Bar Mon'tblank - The power of an opportunity

Bar Mon'tblank - The power of an opportunity

By:  MFaneite  Completed
Language: English
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Carlos is a mature man, arrogant, and very sure of himself. Sara, an immature young girl, brave ... but very troublesome. She is just a big inconvenience to him. He is too overbearing and controlling for her. What is the boundary between respect and tolerance? To what extent can two people so different be able to support each other without mistreating each other? Would you trade your ideals and convictions for someone you don't know and who you can't even trust?

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36 chapters
“Never let others turn off your light. The only guarantee that you have of being happy is yourself.” In a crowded public transport terminal, a young woman goes from vehicle to vehicle, requesting that she be taken to a neighboring city. Because of her ungainly body and tangled hair … among other facades, at first glance, it shows that she is a homeless person. Insistently looks everywhere, nervous, as if she were looking for or escaping from someone.“Mr. please, you can take me until—”“I don’t carry strangers!” “Mrs. excuses me, do I need to arrive until—”“I regret it, I am hurried!”
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And the expected time, finally arrived!
There was no moment that Sara appreciated more than when she could take a good shower, wash her hair, remember the pleasant sensation of fresh skin, and breathe the exquisite aroma of clean clothes. All that made her feel like a true human being again.As God commands!Finally, she could relax and rest in that room, but those long-awaited minutes of infinite pleasure soon ended. She began to feel a strange mixture of emotion and nerves about her new job, failing or doing it wrong was not an option, she should impress the public, especially her boss for him to let her stay.“Carlos, but this girl. What role will she have? What will be your place in the bar?” Renata asked, completely skeptical because her boss never hired staff in such an unexpected way, she didn’t even know he was a charge vacant.

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Starting with 'firm' steps
Sara woke up feeling fortunate and grateful to life itself, so long ago that she felt neither peace nor tranquility. A whole long year to be more exact, from the moment she had to leave the orphanage when came of age, given that institution rules prevented her from continuing there. Even so, using her charm and with the help of her foster mother, managed to overcome obstacles until she turned 19 when finally said goodbye to the place that she called ‘home’ for more than 15 years.Outside the orphanage, things progressively got complicated, to the point of running out of money because of the difficulty of finding a job. Without experience and plunging more and more into poverty, she ended up wandering the streets, some days with more or less luck, others mired in absolute misery, but without losing faith. She knew that one day everything would change, everything would be better and just now, sensed that day
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A very special client
One night, while Sara finished serving one of the tables, she watched the arrival of a tall, handsome and elegant blond man who drew her attention powerfully. He was attended and set at a table previously reserved for him.When she entered again the kitchen, several of her companions were competing for the opportunity to serve the distinguished client.Generous tip. She thought and smiled.Continued with her duties, but curiosity won over her, so discreetly asked Jean Pierre, the head of the kitchen, who told her this man was a regular customer of Mon’tblank, his name was Brian Smith, a renowned architect, and son of one of the most important businessmen of the city. Sara thought that life was not as equitable as it should be, some were born with star and others like her … ‘stellated’!

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Each thing in its place
Being still a child and after losing his parents in a car accident, Carlos was under the care of who his nanny had been since he was born, his beloved Nonna. She took care of everything related to the house and became the only person in whom he had placed all his trust, but over the years, Nonna became ill and also had to leave this world, just when the young man was 17 years old. Since then, at least about 20 domestic women had entered and left their home, always with more laments than honors, because when they did not do their job well, according to Carlos, they ended up taking their belongings improperly.This increased the distrust that he already had, of everything and everyone, beginning to take care of his house himself, which to a certain extent, worked best.Years later, when he felt prepared for it, he decided to reopen Mon’tblank, a business he inherited from his par
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VIP Attention
Sara was in her normal work routine when Jean Pierre ordered her to go to table 10. To her biggest surprise, Brian Smith was waiting for her there.“Good night Mr. Smith. Welcome”“Good night Sara. A pleasure to see you again!”She was agreeably intimidated to hear him say that last sentence … Come on! Who would not? She felt happy, but almost immediately she began to hesitate.If neither her parents were pleased to see her born, then why would a complete stranger do it? Not in her best dreams, she had imagined that her presence, sad and ungainly, would be ‘the pleasure’ of someone as ideal and perfect as that man in front of her, looking at her with those bright eyes and that unique, unrepeatable and intimidating smile.

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Walking in the mall
Monday, the usual rest day of Mon’tblank. Sara decided to go out and buy some things, so she went to the mall. Yes, a mall. One of those places with which she had dreamed so much … of course, those of her town was not, even remotely, so large, luxurious and flashy, but in the same way, she dreamed every time she observed all those beautiful things displayed in the showcases of each store.Those wonderful places she saw so forbidden for her, and it wasn't that she was allowed to go for a walk in the orphanage, but at least once every quarter, when Mama Rosa was responsible for shopping for food, she always managed to include Sara on the list and take her too, was the only way she could see the world beyond those four walls she called home. The ones that, at the same time, made her feel imprisoned, excluded, segregated.And to think that she was there, and not as
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The beginning of a romance
Carlos gave instructions to the staff, reviewed the menu, drinks … everything. He fulfilled his sacred daily routine and finally went to his office. Late at night, Brian Smith appeared at the scene, a very unusual situation since he only visited Mon'tblank during the weekends, so more than one onlooker was attentive, this time he did not request ‘personalized attention’, avoiding having new conflicts with Carlos, so he preferred to keep a ‘low profile’.He ordered something for dinner, accompanied by a glass of good wine, even so, while he dined, his thoughts and, especially, his eyes were more focused on Sara than on his food.When she showed up to attend a table, she already knew about the presence of the blond, although in fact, she was excited for him, she remained as calm as possible, focused on her work. Feeling the intensity of his gaze, she turn
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Even the bitterest dessert has a pinch of sugar
On Tuesday, Sara got up very early, because she had to fulfill her part of the deal, she would live very happy in her small palace in exchange for keeping Carlos's house in perfect order and cleanliness. So, she went there and, as always, made coffee before starting her work.“Good morning, Sara.”Usually, he didn't eat breakfast, just had a cup of coffee while sitting down to review documents or just read the newspaper. At that moment his cell phone rang, but he just looked at the screen and, without answering, put the phone back in its place. Sara was curious that he did not want to answer that call, her curious mind all the options reviewed, from an unknown number to a harassing woman and, of course, the return of Caroline.The call was repeated a second occasion and for the third time, he had no choice but to answer, and although Sa
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An unexpected visit
While Brian worked, in another state, attending to some projects with the architect, Parker Edwards, his new partner, Sara managed to call him and speak to him. Although in the annex she had a telephone extension, she did not dare to use it since Carlos and Brian, they were friends for much long, she feared that he would recognize that number and she would end up betraying herself.The blond's journey lasted longer than he expected, so for the next few weeks, the conversations were constant, fluid, and fun, which strengthened the friendship between them. Since he was an educated, hard-working, charismatic and chivalrous man, he had made Sara feel especially excited about what was happening to him, but at the same time, she was afraid of having hidden part of her life, she was afraid of being rejected, she was so scared that, to calm down, she lived concentrated on her work and her goals.

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