The Last Werewolf

The Last Werewolf

By:  Mel Dixon  Ongoing
Language: English
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The Last Werewolf - A Gender Queer Paranormal Romance As far as Lupin knows, they are the last of their kind. For many years now they have been scouring the land, looking for where the wolves have disappeared. The world has changed during the search, and though Lupin doesn't like it, they fit in better now then they half a century ago. Every full moon they retreat to their lair to wait out the change, hoping it will bring the Beast to them so they can find their brethren.  Until one day a young mage finds the lair, waltzing through all of the wards and bringing a story of a king who controls the Beast, renewing Lupin's sense of adventure and purpose after so long. And perhaps they will find a new pack and no longer be the Last of the Werewolves.

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    Once upon a time, the world was a different place. Creatures deemed mythical later in history were much more common place. They would watch humanity, often in amusement. Sometimes with hunger. But most agreed the small, weak creatures needed protection and care. Some of these beings took a through approach, meddling in humanities lives. Giving them fire, showing them how to watch crops or grow beasts for food. Some gave them weapons and watched them slaughter one another.The wolves stayed apart, they kept to their packs and reared their young. No one knows when, but some time the wolves and people became one.  The ability to shift between the two forms was at will. They were one being who could take two forms and the pack flourished in their forest. Time was a fickle beast and the wolves frolicked in the two forms, out lasting many of the other legends with the ability to
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    Chapter 1 - Lupin
    Chapter 1 - LupinThe weather had finally evened out and Lupin White was able to do some of the painting winter had slowed. Spring was their favourite time to work outside and the winter had been longer then they remembered. As the frosty mornings had eased, Lupin saw more of the town's folk out as well. The older people would stop and critique the work, while just about everyone else would offer a greeting.Lupin was use to this sleepy town. They knew every nook and cranny of it and the forest that bracketed it. The older buildings, those from the colonial days, had been shaped with the help of their hands. Things had certainly changed since then, and Lupin always took the time to ensure the town could have everything they could want. In return they kept their secrets close to the bone.&ld
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    Chapter 2 - Bastian
     Chapter 2 - BastianBastian Black would not consider himself a lucky man. In fact, some days he didn’t feel her hand on him at all. Today was one of those days, but at least he was here. Selene was so small it didn’t appear on many maps and from the people who did know of it, the towns folk liked it that way. No one said they were rude, but they moved travelers on lickity split around these parts. So Bastian knew he’d have to tread lightly when he got in. That said, he wasn’t going anywhere until he got the next piece of his puzzle.The bus driver looked at him dubiously as he shouldered his pack. The old man had told him, in detail, how he was the first person to take the bus all the way up to Selene in all his career. “You’ll have to walk out if you have trouble,” he’d told Bastian frankly at one point. No buses or taxis came up here. The driver would have to make a special trip to get him out on his way through to else where. There would be no sudden
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    Chapter 3 - Lupin
     Lupin knew something was off in the town as they finished the work for the day. Midday signaled the end of the work they could do, the sun would move beyond the awning lip soon and would make sitting in front of a mostly white wall almost unbearable. Even more so on the day before the full moon. After putting the brushes in some turpentine and covering the supplies with a tarp, Lupin stood, breathing deep. The scent of spring, the fresh paint, even the baking bread from the bakery. Nothing seemed out of place. Yet Lupin was sure something was.After a few moments they sighed, whatever it was, there wasn't a lot of time to dwell on it. Lupin brushed the dust and mess from the long pants they wore, tossing their painting shirt onto the pile of supplies. The strange feeling followed them on their way back home, though, as the Villa came into focus the feeling dissipated to just a light itch at the back of their neck Lupin frowned slightly, pulling thei
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    Chapter 4 - Bastian
     Bastian knew he was quite charming. He'd had to charm his way into many a Warlock's library. Warlocks hoarded the written word like leprecorns supposedly hoarded gold. They didn't share well with others. Once Bastian had gone through his family's collection he had had to find others to find out more about the spell woven into him. With no power he had to rely entirely on his ability to talk his way in.  He couldn't think how many homes and places he'd worked his way into over the years.Every single one of them was easier to pull information from then the people of Selene. If he wasn't so frustrated he would be impressed. They had 'polite rebuttal' down to an art form. Someone had even offered to drive him to the next town over, and made it seem like it was Bastian doing them a favour. It was masterful, but every time someone dismissed his questions or changed the subject he was even more sure this was where he was supposed to be.The murals helped solidify
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