Under Mafia Protection

Under Mafia Protection

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"From now on, you're my fiancée, and my fiancée should live with me. Don't talk, don't ask questions. Just obey," he spoke. "When you come to the mansion tomorrow, I expect to see you in your casual clothes and with your suitcases." - When Jimena, a young single mother with a dark past and a violent ex she's desperate to forget, crosses paths with Alessio Fanucci, a dangerous mafia heir, her world is turned upside down. All she wanted was to get by working as a maid at the Fanucci mansion and to keep her distance from the three infamous Fanucci brothers as much as possible. Things take a turn when the oldest brother and heir, Alessio, breaks off his arranged engagement with his ex and urgently needs a new one. Alessio, cold, ruthless, dominant, and not someone anyone talks back to, sees the quiet Jimena as nothing more than his pawn. Meanwhile, she sees Alessio as nothing more than another monster she needs to escape. As they spend more time together, the lines between fake and reality begin to blur, and they discover they have more in common than they initially thought. Tensions rise when Jimena's ex returns, threatening her new comfortable life and the secrets she’s been withholding. He is out for revenge and is determined to go to any length for it, even if that means allying with the Fanuccis' enemy, who happens to be the family of Alessio’s ex. With a war, untold truths, and feelings at stake, will Jimena’s newly formed bonds keep standing, or will everything around her crumble?

