Wolf's Den Bar and Grill

Wolf's Den Bar and Grill

By:  Klaira Blains  Completed
Language: English
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Rebecca Allen thought Lilac Grove was a great place to start over, away from her abusive ex-husband. But people are going missing. There’re too many hunters ready to shoot anything that moves around for everyone’s comfort. Now, the drop-dead gorgeous owner of The Wolf’s Den Bar, Robert Northgate, is missing. Rebecca was one of the last people to see him. It’s not even lunch. On the way home from work, Becky finds an injured wolf on the road. The wolf is lucky, she’s the new town vet. Robert Northgate’s day isn’t going any better. He’s under pressure to keep the money flowing for his pack. Times are hard. Though the annoying hunters are at least spending some money like it’s water but there are too many shoot first types around for Robert’s comfort. As the Shadow Mists Pack Alpha. It gets worse when he’s attacked rogue wolves in his territory. They leave him for dead on a rural road. On the same day, he meets his very human mate. How can he explain the existence of werewolves to Rebecca? It’s Robert’s job to protect his people. But his mate is a lowly human and prejudices run deep with the elders. Can he find love with his mate without losing his pack’s confidence? Can he stop the disappearances and find the missing people? Will he be able to stop the rogue wolves from taking his territory before some hunter shoots first and someone dies? Original Cover Design by Central Covers

