Tribid's Little Luna

Tribid's Little Luna

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He is ruthless, he is cold, he is cruel and he is none other than Axel Raven, a heartless, powerful mafia boss who was also a Tribid. No one could tame the fire of merciless anger that burnt in him until a day came that an innocent, abandoned and unconscious Violet, whom he named invaded his life, and causes him to feel the butterflies he never thought he possessed. Would Axel push Violet away like he has always done to the people dear to him or will he follow his heart and breed her in his love?

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13 Chapters
Watching the storm
"No!" The young man screamed as all the bodyguards pointed guns at him.The wind blew their clothes and hair out under the open clear blue bright sky on a high flat roof of a six storey building which was the only building at the area and at the seaside.Furthermore, on the wide roof were four helicopters, three were black and empty since the bodyguards were focused on threatening the man. While in the red helicopter, was a being of authority who watched the bodyguards point their guns at the helpless looking man who was hugging a silver suitcase with his knees on the ground.The fear was visible in his dark eyes and the bodyguards looked like they weren't going to show mercy to the man."Please... Please" The man begged but they didn't flinch even as tears rolled down the helpless looking man's eyes.The bodyguards at the sides of the helicopters stood like statues waiting for orders. "Just hand it over" One of the bodyguards growled at the man who whimpered."Cut the bullshit and o
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Girl on the beach
Sounds of seagulls echoed continuously as if they were in his room. Suddenly, Long dark thick lashes fluttered open revealing emotionless ocean blue eyes. There wasn't a hint of tiredness as a low deep groan escaped his throat.Coming to Florida for a vacation wasn't feeling like a vacation to him even though it was his second day in Florida. The mansion was next to the beach and was as big as a manor with so many rooms. Axel got up from his bed, his room was dark but some small lights on the ceiling made it a little easy to see everything in his room. He took unhurried steps towards the large curtain and opened it immediately. It was very nice, he could see the vast ocean as if it was up close from his room. It was dawn, the sun was glowing a little preparing to set.He took a hot shower then eventually wore a pair of black joggers that showed the length of of his long lean legs and black tank top the pressed on his chest also exposing his broad shoulders and muscular arms. He had
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"This could be dangerous" Logan stated worriedly while he and exquisitely dressed Axel walked unhurriedly to the room that the strange girl was kept in earlier.Immediately Axel carried her, he took her to the mansion, to a room and called his personal doctor who was a witch to check her health.It was evident that Logan was suspicious, it was very absurd to him that a girl would land on the sea shore after they communed about a strange topic of mermaids the other day. Seeing Axel so quiet and stern made him flabbergasted. Axel had never offered to help someone himself, he had people for it because normally, he would call his people to carry the girl."Boss, is this a good idea?" Logan inquired.Axel didn't reply, it was like he had gone deaf which choked Logan. The bodyguards lined up in the hallway kept bowing as Axel and Logan walked by.Axel's stern expression made them flabbergasted.Was it because of the human girl? Is this bad news or good news? Those were the questions that
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Naughty mouse
The first thing she felt when she regained consciousness was a serious headache. Her heart started beating rapidly. Her emerald green eyes fluttered open exposing her pain which was followed by her wincing in pain.Placing herself in a sitting position, she placed her hand on her bandaged head, looking around that large luxurious room blankly. Suddenly, curiosity filled her eyes as she kept scanning every inch of the room, from the ceiling, to the window, from the window to the shelf, from the shelf... Her head suddenly felt as if it was hit, she let out a scream of pain and busted into tears.The door busted open and up to fifteen human maids entered the room maintaining shocked reactions as they saw the crying human girl. Seeing the maids, she was astonished but didn't stop crying because of her head ache."Oh no, it must be her head, look at the way her hands are on her head" One of the maids uttered, she felt pity for the human girl.Two of the maids exited the room to go bring h
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The girl shookly rose up, maintaining a bright smile.Axel touched her cheek and noticed how smooth her skin was. Her complexion was back to normal milky white and he was glad because it meant that she was feeling better. His touch made the girl shiver that she subconsciously stopped breathing and her white face turned red.He noticed how happy the girl was to see him and it motivated him to continue touching her cheek."H..hi" Her little angelic voice rang in his ears making his imagination run wild. He blinked and removed so many thoughts from his head then stopped touching her cheeks."You love torturing maids don't you? And you refused to eat" Her uttered calmly which made her smile disappear.It seemed that she thought that she was being scolded.Meanwhile behind them, Theo made sure that he and all of the maids were out of the room.Axel sighed deeply."Come!" He commanded with his deep voice, held her wrist and pulled her all the way to the dining room.Theo arranged a variety
