears flowed down her cheeks like an endless river. 

Cadel scrunched down beside her; taking her into his arms and comforting her the best way he could, “It’s okay, you’ll be fine” he repeated over and over again. 

I turned back to look at Carson and the f*cker was gone. I guess he was serious about claimit Cadel’s mate as his. 

One thing I was sure of was that this was definitely going to start a war between us.

When Anna seemed to be doing fine once more, Cadel and I walked side by side as we made our way out of the forest; Anna had given us a headstart. 

“Let’s try convincing Carson one more tim—“I started but Cadel cut me off. 

“Don’t mention his name to me ever again”

Taken aback; I questioned,”Are you serious?”

Cadel fac d me with a deadpan serious look written all over his face, “Do I look like I’m joking to you?”

I shook my head as I chuckled nervously; thinking about how to change the subject, “Anyways, it’s good to have you back home”

Who knows, this big twist could have been the moon goddess plan in bringing Cadel home? 

“I’ll still be clocking in to the hospital once in a while”

Now, did he really have to go killing the mood?. “I know, you workaholic!”

Cadel let out a deep hearty chuckle as he released himself from my arms. “I hope you’ve been training the pack warriors”

“Well, whenever Carson and I have a good fight, Lucas sure fills up that part nicely”

Cadel smacks the back of my head. “I knew you’ve been slagging around”

“Then you should have been around more often” I counter attacked. 

Cadel feigned shock “Your mouth has sure gotten sharper”

“That’s as a result of constant bartering with Carson” I shrugged. “I can’t help it”

Cadel let out a short laugh. “Whatever”

As we almost reached the entrance of the forest; I questioned, “So we are really doing this?”


“You are definitely not going to talk to Carson for a long long while over his decision”

“Yes, but what does that I’ve to do with you? You aren’t entitled to pick sides”

“You might not realize this but I am because I’m stuck in the middle of you two. So tell me, are you seriously going to do this?”


“Any second thoughts?” I questioned. I really needed Cadel to be fully aware of the gravity of the situation.  

“No. And you?”

Rather than voicing my words for assurance, I just shook my head instead because to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I could handle being in the middle of their fight or choosing sides. This is all because of Carson. 

I hear a whinnying sound and search around looking for who was in pain but to my surprise, it was Killian. 

“What’s wrong?” I questioned. 

“I feel bad for our mate, why did you have to reject her?”

I rolled my eyes, “Get over it, I can always get another one”

“Are you sure?” Killian questioned but it sounded more of a threat to me. 

I’ve heard of cases where one wolf remains mateless for the rest of their lives after being given many chances by the moon goddess but that won’t happen to me…right?

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