What Happened Jane?

What Happened Jane?

By:  AtengAmnesia  Ongoing
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Jane Adair was one of the rising investigators in her generation leading this murder case of a strange event reported where young girls are being raped and killed after going missing for a week, when suddenly something strange happened to her. She suddenly dreamed of events that will happen that lead her to discover her own murder case. Will she be able to find who killed her? Or a guilty passed events will keep on happening?

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2021-11-02 10:19:25
21 Chapters
Prologue The scent of a burning candle and dried blood, and strong whiskey mix in the air inhaling the scent as my brows furrowed hearing a loud clock ticking as seconds passed by I was getting more anxious about what's happening. Feeling the exhaustion around my body and my eyes is so heavy, wanting to shut close risking myself if I can't keep myself awake. What time is it now? Where I am? The clothing around my eyes prevents me from seeing anything and trying my best to recollect what really happened a while ago. The coldness seep through my clammy skin and I heard a metallic scratching sound dragging on the floor along the heavy footsteps coming in my direction. I tried to untangle my hand and wiggled it, a hard cold metal wrap around my wrist. Hearing the clanging sound of chains I gasp as I felt the stinging pain poking my legs. Shit! Inhale, exhale and think! I gasp for air, with my eyes covered in a thick piece of cotton I can only sense thru my ears and fingers, I inhaled
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1. Linking Evidence
Chapter One      Jane walked through the elevator. The view of people going in and out of their cubicle, some chatters and pressing keys were audible. My gaze shifted to the clear glass window at the left seeing the view of the city buildings. In her work, she realized how humans were insane, brutal, and evil. Chasing criminals, finding clues to locate them and to find justice. For some it’s an easy peasy job, but have they thought it’s not like magic in simple abracadabra? The criminals were at the jail. Some of her co-workers looked at her indifferently. The right word, judge her position. Having a wealthy family and a wealthy name are two things everyone wanted in life. Being born with a golden spoon, some people thought you have everything. Through it, you could be whatever position you are in. When in fact, she grow a life full of pressure and competition in order for her to achieve what she has now, failure was the last thing Jane in life
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2. The Adair's
The next morning, Jane started her day with a usual cup of black coffee sitting on the couch while she read the pile of papers from the report given to them by the evidence and forensic department regarding the case. She yawned and leaned her back at the chair, inhaling the aroma of black coffee, and glance at the man walking down the stairs looking at her with a frowning face, wrinkles on his head, she averted her gaze back to the paper she was reading."Jane, where's your mother?" he asked Jane. She only look at him like he was growing to heads and why on Earth was he asking for her mother when they're sleeping in one room."I don't know and why would I care?" Jane responded, glaring at the old man's question thinking it's absurd to ask her about her whereabouts and besides Flora Adair, her mother was a busy woman though she's head over heels over Marcos. She would never forget her responsibilities to the Adair family after their father died, but being married to tha
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3. Family Affair
The Adairs, envied by their rivals because of Reynolfo Adair's glorious vision and leadership but everything has a price when people who you trusted betrayed you then he knew that his wife, Flora took the proposal of the rival's leader and reconnect with her ex-boyfriend Marcos thirty years back that caused chaos in the organization and havoc to their circle of society where leaders in four different Unit that keeps everything in balance in the Adair's organization that was passed by generations.  "What are you waiting for? Do it," a voice said behind the other daughter of the Adair's heir said, demanding an action of immoral murder as the young girl gripped the gun in her hand. The young girl pursed her lips as she slowly curled her finger, almost touching the trigger of the gun she was holding as the man in front of her blindfolded eyes, crying and begging for his life. "Young master! Please! I'll do better next time! I have a--," the man's plea cut off and fo
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4. Kate
Jane, watching her twin, walked to the building. It was an unexpected move of Lane and why she was here? She opened the driver's door and followed her sister to the building. Heart thumping loudly every step she took, her best friend Kate was in the same building acting as one of the guests of the suspected murderer. They had a plan to get the suspect in act of transaction of the drugs. And now this, the building she was into was a hotel, and this moment having a grand celebration was being held by Rofeller family who owned the said structure. One of the guest was the suspect murder and drug seller, Christopher Edmonton, and according to their intel, this night, a great deal of drug transaction will take place during the event.Of course, Jane had the list of people to be here and no Lane Adair was on the list. She gave her fake invitation to the two guards in the entrance door of the hotel that lead to the grand party hall, and one of the guy looked at her with
