You belong to me! Ex wife

You belong to me! Ex wife

By:  Fireworks 💥   Completed
Language: English
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After receiving a divorce paper from her husband, six months after their marriage. Lisa tried to make their marriage work but was shattered by her husband’s affair with her cousin. Feeling betrayed and broken, she left to start all over. Six years later she becomes the most powerful woman in the underworld and a genius Doctor in the outside world. What will she do when she finds out the mafia who kidnapped her son for ransom to lure her to come and save the life of his dying fiancé is no other person but her Ex husband? Will she put aside her hatred towards the two and save her cousin’s life? or watch her die? Will she forgive her Ex husband for kidnapping his own son **** Trey Collins a ruthless, domineering and powerful CEO in the business world and a ruthlessly merciless man, who wouldn’t blink at the idea of murder, torture and making one disappear from the face of the earth without a trace in the underworld. Every lady in Pearl city dreams to become his wife, but also terrified of him by his powerful and deadly aura. Trey married Lisa just to spite his girlfriend, Valerie. After getting back together with his girlfriend, he asked for a divorce from his wife Lisa, but she refused to sign it. But when she signed the divorce papers, he was surprised but feigned nonchalance. He thought she didn’t want to let him go, he thought she would beg. But why does everything remind him of her after she left? He thought he wanted her out of his sight and life? No! He must reclaim what is his and his alone!!

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good reader
the story was really good author has not messed up the names it was the plot Valarie and Lisa I don't want to give spoilers but it was necessary
2024-07-15 17:18:39
default avatar
This is not well written. I had to stop after the first few chapters. The author mixed up the names of the villain and heroine and messed the whole story up. Who edits these?!
2024-07-13 04:29:42
user avatar
I can read it again. I long string characters
2024-07-10 08:29:14
default avatar
Annaeliakunda Mwingira
It’s very nice great work author
2024-06-23 12:08:25
user avatar
Lean Cantara
beautiful story.. thanks author..
2024-06-17 18:59:57
user avatar
Black Rose
it's recommended. congratulations for your completed book dear.. waiting for your new book. I enjoyed reading it!
2024-06-16 22:56:55
user avatar
maira rubalcava
chapter 109 05/26/24
2024-05-27 08:09:32
default avatar
Awesome,I enjoyed to read it
2024-05-23 09:25:45
default avatar
New chapters...
2024-05-09 23:57:59
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
90 chapters 4-25-24
2024-04-26 13:14:11
user avatar
Rhyn Kelly Mari Ma
hmmm plot seems to be good.. will wait for the update
2024-04-18 08:49:57
user avatar
Navy Em
The plot to this story sounds good. I'll wait to see how many chapters are in this story before I start reading it. I'm a fan of short stories so I'm hoping this isn't more than 150 chapters.
2024-04-05 23:49:35
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
40 chapters 3-12-24
2024-03-13 07:04:05
user avatar
Susana Reginaldo
interesting, so far so good looking forward for more update.
2024-03-13 20:41:12
117 Chapters
Chapter 1: divorce
