All Chapters of Resisting the Alpha Triplets: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Mallory’s POV Ten years old “They've breached our borders! We won't be able to hold them off for long. We have to get her out before they reach the pack house!” I heard a man's voice shouting! “Take her and go now Melanie!” “No!” Came the woman's shrill scream. “I'm not leaving without you!” “You have to go, love.” The man's voice softened. “I won't be able to fight unless I know you and our daughter are safe.” “I'm not going and that's final!” The woman insisted, her voice hard. “If you die, I'll be no good to her anyway. Nanny can take her!” “I'll call Carlton to let him know what's happening, make sure someone is there to meet them at the end of the tunnel.” The man finally relented, his voice breaking. “Say your goodbyes.” “Sweetheart, nanny is going to take you on a trip, okay?” The woman said, kneeling beside the little girl sitting on the floor playing with her dolls. “But I don't want to go, mommy!” The girl whined. “I want to stay with you and daddy!” “I know
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Ch. 1 The Party
Mallory’s POV Sixteen years old “Ugh! I look like hell!” I groaned to myself, taking in the dark circles under my eyes and the sallow look to my skin reflected in my bathroom mirror. I’d been having the same nightmare since I was seven years old but somehow it still managed to rob me of sleep. Last night was no different, leading to my current predicament. What a great way to start the day, my sixteenth birthday. “Let’s go birthday girl!” My mom called way too energetically from the living room. “Alpha and Luna are waiting for us to arrive so they can celebrate with you!” “Five minutes, mom!” I hollered back. I loved Alpha Carl and Luna Erika. They were like second parents to me, much to their triplet sons’ dismay. I wasn’t sure why they took such an interest in me, a lowly omega in the pack, but I wasn’t going to question it. They had done so much for me over the years, treating me as part of the family. If only the future Alpha triplets felt the same way. Colt, Clay,
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Ch. 2 The Announcement
Mallory’s POV Neither Clay nor Cary let go of me until we reached the front of the room where the Alpha and Luna waited for us. Colt was already standing beside his father, hands clasped in front of him and a less than pleased scowl on his face. “There is our guest of honor!” Luna Erika announced, beaming at me. “Apparently my boys were monopolizing her.” I peeked out of the corner of my eye to see her “boys” reaction to that only to see them both smirking to themselves. Jerks! “But now that she’s here,” Luna continued, “My husband and I have a special announcement we’d like to make!” Everyone waited with baited breath for their pack leaders’ big reveal. Only the ranked members and their families and some of the pack council were here but I still couldn’t help but fidget with all those eyes on me, probably wondering why an omega warranted so much fanfare. I tried to block everyone out and just focus on my mother, who’s smile was so wide, you would think it was her birthday.
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Ch. 3 Homecoming
Colton’s POV Two years later “I don’t understand why a family dinner has suddenly become a formal event.” I complained to my mother, pulling at my tie to loosen it. I hated wearing a suit and tie, preferring sweatpants and a muscle tee, jeans and a t-shirt for dressier occasions. Both my brother’s looked equally miserable. “Mallory will be here any minute. We haven’t seen her in almost two years. We are all going to have a nice dinner together to celebrate her homecoming. The least you can do is look presentable.” Mom lectured. “Now quit whining and go help set the table.” I turned to go, rolling my eyes at my mother’s attitude. Darcy, my girlfriend of two years, was shaking her head at my antics with an amused smirk on her face. I stalked in her direction, intent on showing her what I thought of her laughing at me. “You’re incorrigible.” She teased, looking up at me with an adoring smile on her face. There was so much affection in her gaze. It melted my heart and I couldn’t
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Ch. 4 A Proposition
Clayton’s POV “Well that was a shit show.” My little brother, Cary, chuckled darkly as we walked upstairs together after the dinner party. “Which part?” I snorted at him. “The part where our dear older brother acted like an epic prick all night? Or maybe the part where Mallory showed up looking like a damn Goddess, making me drool all over myself? Or better yet, the part where her fucking Alpha boyfriend showed up and had his hands all over her all night, making my wolf insane with jealousy?” “Yeah, Roan was losing his mind too. But I’m not worried about the boyfriend.” He shrugged as if it was an easy obstacle to overcome. “We’re Alphas too, and we have history.” “Are you fucking kidding me right now?” I shook my head in disbelief. “You’re right about her having a history with us, a terrible one. We tormented her for most of her childhood. She couldn’t get away from us fast enough when she left for the academy. Meanwhile, she meets her Alpha prince charming there and he’s pro
