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•Two brothers, one mate, a curse that binds all three. The goddess plays a cruel trick on Selena, pairing her with two mates who are brothers and bitter rivals. When Alpha Tristan comes to take her as his mate, Selena refuses to go because she has heard horrible rumours about the alpha. Her outright refusal enrages him and he disfigures her face as punishment and takes her captive. Selena is subjected to a lot of abuse at the home of the alpha, but she glimpses her first ray of hope when Zander, the Tristan's older brother, comes back home. Burdened by a curse, Zander has been driven by bloodlust all his life. What he does best is killing and plundering... Until he meets Selena and becomes immensely obsessed with her in all the dark, dirty ways he shouldn't. Would she be the one to tame him or will she pick his brother over her?

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Dawn Cochran
Wanted by the Alpha brothers is a good read, with great points of view. I feel that the ending was rushed and had potential for a little more closure but good job author.
2023-08-02 21:07:18
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Engaging story, keeps me wanting more. Love the characters
2023-05-29 23:19:45
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Delinda Schumacher
50 chapters 4-2-23
2023-04-02 23:31:05
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Stardust Wendy
I can’t get enough of this! Lol, I love Zander. I love the romantic tension in this book. Author, we need more!!!
2023-03-14 05:56:24
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Juicy Miss
This book is very interesting so far. I hope you update it!
2023-02-28 02:03:09
144 Chapters
Chapter 1: Blessings and cursesSelena's pov"Selena! Come downstairs, honey!" I heard my mother calling me from downstairs and I rolled my eyes and left Laticia, my pet cat, to go answer my mother.My eighteenth birthday was yesterday and suitors have been trouping in from all around our pack to see the rumoured prettiest girl the white moon pack had to offer. Sadly, that's me; Selena Castellan and unfortunately, my beauty is more of a curse than a blessing. My mother is Elena Castellan, revered matriarch of the White moon pack, a peaceful and majestic race of werewolves descended directly from the moon goddess and blessed with her life force. Our glowing fair skin, extraordinary beauty and healing abilities have made us popular over the decades and while we were blessed to have the goddess's blood flowing in our veins, we had one fatal flaw... We couldn't shift into wolf form. A small price to pay for our beauty and insane healing powers.Because of this weakness, we have been pl
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Chapter 2: The exiled princeTristan's pov: "You're in a happy mood," Laleh murmured against my lips. "I want to know why."I smiled to myself and rolled out of bed, knotted my robes and walked to the mini bar in my room to pour myself a drink.Truly, I was in a splendid mood.I would be acquiring a maiden, a virgin at that, from the most prestigious pack on earth, blessed with the most beautiful shewolves any werewolf could ask for. The lovely princess of the white moon pack was my mate. What's not to be happy about?I grinned at Laleh, holding the glass to my lips and sipping some cognac. "It's a surprise."Her beautiful face twisted into a pout and she rolled out of bed, naked as the day she was born, and confidently sashayed up to me, without an ounce of shyness or insecurity.That was what I loved about Laleh. She was confident, beautiful, smart, nasty in bed and powerful. Left to me, she would be my luna, but that was unacceptable because for all that she was, Laleh was still
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Chapter 3: The rejected mateSelena's pov(Few minutes earlier)I couldn't believe that I was finally here, in the grand home of the alpha. The mansion was bigger and grander than any building I've ever seen in my life and my heart pounded heavily as the reality of what I was about to do dawned on me.I was going to reject the alpha to his face and break our mating bond. Only then will I be completely free from the mad man. Tahila, my wolf, whined in protest, thrashing inside of me at the thought of losing her mate but I clamped down her thoughts blaring into my head. I was doing this for the both of us and she'll thank me later by the time all of this is over.I swallowed and timidly walked into the building, my heart climbing into my throat with each step.One of the sentinels walked beside me, remorse and understanding etched on his face. "Nervous?" He asked.I smiled and nodded. "I'm Roy," he introduced, guiding me through the house to where I was supposed to meet the alpha."I'
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Chapter 4Selena's povFor the first time in my life, I knew the pain of being burned. It was indescribably the worst pain I have ever felt. I screamed and thrashed but the alpha held me tight by my hair, his fist, a hard grip. When he was finally done, he tossed me aside like a useless piece of rag.I was crying and heaving but my breathing stopped entirely when I heard his next orders to a random sentinel standing around the room."Get me some wolfsbane."His words sent a cold shiver through my skin and I was shaking and quaking when he walked back to me and squatted down before me.I shrinked away from him, scared and hurt. His hand darted out to grip my hair again, holding me in place, and his left hand caressed my right, unharmed cheek."I am aware of your pack's powers, Selena. How easily you all heal." One of the sentinels handed him a pouch. "I'll make sure to fix that too."Poison Fang was the strongest pack in existence because of their overall speed, strength and lethal b