Feeling drained from the day’s work, Lisa dropped herself onto the couch in the living room for a quick nap. She has left work 2 hours early to arrange a candlelit dinner to celebrate today being 6 months of her marriage. She was awakened by the sound of the door being opened a few minutes later. She immediately sat up upon smelling the familiar scent of her husband’s cologne infiltrating the air. She stood up and straightened her blue-fitted peplum knee-length dress and happily walked over to welcome him.“How was your day?” She inquired with a smiling face. However, Trey ignored and walked past her taking his seat on the couch. Lisa disregarded his demeanor and the pang of pain in her chest, a pain she’d now become accustomed to. She smiled to lighten up her mood and walked to the living room, stopping right in front of Trey.“Are you alr...” Lisa trailed off when Trey handed her a brown envelope and then said.
“Sign it.” His voice was deadly, it sent a chill down her spine, he ha
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Chapter 2: never letting go
Valerie took everything she cherished away from her since when they were little, but not this time, not her man, no she won’t give up without a fight. 
She ignored the warning bells in her head and the obvious red flags that waved at her then, she slapped her cousin and said in her teary voice.
 “I won’t let you take Trey away from me! He’s mine, you took everything away from me, I won’t let you take him too, he loves me.” Valerie feigned hurt by holding on to her slapped cheek and said courteously.
 “Lisa.., why are you doing this to me, all I ever did was to love you, but why do you want to take everything I love away from me, you know Trey and I have been in love since we were little, why are you acting like I’m the one who hurt you, when you are the one who has been hurting me?” Valerie choked out, tears running down her cheeks. 
Lisa opened her mouth to retort when another slap landed on her cheek causing her to fall. 
“I told you not to fucking touch her, but you dared me, I d
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Chapter 3: letting go
She silently turned to walk away but stopped when her name was called.
“Lisa…?” Nathan called. She stopped, sighed, and turned around with an awkward smile.
“Nathan….. hey,” she greeted with a wave of her hand.
“Were you leaving just now? I mean were you trying to sneak off?” Nathan asked. 
“Yes, I.. was…..!” She replied truthfully.
“Didn’t you see us?” He asked gesturing more at Trey, making Lisa frown.
“If I knew it was you guys earlier, I wouldn’t have approached.” Lisa sneered. The moment she said that Trey turned to look at her, his gaze was dark and icy, and it immediately sent a shiver down Lisa’s spine. She shuddered. 
 Nathan frowned in confusion. He turned to Trey for clarification but then noticed Trey’s demeanor towards Lisa. He then realized there must be some misunderstanding between them, so he decided to help resolve whatever dispute there was between them.
“Sit with us, Lisa?” He asked. However, Lisa shook her head, smiled, then said.
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Chapter 4: Banquet
On Trey’s twentieth birthday. His family hosted a banquet to celebrate him. However, Trey felt such an occasion was of little significance and decided not to go. 
Because all he ever accomplishes on occasions like this is going around from one business partner to the other toasting and drinking, the only reason he doesn’t end up drunk by the close of such events is because of how he trained himself to have alcohol tolerance. 
When he arrived at the banquet an hour later. He was delighted he did. Standing amidst the guests was the face that had been occupying his thoughts for the past 6 years. Valerie Lynn, his childhood sweetheart. She stood there, looking stunning as ever in a strapless evening gown, as her brunette hair fell down her back, complementing her blue eyes. 
Trey met Valerie when he and his parents were living in Country B before he came back to Country A. Valerie was six years old back then, She was very little but was the most beautiful girl he had ever set eyes on,
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Chapter 5: Regretting
The next morning/ The old mansion 

