All Chapters of His Sinful Possession : Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Tightly fisting the sheets beneath her naked body, she was trying her best to focus on that sound of the clouds loudly roaring outside because she didn't want to feel the touch of that person towering over her. She didn't want to feel his warm breathing grazing against her earlobe. She was trying to block the very presence of that vicious sinner who had just gotten done with harming each and every ounce of her dignity by ruining her body in each and every possible way."I never thought that you could feel so satisfyingly good," she heard his throaty voice rasping in her ear and then his teeth gave a harsh nibble on her earlobe. It made her close her eyes more tightly whereas her grip tightened around the sheets which didn't go unnoticed by him. An insolent smirk crept on his face, finding her naked body practically shivering beneath his bare one."Too good to be true for a woman who had been fucked by countless men throughout her life," he huskily whispered in her ear while exactly kn
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Power Of Tears
The delicious aroma of the pancakes was floating all over in the air, along with her sweet humming. A tender smile was playing on the face of that 24 year old woman who was making pancakes for her 3 years old daughter as her daughter loved eating pancakes for breakfast."MOMMA!..." Her daughter's scream widened her eyes in terror whereas it halted her heartbeat completely. Switching off the gas stove immediately, she dashed out of the kitchen and went to their bedroom."FLORA…." She shouted, panicking as she opened the door of their bedroom where she saw her daughter sitting on the bed who was covering her tiny frame with a big duvet. Her daughter's big round eyes were looking here and there around her in fear which turned her confused."What happened, Flora?" She asked, stepping inside the door. Her daughter looked at her, hearing her voice. "Why did you scream?"The little girl peeked her head out from that duvet and again scanned her surroundings with her beautiful sea-green eyes
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A Sinner Like Him
Sitting on a wooden chair, he was unable to move as his body was completely chained in ropes. Almost an hour ago, he was doing his job of snapping pictures of rich and famous people and their whereabouts but now he had found himself in this dark and inky room which was looking like some kind of old and abandoned storehouse, completely chained in ropes.The entire place was reeking of blood, dirt and terror which frightened him even more. The only source of light was a dim lamp illuminating over his head. Where was he? And why was he here? Suddenly his ears got filled with the sound of those heavy footsteps coming closer towards him and then that strongly expensive and manly cologne grazed against his nostrils before that huge tall figure came in front of his vision.Because of the darkness, he could not see the face of that burly muscular frame standing before him."Who are you? Let me go from here," that man yelled while struggling in those ropes. Finally the lamp above him turned v
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Love Is Invaluable
Next DayHis private jet landed inside the boundary of Italy. Dozens of cars and his men were already waiting for his arrival. Stepping out of the jet, he shielded his dark brown eyes with his dark shades. His men turned alert and lowered their eyes in front of him and he, without saying anything, straight went towards his car. His guards and men followed him. His car finally drove away, followed by the rest of the other cars.Trailing his eyes towards the window, he saw the beautiful morning sky. The sun was illuminating, birds were flying. Looked like his home had also not missed him at all, just like him. In fact, his absence had made everything more beautiful here. Fair enough because his mere iniquitous aura held the power of staining even the invisible walls of the air.The vibration of his phone made him look towards it and he saw his wife's message. Without even making any efforts to open it, he completely ignored it because he knew she had messaged him to remind him of her da
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Eyes On Her
"Please welcome, Mr Riccardo Alfanso and his wife, Mrs Valery Alfanso…." The manager's voice reverberated in that hall which made Aniya slowly open her eyes. She tried to look at that star couple entering that hall but her eyes couldn't reach them as the guests of that exhibition inauguration ceremony had started gathering in front of that couple so that they could greet them.Aniya could not see them as they were standing at quite a distance from the door but then she felt those sudden tingles emerging inside her tummy."Oh…no…" her voice made Flora and Niova to look at her."What happened?" Niova sent her a confused look."I need to use the toilet immediately," Aniya answered, holding her abdomen. Niova gave her a disbelieving look."How come you always get the urgency of doing the wrong thing at the correct time, Ani?" Aniya scowled at Niova's sarcasm. Her face twisted as the tingles accelerated."Shut up, Niva. I need to go,""Are you planning on running away?" Niova looked at he
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The Compensation
"How dare you hurt my child?" Aniya's yelling resonated against the walls of that exhibition hall. Her sea-green eyes were fuming with rage as they glared hard at the manager in front of her. She could endure anything, any kind of pain but she was not capable of bearing a person raising even his eyes on her daughter with a wrong motive, letting someone to harm her in any way was not even a question. The manager looked at Aniya, shocked. He could still feel his cheek throbbing under his palm. She had hit him real hard. "I asked you something… how dare you to even think about hurting my daughter?" She seethed out, enraged. Every single person present in that hall watched her in utter silence, even him. "How dare you behave so brutally with her? People even think twice before dragging an animal like this but you were dragging a 3 years old kid so harshly? How filthy you and your thoughts are?" Aniya had lost her mind after seeing those deep red palm and fingers' print on Flora's arm.