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Tristan's POV I shut my eyes and reclined back between Laleh's legs, letting the bubbling water, sweet smelling soaps, soothing balms and the feel of Laleh's skin be the remedy to my pain. I wasn't sure where the pain was coming from. My head, my heart, my body, everywhere ached. I wanted the soapy water to wash it all away. This had once been my father's room. The extravagant alpha of the proud poison fang pack went all out with his quarters. My mother and father lived in opulence and luxury as the luna and alpha of this esteemed pack.I was supposed to be here with her, my beautiful luna, Selena of the White moon pack. But that wench was no longer fit to rule by my side and until I can find myself a decent mate, Laleh will have to do. She doesn't complain. Doesn't talk back and she sure as fuck doesn't reject me.My knuckles fisted and I slapped the soapy water. Laleh gasped as I sat up and huffed out an angry breath.That stupid bitch! She dared to reject me!Laleh sighed and sat
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Selena's POV I inhaled the beautiful scent of the flowers in the garden. Roses, lilies and tulips lined up in pretty rows in front of me and Ana and I took the pleasure of watering and caring for them every morning. The mansion, my new home, was pure hell but this garden gave me a feeling of heaven. I've always loved nature. The flowers, lush green grass, the bubbling brook and tranquil pond beautiful and an abandoned gazebo evoked a sense of peace and tranquility in me. This was my happy place. The only splash of colour in a muted gray and black background.I felt the grief I had been feeling since the sad news about the White moon pack massacre slowly washing down the drain.A huge part of me still wanted it to be an ugly dream. There was a part of me that wanted whoever was responsible for the massacre to be held accountable for it. I wanted someone to tell me that my mum and sister had hidden in an underground tunnel and survived the massacre, but another part of me knew that
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TRISTAN'S POV Glaring down at the almost lifeless body of my mate, my head began to hurt and pound me immensely.It was painful. So painful. What was that immense pain in the back of my head?I squeezed my eyes shut and held my head to stop it from spinning. I heard the rustle of my sheets and opened my eyes to need to see Laleh staring at me. "What's wrong my Alpha?" she asked so full of concern, she was still gloriously naked, while I had picked up my robe and wore it before ensuing pain on my stupid bitch of a mate. The pain was excruciating. Almost unbearable."You deserve it," my wolf, Xylith growled bitterly at me."Shut up, you mutt!" I screamed. I was sweating profusely and my head aching me badly, it felt worst than a migraine. I wish I could emancipate myself from this damn thing.Angry with myself, I picked up the iron rod again to inflict more pain on her, unwilling to be the only one that suffers here."Don't beat her again," my wolf commanded."And who the fuck do y
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ROY's POV How can a human be so unreasonably heartless and ruthless? And worse, to his own fucking mate?! To a mate as beautiful, kind and prestigious and Selena?If she was mine, I'd protect her. I'd never do anything to hurt her. Even if she rejects me. She was the most beautiful and kindest soul I've ever met and she probably doesn't remember me but I do. I'll always remember the angel that healed me of my life threatening illness. If she was mine, I'd treat her better than the alpha ever would.The alpha…Tristan wasn't human, he was almost a demigod but that isn't an excuse for him to act so cruel, he was relentless with his constant inflicting of pain on her.As I carried her on my arms and she shivered and murmured in distress I couldn't help but be empathetic towards her. She has gone through a lot in such a short period, it was almost likes since she turned eighteen it has been from one misfortune to the other.First, mated to a monster like Tristan, then the destruction o
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SELENA's POV When someone's mental health begins to decline when faced with constant abuse, sympathy is out of question, empathy doesn't seem realistic because do you truly understand the agony they are going through?I could see myself falling down the drain of depression and there was no saving me. I have been having so many thoughts in my mind and many of them revolved around breaking my mirror and using the glass piece to slit my wrist.I hate that Ana was always around me, I won't be able to do that now. I haven't always been suicidal, and I have not always been this way; scared faced and looking like a true wench but at this point, I didn't only feel worthless but I felt clueless of what to make out of my life."My Luna, would you like to take a bath?" Ana asked."Stop calling me your Luna, I am not your fucking Luna," I yelled at her. I was furious. That title grates on my spine. I get agitated easily, I hate my life, I hate living in this place, I hate being called a Luna.
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SELENA’S POV I stood there, feeling completely overwhelmed by what I was seeing. It was hard to believe that just a few minutes ago, I was surrounded by the grandeur of the Alpha's mansion, and now I was looking at a completely different world. "Is this place not part of the poison fang?" I asked, grasping at Ana as an eerie confusion took over me. "Sadly, yes," she replied calmly, but she looked with almost the same amazement as I did."I haven't been here in a while, it is almost like things got ten times worse," she added."Doesn't the Alpha know anything about this place, how did it become like this? He obviously doesn't know what's going on."I hadn't visited the pack in so long, but the last time I had been here to help my mother out at the grand hospital, it hadn't been like this."Not really. The alpha is just indifferent about it. The people pay more tax to the alpha's family and most of the money goes into funding the spoiled alpha's lavish lifestyle. All the money that
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