Trey finished his breakfast and left for work. On the way to the office, his cell phone started ringing, he checked the caller ID to see Valerie’s name, and a tender smile braced his lips. 
“Valerie, what's wrong?” He asked. 
“I’ve missed you, I want to see you,” Valerie said in her sweet gentle voice. Trey smiled and told her he’d come and pick her up in half an hour. He asked his driver to change route to Valerie’s apartment. After ending the call, he called his private secretary and canceled all his appointments till the afternoon, and asked her to book a suite at the LEISUREQ hotel and send him the details.
 In 30 minutes, his car was parked inside the parking lot of Valerie’s apartment. In a few minutes, she came walking out of the elevator. Trey’s bodyguard opened the car for her.
 “Thank you,” Valerie said entering the car. Trey scowled angrily.
 “What happened?” Valerie asked, noticing Trey’s expression.
 “Nothing” he answered di
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Chapter 6: Windy Bay

 -/Country B/-

Three weeks later.
After standing on her feet for the last 6 hours operating on a patient with a brain tumor, Lisa walked out of the operating door, feeling exhausted and famished. She disposed of her blood-stained gloves and mask into the red infectious bin, then turned to leave.
“You were extraordinary in there Dr Lynn, the surgery was successful.” Susan, her assistant nurse, said coming out of the operating room.
“Thanks, you were a good help. But I don’t consider a surgery successful till my patient wakes up.” Lisa said with a smile.
“Thank you, Dr Lynn,” Susan said.
“You’re welcome, call me Lisa, Dr. Lynn makes me feel old, I’m only 21,” Lisa said.
“I will, Lisa..?” They both laugh. 
“Our shift ended 2 hours ago so, I will leave first, see you tomorrow,” Susan said with a wave as she walked away. Lisa waved back with a “Sure”
Lisa walked to her private office and showered. When coming out of the bathroom, she suddenly felt dizzy.She supported herself on
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Chapter 7: Encounter
Lisa decided to leave work early, to go home and check on her patient who still hasn’t regained consciousness. She said goodbye to nurse Susan and went down to the lobby to sign out. After signing out, she went to the parking lot for her car and left the hospital. When she arrived at her apartment’s underground parking lot, she noticed 4 black alligator SUVs. She felt there was something suspicious and strange about it, nonetheless, she put it at the back of her mind and walked towards the lobby. 
“Good afternoon,” Lisa greeted the elevator attendant the moment she entered the elevator. “Good afternoon Miss Lynn,” He responded as he pressed the floor number, the elevator closed and started to ascend.As the elevator ascended, Lisa noticed the elevator attendant kept stealing glances at her as if he wanted to say something but was hesitant about it, however, since he was not able to tell her whatever it was, she wouldn’t inquire about it. When the elevator arrived on the fifth flo
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Chapter 8: Frustrated
-/Country A/-
 Golden heights corporation 
Meanwhile, in an office on the hundredth floor of Golden Heights Corporation, Trey Collins stares blankly at the vast ocean view through the glass wall of his enormous office. With a fierce look on his face, if there’s one thing that riled him, it’s when things don’t go his way.He turns around to face his three highly skilled efficient bodyguards, who were able to retrieve a needle when dropped into the vast sea, but were standing in front of him, repeating the same bullshit!
The three men gazed up nervously, then hastily retracted their gaze down, feeling weak in the leg at the sound of a hand slammed on the desk in front of them.
“It been 3 weeks, 3 f*cking weeks and you’re fucking telling me you haven’t found her? Why the hell do I pay you when you can't even find a single, frail woman’s whereabouts!? Huh!!” Trey asked sternly, his expression darkened into a venomous glare. “You have a week to find out wherever she’s hiding,
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Chapter 9 : New beginning
“I want to show you something.” Don Antonio said as he took steady steps towards Lisa, deliberately not to frighten her more than she already was. Considering Lisa’s silence and calmed demeanor as an indication to proceed, he started to unbutton his shirt, as he undid the buttons, his eyes remained fixed on Lisa’s face, ready to stop if there was a slight form of uneasiness from her. Since there wasn’t any, he opened it to show her his bandage chest.“Did you do this?” He asked in a gentle tone.“Oh my God!.. “ Lisa uttered, her eyes widened as her hand flew to her mouth as realization dawned on her, and then she frowned. “It was you, no wonder I thought you looked familiar, you bastard!!” Lisa yelled angrily. Matteo and Timothy who were standing outside the door heard Lisa calling the boss a bastard, they started to feel pity for her, for offending the boss, now there was no way she could escape the boss’s wrath.“You pointed a gun at a person who saved your life!? I knew I should
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Chapter 10: Beginning of something new
“Is she alright?” Don Antonio asked Susan who just walked out of Lisa’s room.“Yeah.., she has fallen asleep,” Susan muttered. She approached the sofa to sit but became hesitant, she heard that Don has a disorder, he doesn’t like women around him, not to mention touch him, and it got her wondering how he was able to carry Lisa earlier. She remained standing in front of the sofa, as she fidgeted with her fingers. Antonio who was replying to a message on his phone, realized the space beside him was empty, then looked up at the woman who was standing still, with an expression he couldn’t decipher. ‘Why is she standing,’ he thought Susan was approaching to sit, but it had been a few minutes now, but he didn’t feel the sofa dip, and since he was busy with his phone, he just remembered she wasn’t seated beside him. He looked up at Susan.“Are you going to stand there?” He questioned.“I… um, umm you’re sick.” She replied, staring down at her feet, still playing with her fingers. “I’m sic
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