He's My Ruthless Billionaire

He's My Ruthless Billionaire

By:  Pinu  Completed
Language: English
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She could do just anything for her family. He could do everything for power and money. When he asked her to marry him, she was happy. But little did she know, she was entering hell.She had a crush on him. But not now, not anymore, not when she knows his deepest secrets. But she can't run now, he had already noticed her and now, he wants her. And damn, he gets what he wants. Can they ever love each other?Or will it always be what it was-- hate?Love blossoms in the most unexpected circumstances. And damn, they are right, opposite attracts.Follow me on the game fate decided to play with these two.

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    “Everyone has a heart. Some just think it is only for pumping blood” – Priyanshi Agarwal   "Why... Why me??"
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    New Job
    Hailey’s POV “OKAY MOM” I yelled in the loudest tone I can because it’s been 20 minutes, she is making my ears die of noise pollution. I mean, who the hell shouts like bloody murder just to get up from the bed and that too at…I looked at the clock.KILL. ME.“MOM!! Why the hell did you not tell me it’s 8 AM?? I’m gonna get late for the job!! I mean seriously mom!!” I yelled and she came inside. Yes, she was shouting from the ground floor till now!Read more
    Caffeinated Mess
    Hailey’s POV“What! R-really sir?” I asked the man sitting in front of me, who had just told me that I got the job.“Yes, Ms. Cameron, why are you so shocked?” he asked with a smirk plastered on his face.“I... uh... actually, I was just wondering why did I get the job when the last almost 15 people didn’t,” I said with curiosity.He chuckled.“You wanna know?” he asked and I nodded. “Fine,” he said, and I was all ears to him.“Most people got eliminated on the first round, they peeped like a freaking asshole from the gate,” he said.“Oh” “Next, they had no confidence when I yelled at them
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    Contract of My Life
    Hailey’s POV“Ms. Hailey in my office right now with your resignation papers!!” he yelled through the phone kept in my very own office. I was startled.“W-what, sir?” I asked bluntly.“Oh yeah, you don’t know, right? I’m telling you. Turn on your laptop” he commanded. I followed his instructions to avoid getting him angry.“O-opened,” I said, pressing the enter key on the keyboard.“Search ‘resignation papers’” he said and I searched. To my dismay, there was a Word file.“Fill your information and sign the hardcopy, the printer is there, and bring them to me,” he said in a calm voice, although it was enough to s
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    Answer Me
    Hailey's POVI reached my house. Mom was not there. Yes, I thought for a second that maybe he was lying. But he wasn't. I called her.Switched off!!I started thinking about it. What should I do?I can't say yes! How can I!?! Marry him without anything? Yes, I had a crush on him, but not love! I think it was just attraction, by the way, I'm hating him right now. I... I just can't marry him like that! Dad would be so disappointed in me.I stood up to do my daily routine and after two hours, I decided to visit several hospitals to find my mom. 

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    Unexpected Trip
    Hailey's POV"There's more to come now, Hailey" he smirked evilly."W-what?" I asked as I backed away a little towards the door.He didn't reply and continued his work on the laptop."S-sir," I said. He looked at me."A-actually I don't want to... marry you..." I said as another thought crossed my mind.He smirked."Oh, really?" he said. "You wanna marry Ivan, don't you?" he said.How the hell does he know that!"H-how do you-""I know what even you don't know, Hailey," he said, shutting down his laptop with a thud. "Well, you both really love each other, I saw that," he said."S-sir""You were thinking of marrying him once you are financially stable
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    Meeting His Parents
    Hailey's POVWe arrived in Ottawa. Canada. Fortunately, my dreamland. Woah. I'm happy yet I'm a bit nervous.Okay, more than 'a bit' nervous.He took my hand. I was shocked. He looked at me and made a ‘keep-quiet’ look. He took me to a car and then the driver drove off.The car stopped in front of this palace. It’s a fairy tale, my life. I mean, this is literally a palace! Such a huge mansion! I can't even afford to dream of something like this. But yet here I am."Close your mouth," He said to me.Then I realized my mouth was wide open in awe of the Palace.I embarrassedly closed my mouth and then we entered the house. He suddenly warped his hands around my waist. I looked at him and he said, "
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    Unforgettable Wedding
    Hailey's POVIt's the day! My wedding day. I'm so happy about it. I've talked to Ivan a few times and he said he was also excited, unlike the last times. I'm so happy.I was getting ready. My mom isn't here, but I have my brother, cousin sister, and my best friend here.My brother, Alex, was in London till now. He flew back after knowing about mom and my wedding. I told him everything, he is the one I share everything with. Firstly, he didn't agree but after all, he's my brother, he can understand me. So, he did, and yeah, he gave me some ideas to explain this to my cousin and my best friend.Yes, I didn't even tell my best friend, because she will definitely tell mom."This dress is perfect!" Said Lisa, my best f
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    Hailey's POVThe car kept on moving. I stopped struggling to get out, which I did a lot in the start. What will I do if I get out? Save Lisa, Sara, and Alex? Well, I know if I get out then they cannot be saved. Don't you think it's worthless? I was sitting in the backseat and he was sitting in the driver's seat. He was in anger, his grip on the steering wheel was so tight that his knuckles turned white. I closed my eyes and let my tears flow. I didn't know what to do. My mind stops working whenever I'm in such a situation. By such a situation, I mean, that whenever I'm in trouble. My thoughts were interrupted. Suddenly a cloth covered my mouth. I opened my eyes hurriedly, but I blacked o
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    A Simple Try-to-escape
    Hailey's POVI sat down on the bed after he left the room. I was in deep thoughts about what should I do, and how. Will Alex be okay? I want to ask him. He swiftly took me off the topic. But, I'm just... uh... kind of afraid of him. Of course, I will be! He literally kidnapped me and has made me a maid! Just that I don't have to do any house chores, lolThat's not the time for cracking jokes, stupid! Just think of some ways to escape or at least talk to your family! Then I remembered my phone. I started searching here and there, in my purse too but there was no phone. Of course, he has taken it, dumbo. Let's use our bra
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