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Delinda Schumacher
111 chapters 3-14-23
2023-03-15 09:25:28
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Judy Malley
Great book love the characters. Please write more chapters
2023-01-15 14:49:34
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Judy Malley
please right more chapters
2022-07-27 11:43:05
user avatar
Judy Malley
great book need more chapters
2022-07-27 11:38:25
default avatar
Story has potential but needs more editing. Several chapters end with the present and then backtrack in time and unexpectedly change POV - except this is supposed to be 3rd person omniscient, so the transitions are confusing.
2023-01-23 12:22:35
121 Chapters
Haunting Memories
Becky walked through the first floor hallway of her parent’s townhouse looking for them. She could feel the pounding of her heart and how winded she was. Becky knew Ivan wasn’t far behind her. She’d barely escaped the house they shared since they married. He’d kept her in it, making it impossible for her to leave the house for any reason. He’d taken her phone and the ability to use the internet with him every time he left the house. If she left the house and he found out about it, she’d end up crying in the bathroom with the first aid kit for solace. Now she searched the rooms of the townhouse Ivan bought for her parents as a thank you for the business as a wedding present. Her father retired not long after that and Ivan didn’t have a use for her anymore since he got what he wanted. Becky wasn’t sure the world even knew she existed since their wedding was that low key. He’s been seen at social events with his assistant on his arm, not her. Ivan brought no one home wi
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Trying to Get Through the Morning
Becky hated waking to mornings like this. Every time she had a nightmare like this, it haunted her for the rest of the day. Nothing ever good happened for or to her on days like this. She half expected Detective Underman to call and tell her that Ivan was out of jail on good behaviour or some such craziness. What she found this morning were several bills, all demanding more than she could ever hope to come up with to pay them. So, breakfast this morning was an anxious and lonely affair. She wasn’t built for living alone, and she’d reached her limit. Jane Ann Peters was her best friend and practically her only friend in town. Jane Ann’s parents were the best replacement parents anyone could have. But she wouldn’t go to them asking for financial help and be a burden to them. Becky couldn’t expect Jane Ann to be at her beck and call, either. That would just be too much for any friendship. As Becky went through her morning routine while everything seemed to get
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Unexpected Mate Found
Robert Northgate, Alpha of the Shadow Mists Pack, the largest pack in the state. He owned The Wolf’s Den Bar and Grill. He disliked being the town’s top bachelor. His reputation in the region often had him described by his good looks, protective nature, and his temper. Most of the town only thought his family was tight knit like many others in the region. But wolves stayed to themselves in packs naturally. Robert was putting the finishing touches on prepping the bar for tonight. All he needed to do now was accept the liqueur shipment. It was late, but that was expected. Sam warned him this would happen. The shop where he purchased his alcohol from changed Sam’s route.He’d spent most of his twenty-eight years of his life right here in Lilac Grove. He’d watched the women change toward him over those years. Ever since he got his first tattoo at seventeen and grew his beard, the women of Lilac Grove either hated or loved him in equal parts. It annoyed him sometimes, whe
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Getting Jumped and Left for Dead
He caught her rich scent right then. It was subtle at first and mingling with the scent of lavender shampoo, among other scents she wore. Her scent did things to shock his instincts. The surprise of the sudden and intense reaction to her scent had him blurting out the word. “Mate.” She was human. He could smell that. How? Why her? Who was she? Was she a witch or some other human presenting a supernatural creature? His mate couldn’t be just a human. He was an Alpha, and it wasn’t appropriate to have a human mate. They were the weakest creatures going that could speak. They carried no magic at all. Gods, what would he do with this knowledge? If she was his mate and human, how would he explain to her his world? A world she didn’t know existed. “Oh, uh, my name’s Rebecca Allen. I’m the new vet in town. Hold that thought. I just need to do one more thing, and then I’ll be out of here.” She didn’t run. No, she flew in a blink of an eye from where she stood to the clinic’s door. She
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A Friend Indeed
Becky heard and felt the two fenders kiss each other and she prayed the damage wasn’t more than a scratch. But nothing would get her to stop now. She needed to get out of there. His presence was just too much right now, and she needed to feel safe. Sure, he’d helped her out, but he’d also been angry with her and that triggered things deep down in her. She cursed her instinct to placate him until she got away. Which is what she was doing. Running and hating the coward that she was. Nothing made sense. Why did he call her his mate? They weren’t friends. They’d never met. Oh, Becky liked what she saw. Liked it a lot. Who wouldn’t? He looked like he’d walked out of a charity calendar. No, she was done chasing men. Her choices were always bad. Ivan was a fine example of that. Sure her parents encouraged her to marry him. She’d not known it was for their financial benefit. Though Becky allowed it to happen ultimately. This humiliating incident bothered her all mor
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Missing Person
“What’s going on?” Becky couldn’t help asking James Clark, the owner of Clark’s General Store. “As I can tell, someone was behind the Wolf’s Den and found blood. When they went to inform Rob Northgate, the owner of the bar. No one could find him. When they contacted his brother, John, he said Rob was at the bar as far as he knew. Well, Rob’s not answering his phone. I think the police out back found Rob’s clothes and his phone, and they’re bloody.” Becky stared at James, dumbfounded. But she saw Rob just a few hours ago. “Excuse me. Is there a reason for any of you to be here? If you don’t have a reason, then please move along.” A police officer came up to the small group, making the hand gesture to move along with his hand. “Sir, officer. I know Mr. Northgate was here this morning. I spoke to him when I was loading my truck to do my rounds at various ranches today.” “Hold on. Let me get the officer who’s investigating this. No, b
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Wolf in the Kitchen
“Well, he’s healthy if we go by his weight. Geez, I knew hunting was good in the area, but this guy must be very successful.” Jane Ann complained as they set the large crate in the corner of Becky’s old kitchen. It was clean because she used it so little, but its décor was showing its age. Butter cup yellow was showing as a pale mustard among the creamy colour that Becky was sure once was white. The floor tiles needed to be replaced along with the countertop, with it’s sizeable chunk taken out of its corner. “Okay, let me put a clean tarp down and then we can clean him up and bandage him. I don’t think he’s got any broken bones, but we can give him a few x-rays to be sure in the morning.” Becky brought in a clean tarp and other things she’d need to give this wolf the medical attention she could best provide from here. It’d keep him alive, at least. Once she was prepared. “You ready to help me get him out of there?” “Yeah, once you’re done fixing him
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Rude Awakening
Rob woke to a world of pain, and it took him a minute or two to remember why. Along with that memory came several times more realizations. He wasn’t dead, his wounds were dressed, and Rob was in a cage.The cage was far too small for a shifter. His wolf barely fit lying down. Beyond the bars of the cage, he could see a kitchen. It smelt clean, but there was little in the way of food smells. Clearly, it wasn’t used much. His nose picked up a fresh smell. One that seems vaguely familiar. His mind was running more like a wolf’s than his human's. That meant, he’d been in this form for an extended period. But the scent was inviting and felt welcoming. His mind wasn’t fully working at peak efficiency yet. But the scent and the bandages fell into place like a couple of puzzle pieces. The scent of the kitchen was far too strong to be anything other than Rebecca’s kitchen. He was in Rebecca’s home.He couldn’t shift within the cage. It wouldn’t accept anything the size of a human. Also,
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Morning Surprises
Becky woke up to her alarm, but she stayed in bed, remembering her nightmare and how it changed last night. She remembered seeing the wolf they’d found coming into her bedroom. Then she remembered him comforting her as she slept. Becky swore she could feel his fur under her hand last night. That’s when she opened her eyes in horror and stared at the ceiling, afraid to move. She could feel fur still with that hand. Her heart pounded, and she feared moving and startling the wild animal in her bed. What did she do in this case? How did it get out of its cage in the kitchen? Becky was sure she secured the cage lock before seeing Jane Ann off home. Jane Ann hadn’t called her to tell her she was okay, either. Now she had to get up and find out what was going on. But what did she do about the wolf? Becky calmed down a little more and then looked at the wolf beside her for the first time. What she found wasn’t a wolf at all. It was the bar owner. R
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Another Wolf at the Door
“It’s okay. You’re safe. I won’t. No, I can’t hurt you. Not intentionally, at least. It goes against my nature. Gods, you’re skittish. Okay, where do you want me to start?”“I’ve been put on the suspect list in your missing person’s case. I want to know exactly what happened and how you ended up in my bed. Why are you wearing the bandages? I put on a wolf I found at the side of the road last night?”“Thank you for that. You probably saved me from being dinner for the wildlife out there.”“Wildlife. Sarah Ann and I found you at the side of the road leading up to our homes. How many wild animals could be in this area?”“You’d be surprised. Wolves attacked me, wolf shifters that is, behind the Wolf’s Den.” Rob gave a sigh. That’s when the name of the bar struck Becky and she understood the meaning of it. This bar was his home, his den. “I thought they were trying to kill me for my territory. I’m… Uh… What you’d call the Alpha wolf of the region. But they didn’t kill me, instead they left
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