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After they had finished eating, Logan entered the dining area and gave Axel, who was stroking Violet's hair, a slender smile."Boss, everything is prepared." Logan reported calmly."We will leave in the next two days, I want to have a little fun in this place." Axel said calmly without glancing at Logan who nodded slowly, bowed and walked out of the dining room."Violet, you haven't taken your bath neither have you brushed your teeth." Axel clicked his tongue as he spoke to her while she widened her eyes filled with guilt.Axel laughed heartily. Actually, the naughty mouse believed that he was reprimanding her. He scolded himself mentally, unable to believe that he had stumbled upon an innocent person, an innocent person whom he would eventually perfect.Although she was his and no one would dare to hurt her without saying their last prayers, he felt a little guilty that she was about to enter his world, which was a rough one."The maids will clean you up and help you dress, I just ne
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It was midnight....The mansion was still as bright as day....Violet was dozing off on the bed when Axel slowly opened the door and entered the space.The room was hotter than his...It was probably because she was in the room.He wanted to eat her right there since she was so adorable and innocent-looking. He had so many thoughts just by sharing a space with her that would definitely shatter her purity, but he wanted to proceed cautiously.He moved over to the bed, sat down, and began to stroke her silky brown hair.His wolf was purring nonstop. He wasn't used to it and frowned deeply."Don't" He growled.The moment a set of emerald eyes abruptly alighted upon his deep ocean blue gaze, his wolf refused to pay attention and continued to purr.Blinking rapidly, Violet smiled brightly and held Axel's wrist. "You are back.""And you look excited to see me, my naughty mouse," Axel said and pushed the strands of hair on her face to the side."I am excited... I want to spend time with you.
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"Why was he so serious? I mean I know what is love right?" Violet asked herself anxiously pacing around the room. It was already daytime, her hair was unkempt, and her wide-open eyes revealed that she hadn't slept a wink up until that precise moment.She sighed drowsily and sat on the bed gently scratching her head."Why am I thinking so much? My head hurts so much." She whimpered in agony, groaned even more, and pushed her fingers into her hair.Unexpectedly, the door was knocked on. After lowering her hands from her hair, Violet scowled."Who's there?" The previous day maids entered with a smile as the door slowly opened. Violet's scowl widened. She preferred to see Axel in the mornings rather than the maids.The sudden frown on Violet's face made the maids uneasy. Though they wanted to concentrate on taking care of her that morning, they sensed that something was wrong with her."Good morning..." One of the maids said nervously."Morning," While slowly rising to her feet, Violet
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"That girl surprised me." Logan chuckled, he was amused.Axel was staring at the bright ocean from the main room window."She killed that vampire, she scattered immediately she landed on the second roof to the ground." Logan spoke happily and it only provoked Axel who growled with his voice merging with his wolf's."You were attracted to her blood," Axel turned and face Logan who was now looking nervously. "I want to kill you." Axel said growling through his teeth, his eyes turned into the red gold wolf like form and Logan immediately went on his knees with fear."Forgive me.""Shut the fuck up! Why was a vampire part of the maids!" Axel yelled in anger and kicked Logan's shoulder sending Logan flying and his back met the wall.He screamed in agony, fell to his knees, and blood spurted from his mouth and nose, his shoulder was clearly fractured, and the wrath on Axel's face didn't go away."Get out of my sight!" Logan stood up weakly not daring to raise his head and walked out of the
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Help me
"Stupid." He suddenly said causing her to pause in surprise and look at him with widened eyes.She blinked rapidly to process his sudden utterance..She wasn't hurt, she was furious.."That is an insult." She said with a deep frown which caused Axel's eyebrows to arch in amusement."Oh, it's really not naughty mouse." He chuckled taunting her."It is." Violet frown deepened and her voice was hard. She immediately stood up and moved to leave but Axel who was stunned by her sudden change of mood, caught her by her wrist. "Naughty mouse gets angry easily huh? You haven't answered my question so where are you going to?" He asked and pulled her to sit on his lap which caused her to gasp.He wrapped his arms around her and stared at her. "Do you know anything about magic, supernatural and paranormal beings?" "I said, they do not exist." Violet replied sternly, maintaining a frown on her face."Then what do you think I am and what that maid was?" He asked smiling teasingly.Violet caresse
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