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Ch. 5 Choices
Carrington’s POV Colton sank into dad’s chair, dropping his head into his hands as soon as our parents left the room. “Well, that was . . . unexpected.” I quipped. Colt looked up to shoot me a death glare, apparently not appreciating my comment. “Geez, sorry.” I huffed under my breath. “I guess we know how Colt feels. What about you Clay?’ Clay took a deep breath and blew it out, looking up at the ceiling. I could’ve sworn I saw his cheeks turn pink, before he finally looked us in the eyes. “If I’m being honest, I kind of had a thing for her before she left. But now, fuck, I’m not sure I could stay away from her if I tried.” He confessed. “And the way Gunner flipped out when he smelled her, I would’ve sworn she was our mate even though I knew she didn’t have her wolf yet.” “I already told you Roan went crazy too. And we all know how Kai reacted. It couldn’t have been more fucking obvious so don’t even try to deny it, Colt.” I stopped him before he even opened his mouth. “
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Ch. 6 Let's Talk
Mallory’s POV Nathan drove me home after dinner at the pack house. I knew he had a long drive back to his territory so I was pleasantly surprised when I invited him in and he actually agreed. He’d already gone above and beyond to pick me up at the airport and drive me home. “Did you enjoy your homecoming dinner, love?” Nathan asked me as we snuggled on the couch together watching a movie. “Mmmhmm,” I hummed blandly. “It was nice, I guess.” “You guess?” he prompted, his way of asking for more information. “It’s just weird being home again.” I elaborated. “I’m super excited to see mom, of course! And it was great to see Alpha Carl and Luna Erika. They’ve always been like family to me. But the triplets were acting weird. I’m almost sure they’re up to something.” “Why do you say that?” Nathan seemed genuinely curious. “They were being nice. They’re never nice!” I told him, remembering how they used to harrass me. “Not Colton. He’s been indifferent since he started dating Darcy. B
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Ch. 7 Training
Mallory’s POV The sound of my alarm blaring at six am made me jolt upright. I had finally been dozing after a restless night of broken sleep. I was still pissed at Clay and Cary for their behavior last night but mostly I was just confused. I tossed and turned all night, trying to shut out the thoughts continuously assaulting me. Before I left for Luna training, they treated me like I was gum on their shoe, an annoyance to be dealt with. I assumed once I was gone, they would have thrown a party to celebrate. So why, after all this time, did they suddenly decide they enjoyed my company? At first, I thought maybe they’d just devised another way to mess with me. Interrupt my alone time with Nathan and try to keep me so busy I can’t spend time with him just to frustrate me. Or maybe they think he will break up with me and they can laugh at my heartbreak. But I had news for them, Nathan and I wouldn’t break easily, and certainly not because of them. Still, something seemed differe
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Ch. 8 Inner Torment
Colton’s POV “Fucking hell!” I roared, picking up a stupid wolf figurine from my desk and shattering it against the wall. “What the fuck is happening with us?” I growled at my wolf, though I was more angry at myself than him. He was just an animal, after all. “I don’t know.” Kai answered with a wolfy shrug. “She’s beautiful and her scent calls to me. I want her.” “Well you need to stop!” I snarled at him before admitting the truth. “I need to stop.” I was so fucking pissed at myself. Just last night, I’d held Darcy’s hand and comforted her, reassured her I didn’t have feelings for Mallory. It was hard work getting her to believe me after the way I’d acted at dinner, growling at Mallory’s boyfriend and practically drooling over the girl herself. But I’d finally managed to convince her. “Feeling better?” I’d asked her after her tears had finally stopped. “Yeah,” She said, still sniffling. “Not that I ever want you to cry, but your lips are all swollen and puffy, maki
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Ch. 9 A Mistake
Mallory’s POV I had no idea why I agreed to a movie night with the triplets. I must have temporarily lost my mind. I couldn’t think of another explanation for voluntarily entering the lion’s den, or wolf den as it were, with the three of them. Maybe it was because I was irritated at Nathan for his nonchalant attitude about the whole thing and wanted an opportunity to prove to him I was right about them being up to no good. “I’m so proud of you sweetheart! It sounds like your Alphas are really taking your expertise seriously!” He’d gushed when I’d called him to complain about canceling our date earlier. “They’ve never taken me seriously a day in my life! I’m telling you they are up to something and as my boyfriend, you should be more concerned about it!” I’d argued, but he just laughed it off. I huffed to myself as I headed to the kitchen to grab sodas while the guys ordered the pizza. At least Nathan had agreed to come see me tomorrow. He would be here early in the morning so I
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15 Protection Status