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5. What the hell?
Like just regular days, Jane would prepare and go to her work but this time was different as Jane notice the sudden missing in action of his partner Austine, it's not usual of him to leave or go on missing especially on busy schedule but he's nowhere to be found even his wife doesn't know here he is. Jane's forehead creased when she saw a familiar tattoo on the victim's wrist as she scanned the papers of the victims for following up reports regarding the missing girl's case.Dragon? Jane thought as she scan the paper again, making sure she was seeing right information on the paper. Now, what does this bastards doing killing people especially students? I know that they're into prostitution and drug dealing but students from her former academy was bit of odd; she click her tongue and croaked her neck to the side as she flip the papers to look at the other side of the paper and found something that reminds her of what happened years back. Jane blink her eyes as she remembered th
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6. Becket Alfonso
Jane couldn't process what she had witnessed. The man named Christopher three years ago, their target at the raid, was now the fiancé of her twin sister Lane. How and why did she not know about this? Why did her twin not even tell her? She clicked her tongue, watching suspiciously at the man who was sitting beside Lane, wearing his dollar smile, chatting at their mother — Flora and their bastard stepfather.   She silently sat across the table, eating her food in silence as they laughed and talked. Jane heard a clearing of throat, and it instantly diverted her attention to the man who was now also looking at her, with a hint of curiosity in his eyes making Jane raise her brows as she thought that the man had guts to dare ask her, something.   "Jane, I heard Becket Alfonso have his eyes set on you," the intruder bastard said without hesitation. Jane looks at her twin sister with questioning eyes. How does this man know about Becket? But instea
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7. Nightmare's Reality
Have you ever experience that kind of emotion where life was just a snap of what is real? Jane thought so too after experiencing the nightmare. She was in an abandoned room with a blindfolded eye, crying as a needle was piercing into her stomach.  It was painful, like it was real. Panting, catching her breath as she palmed her hair, with brows furrowed, rethinking what happened in her dream, a man strangely familiar to her was saying uttering words, enjoying and mocking at her situation. But as she tried to remember the man’s face, she could not even but deep down her other side telling her know who it was.  She roamed her eyes, looking at the wall clock. It's just three in the morning. Jane sighed heavily and groaned, caressing her stomach as she could feel something strange. She raise her shirt and saw a needle's mark on her belly. She ran her fingertip on the mark and hiss as she could feel the familiar pain in her dream.
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8. Invitation
The news of what happened in the central avenue in LV city reached Jane, searching at the database on her computer. ‘A man died shoot at Central Avenue.’ The bold letters in the online news pop at her notification bar, and in the image taken was Austine half side and the other officers near the car and the ambulance. It shocked Jane when she read the man shot by an unknown rider dead at arrival in the hospital was the victim's father, Jane Roberts. Then the door of the office opened, Austine walked in, her eyes lifted meeting his apprehensive eyes. “What happened?” Jane inquired. Austine settled his writing pad at her desk. “Mr. Roberts died of the unknown man in black clothing, and what's infuriating, the cctv in the area did not even get the plate number of the vehicle. The phone of Mr. Roberts was missing, some of the police went to his house found nothing. What could be the reason of killing him is unidentified
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9. Leading
Jane purses her lips as she looks at the pictures, tilting her head to side when she realized something was not right. She fixed the earphone as she heard the static signal of the line, followed by the voice of Austin calling her. "Squirrel? Are you in position?" Austin asked over the line, followed by a short radio static. Jane gape at the gun tightly before answering. "Yes," she said and look at the surrounding. She can smell the wreck of alcohol, potent smell of the drugs and burnt cigarettes. Her brows furrowed as she walks to the closed door, she can hear the faint and terrified cries of ladies and laugh of men inside. She gritted her teeth when she realized that they're probably enjoying slaving women. She heard the radio beep again and followed by Austin's voice. "Stay in position, the target i
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