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Lola Parker
Good one. Sequel?
2024-07-05 19:07:29
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Rita Sakr
just LOVE IT ...
2024-06-14 01:19:14
user avatar
Teresa A.
will there be a sequel?
2024-06-12 10:51:38
default avatar
So far so good! Interesting story. It’s keeping me wanting to read it so I guess it must be good haha
2024-06-03 06:15:28
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Yara writes
So interesting, couldn't put it down
2024-05-16 22:35:40
user avatar
Stephanie George
amazing book please tell me there's a book 2 coming ?
2024-07-07 06:52:17
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Chapter 1
Mena"There should be no talking to the Fanuccis, no looking at the Fanuccis, and unless necessary—no breathing near the Fanuccis."With my hands perfectly behind my back, I paid attention to the strict head maid of the huge mansion."You are here to work!" The woman named Madam Catherina spoke clearly. My eyes wandered to the other newly recruited maids. A small group of ten. None of them looked younger than twenty-four, meaning I had to be the youngest.The mansion belonged to one of the most feared men in the city, Domenico Fanucci. Although he tried covering his tracks behind a family vineyard and brewery, everyone knew him as one of the most ruthless and notorious mafia bosses.His sons had quite the reputation in the city as well, and it was not a good one. There was the youngest brother, Dante, known for his playboy ways, the middle child, Gian, known for his lack of manners, and at last, the oldest, the heir—Alessio, known for his hideous temper, cold aura, and handsome looks.
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Chapter 2
MenaAs I approached the familiar doorstep of my next-door neighbor, Mrs. Rodriquez, I could already hear the faint hum of a television set and Natalie's cheerful giggling.I knocked on the door, which swung open, revealing the warm, and welcoming expression of Mrs. Rodriquez. "Hi, Jimena," she greeted, her smile crinkling the corners of her eyes. Mrs. Rodriquez was a kind older lady who lived alone in the apartment next to mine. She was a good person and would often offer to pick up and look after Natalie after school.I trusted her, and it was a kindness I would forever be indebted to."I came to pick up Natalie," I spoke, returning her smile."Naty!" The woman turned her head. "Your mommy is here!"As she turned back to face me, I caught her staring at my uniform, silently judging me. Knowing what was about to come, I fidgeted with the ends of my dress."Jimena, do you really have to work for that family? Isn't there any other way?" she asked, her tone heavy with concern.I shrugge
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Chapter 3
Alessio "I would like to make a toast and an announcement!" Domenico Fanucci got up from his chair, and for some reason I had hoped he wouldn't have. We were at the monthly Fanucci lunch with the family, and after a few drinks too many, in combination with cigars, dad could barely stand up straight. "Maybe you should sit down, Dom." Grandma tried saving him from embarrassment, but he wouldn't budge. Instead, he held on to his chair and raised his glass. "This old man," My younger brother Dante shook his head, disapprovingly. "He's so far gone, the only thing left for him to say are his final wishes for his funeral," My other brother, Gian spoke. "Ain't that right, Ales? I mean—look at him!" I responded with a low hum, staring at my extended family who all anticipated his words. Unfortunately this was nothing new in a family that worshipped him as if he was the lord himself, and rightfully so. Grandpa Fanucci had come to the country without a single penny, and grandma had follo
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Chapter 4
Mena Ever since that strange phone-call, nothing had been the same. How could I feel at ease without knowing whether my crazy ex had finally found me? Strangely enough, cleaning at the Fanucci mansion actually put my mind at ease. It was the one place I knew where he couldn't get to me. True, the Fanuccis were hardly saints themselves, but within these grand walls, I felt safer than in that tiny apartment. Natalie was my main concern, but it offered me some relief knowing she was either safely at school or with Mrs. Rodriquez. "Hey, you!" A rude voice snapped me from my thoughts. Quickly, I turned around and found myself locking eyes with Alessio Fanucci. Shocked, I drifted my eyes to the floor. I hadn't forgotten his intense gaze from the day before, when he himself had managed to spill his champagne on the table, and I had to apologize for it. "You," he continued, "They didn't clean my room. I need you to do it." Me? "Yes, Sir," I murmured, keeping my volume at a low. I wa
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Chapter 5
Alessio"Ales, what are you smiling about?" Mom questioned, referring to the small but evident smirk on my lips.I was in the backyard, trying to enjoy the little spare time I had, but as always, it didn't last long.Giulia Fanucci was a curious woman, always up to date with everything going on around 'her mansion' as she liked calling it.Unlike Maxine, Mom actually did hit the jackpot when she met Dad—and she was well aware.Not a day gone by she wouldn't tell at least one person the story about how she met him. Back then, her credit card declined, and Dad was there to save the day—but don't get it twisted. It was not her fault but the shops. According to Mom, the last part was a very crucial detail."It's nothing, Ma," I replied, trying to hide the clear satisfaction on my face. A smiling Alessio wasn't something that happened often, but I had my reasons.My plan was falling into place perfectly, and if everything kept moving this way, I wouldn't have to marry Maxine. That alone wa
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Chapter 6
Mena"We have to hurry Nat, or you'll be late for school!" I panted, encouraging her as we ran. We were on a tight schedule and had to sprint straight off the bus.A joyful giggle escaped Naty. We had overslept, and I was all but certain I'd be late for work too. Today was the day of the engagement party, and we had received strict instructions to show up early."Come on, Nat—this isn't going to cut it." I picked her up like a baby, walking towards the school gates. Naty who was still having fits of laughter, gripped her fingers into the denim jacket which perfectly hid my uniform."Mena, good morning!" A familiar mother from Naty's class spotted us. "I can take her inside. You look like you're in a hurry—go!" Her eyes were kind, but deep down I knew she pitied me, same as everyone else.These women saw me as a confused young girl who didn't know how to raise her fatherless daughter. That's the picture they had already painted before even trying to get to know me.At times I wondered
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Chapter 7
MenaAs the day turned into evening, the party was in full swing. The ballroom of the Fanucci mansion was filled with people of high status. Politicians, entrepreneurs, and I had overheard even the mayor was present.All these 'important' people couldn't fool me though, because just like everyone else, I knew what this family stood for.Among the attendees were also families from the underworld, who would just like the Fanuccis—hide behind their businesses, which were merely a shield to hide their criminal roots. A prime example was the Baldinis, the family of the future bride.Despite the glamorous outfits, the true nature of these mafia families was clear to those who could see beyond the surface.I knew all too well that men like Domenico Fanucci, who greeted the guests with a big smile, lacked the decency and empathy that made us human.I was exhausted from serving the guests their drinks and snacks. There was no time to rest as everything was performed under the watchful eyes of
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Chapter 8
MenaNo, this couldn't be true.Alessio Fanucci didn't just use me as a scapegoat.My eyes were wide open as everyone's attention turned towards me. I was never a big fan of the spotlight, and somehow I got involved in this mess.The whispers, the gasps, the murmurs—the attention was suffocating, and so was Alessio's grip around my waist, pulling me closer.I was lost, caught up in Alessio's twisted game that I didn't understand, let alone wished to play. All I could do was stand there, glued to my spot as fear crashed over me.My plan for the night was to avoid the Fanuccis and the Baldinis.Obviously that didn't work out."Jimena," Alessio locked his eyes onto mine, giving me a look that was enough of a warning that I couldn't fuck this up.I gulped, wondering what kind of nonsense would be leaving his mouth next."The words you said to me last night, you were right," he continued, his eyes never leaving mine. As far as I was concerned, I hadn't said a word to him.This was a nightm
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Chapter 9
MenaThe night had passed and it was morning already. Only, I hadn't closed a single eye. The events from yesterday were still running through my head. The way Alessio played me, fooled me, threatened me.All night, I had been stuffing clothes and all necessary belongings into suitcases. One thing was certain. I wouldn't be staying here in this apartment, risking mine or my daughter's life any longer.By the time I was almost finished, too much time had already past. So much time I didn't even realize it was already 8:30. Alessio's driver would arrive soon, and I was determined to get Natalie and myself out before then.In a hurry, I picked up the last of Naty's toys while she watched with a confused frown on her face. She had been staring at me wide-eyed since she had caught me packing like a possessed woman. Yes, I would love to explain the reasoning—but how could one even try and explain to a child that the monster from her bedtime stories was real?Naty's voice broke through the s
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Chapter 10
AlessioI tapped my foot impatiently, waiting for dad to finish his phone call. In the early hours he had already called me to his office, and at the moment he sat in his big chair, fully ignoring me as he discussed some sort of business.Behind him stood my uncle, Stefano, who also happened to be his advisor. Despite him being an almost 6'5 muscly beast, I had never feared him, liked him, nor admired him—but if looks could kill at the moment, I would've been dead by now.It was probably deserved after the scene I had thrown last night, when I had cut of my engagement with Maxine Baldini in front of everyone. To add fuel to fire, I had also announced my plans to marry the maid. Jimena.It was all an act, but the aftermath was very real.Ever since, the tension was thick. Dad hadn't looked at me since last night, and Dante who had sworn he wasn't into the maid, treated me like a ghost.Dad ended his call, meaning I could finally escape Stefano's dagger eyes. Not that it meant much beca
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