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Luciano Knight'Analise James'. A woman who owns my heart. She is not my only love but also light in my dark world. She is special and beautiful. When I first saw her in my club working as a waitress, I was mesmerized by her beauty. For once in my life I felt my heart was alive.I watched her everyday stopping myself from claiming her because she is too pure for my dark world. But one day when I saw someone trying to rape her.I lost it and claimed my beautiful angel. Now she is only mine to love and to possess...................................He gave her everything but stole her freedom and broke her soul.

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29 chapters
Luciano knight is the Italian Mafia King. He never shows anyone mercy. He is ruthless and never thinks for a second before killing someone.Analise who works in club and is becoming a designer never thought that her life will take a drastic turn when Luciano takes her.Read more
Edited chapter.ANALISE'S POV"Hey, girl. Two bottles of scotch here." It was just another day at work at the "Knight club". This club belongs to a successful billionaire. There are some rumors of him related to mafia too. But these are just rumors not reality so who cares.I hate this job because I am a waitress here. The dress I am wearing is too revealing for my liking but I have no other option.Read more
Edited Chapter.ANALISE'S POVMy headache is forming again. Soon sleep takes over me. I woke up again and see that its half past noon. I can't lose hope like this.If I want to leave this place then I will have to try. I am not much strong, but I am not weak either. I have heard you can do anything when you are determined.With new determination I walk towards the door and try to open it. I try again and again but it doesn't budge.It is locked. Shit! Who locked it? Why the hell it is even locked?'So that you don't escape stupid.' A voice in my head says.I start bangin
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Edited Chapter.ANALISE'S POVI am in deep sleep when I feel something on my neck. It is moving. I push it aside by my hand. I feel it again and now it is licking my neck.There is something hard like beard. I am feeling weight on my body. Realization dawns upon me. Instantly opening my eyes, the first thing that comes in my vision is Luciano.I scream loudly. His hand is quickly on my mouth to prevent my screaming."Shh tesoro. Don't scream. Why are you scared? Nothing is going to happen to you" (sweetheart). He cooed in my ear. I look at him shocked and fearful."Fuck! Sei cos&igra
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Edited Chapter.ANALISE'S POVWhile looking at people I suddenly remember something or someone I should say.Flashback (Fifteen years old)I was getting ready because mom said that someone is coming here to meet us. I was wearing a brown dress and with a little touch of makeup I was ready."Ana! Where are you? Come downstairs right this instant. She is going to arrive." Mom yelled. She has been arranging the house the whole day and made lots of food.I don't know who is that special person.I quickly applied lipstick and rushed downstairs. When I climbed
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ANALISE'S POVI am sobbing. My eyes hurt but he doesn't care. He is enjoying my fear. I still remember the good times me and Liam spent together.He was always the caring one. He was famous because he was rich. He helped me and my friends when we were having difficulty with studies.Now he is dead only because of me. He was young and had a good career ahead.'Why I asked him for help?' I regret doing such a thing. If I had not asked him for help, he would have been alive.The car stops in front of the mansion. He gets out and forcefully drags me with him inside the mansion."P-Please, I am sorry. Y-You are hurting me. Le
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Edited Chapter.ANALISE'S POVNow only two days are left in marriage. There is no chance of escape. Security is high and no one talks to me except Chiara.When I was alone yesterday, I had hidden some money in a purse. I didn't take credit cards. Now when I will get a chance I can easily escape. I can't let my hope die even though I know it is nearly impossible.I should try one l
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Edited ChapterLUCIANO's POVSitting here in club with thoughts of Analise is just boring when I can be with her anytime I want. Her thoughts never leave my mind.The love I feel for her is growing day by day. Looking at her makes me think of more ways to make her mine in every sense of world.I want to own her. Everything she possess should also be mine. Her heart, her body, her
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Edited Chapter.ANALISE's POVAnother day went by. Alice has just arrived from Cafe. I pour some tea for her and myself and move towards Alice's room which is beside mine.Her room is like mine but a little big. She has decorated it with paintings and pictures. Some pictures also have my mom in them. The one I like most is of their graduation."My child, you shouldn't have done th
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Edited Chapter.LUCIANO'S POVTonight, stars are shining so bright. Sky is peaceful and finally I can relax now. Analise is back with me in my home.Without her this mansion was only a mansion but with her presence it is home. She is my home. Her mere presence is enough to give me peace.Standing h
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