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Anything For Flora
"Aniya, that was not necessary," Aniya heard Niova telling her. They both reached Aniya's home after leaving that exhibition hall. Aniya didn't answer Niova and continued to tenderly stroke her daughter's head who had fallen asleep on the bed. Receiving no answer from Aniya, Niova sighed. She sat beside Aniya on the bed and placed her palm over her shoulder. "Ani, I know I could never even imagine the pain you must have felt after witnessing these marks on Flora's body but …." Niova halted. She was not sure how she should make Aniya understand the consequences of the massacre she had created in that exhibition hall, especially with Riccardo Alfanso. Aniya's eyes shifted from Flora's face towards her arm. She had already treated those marks of that manager's hand on her arm but they had still not faded completely. A tear slipped down from Aniya's eyes. She knew she might have behaved redundantly outrageous in that hall. People around her might think that her reaction was unneces
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Trying Her Luck
"What? But how could they do this to you?" Aniya heard Niova uttering in a displeased tone. She had called Niova this morning so that she could take care of Flora in her absence as Aniya was heading to her office. After receiving her termination letter this morning, she decided to go to her workplace as soon as possible and demanded an explanation for this action of theirs. How could they do this to her? If she really lost her job then it would turn her life upside down. "I don't know, Niva. Why have they done it to me?" Aniya spoke, buttoning the button of her formal red shirt which she had paired with a black skirt. "I received that letter this morning but for what reason they have done it, it's not explain in that letter," Niova sighed, hearing Aniya. She was looking extremely worried and tense which was understandable for Niva but then something clicked in her head. "Ani, do you think your sudden termination has something to do with what had happened last night in that hall?"
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As A Guest
Cladding in a plain white knee length maxi dress, Aniya was combing her hair while looking into the mirror when she heard Niova's question. "Are you ready to leave?" Aniya dipped her head hearing her which made Niova sigh. "Think one more time, Ani. Do you really want to go and meet Kael Bruez?" Niova questioned, extremely worried. A heavy sigh escaped from Aniya's mouth. Niova had told her the type of work Real Bruez did. He usually dealt with illegal businesses but had a very high reach in the business world, so that was why Niova suggested Aniya his name for help in her situation but now Niova was somehow regretting it and Aniya could clearly understand her fear and worry. Aniya opened her mouth to answer but before she could do that Flora came inside the room, rushing. "Momma, that cartoon ended," the little girl informed as she was watching a cartoon film in the hall. The little girl's curious eyes looked at her mother. "Momma, where are you going?" Flora asked, seeing her mo
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In His Hands
RED STONE CLUB Aniya read those bold letters, printed on the top of the gate of that place in front of her eyes. She reached that address which Niova had given her. Taking a brief glance around her surroundings, she somehow started getting off vibes from that place because she was aware of the possible things which might be happening inside that place but she couldn't just judge everything in her present with her past. Besides, she had to meet that man for the sake of her daughter's life and nothing and no fear of her could overpower that intention of hers.Exhaling a heavy sigh, she stepped inside that gate where the two bodyguards in the gate let her get inside after hearing her name and watching her face because she was all over the news after her first and last encounter with Riccardo Alfanso.Swallowing hard, she clutched the strings of her purse which was hanging on her shoulder. Dozens of men were present there who were looking like some kind of group mates. They all were glan
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