Love Me Or Die Young

Love Me Or Die Young

By:  Mikael  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Don't do this to me please, why are you treating me like this?" She asked him but he ignored her and looked away. She attempted to draw closer to him but he gave her a stern look "Don't you dare touch me! I can't love you Lisa, how many times do I have to tell you this? I don't want you coming anywhere near me ever again....I'm in love with your sister and you know well that our wedding is few months from now. Why are you bent on spoiling our happiness?" "Stop saying that! I met you first, remember? Why do you have to treat me like trash because of her? I love you Dave, my life will not be complete without you! I've always dreamed of carrying your baby! But now you despise me because of her that stole you away from me!" She said as tears rolled down her cheeks. He couldn't utter any more word till he saw her beginning to undress while getting closer to him. Damn! She was going to seduce him with her skimpy dress that revealed too much of her huge breasts, bulging out of it. "What are you trying to do Lisa? Are you insane?" He retorted, drawing away from her reach. "Yes I'm crazy Dave, I'm crazy for you!" She replied as she got further closer to him within touching distance and before he could utter any more word or take further action against her, her lips were pressed forcefully against his as her huge breasts crashed against his hard chest!

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I coughed. And coughed again. A third cough woke me from my sleep. I groggily opened my swollen eyes. My throat was scratchy and felt swollen. My breaths wheezed in as sweat broke out across my forehead. Why was it suddenly so stinking hot in this room?I sat up too quickly and the memory of what had occurred in this room slammed back into me with the shooting pain in my side and the dull throb of my cheek. I rubbed my eyes, realizing I must have fallen asleep on the foreign bed. I stood up, my movements much slower and cautious now. A burning heat continued to torch the room as I shuffled over to the door. I wiped the sweat from my brow as I grabbed the door handle. My hand flinched back, burned by the flaming heat. A sick feeling of dread slowly began to take hold within me. Why was the room hot? Why was the door handle burning? I took a deep breath through my nose and, for the first time, realized it stunk of smoke. The house was on fire!Panic
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"Hi" I greeted him with a smile. "I um, I needed the fire department's assistance yesterday. I was stuck in a house that caught fire and I wanted to say thank you."I held out the cookies with a friendly smile. He smiled back and stepped toward me, taking them from my hands and looking inside."Well thank you, young lady. They are much appreciated. Is there a particular fireman I can address these to?"I opened my mouth but quickly closed it again. I shook my head slowly. "I didn't get his name. I was kind of, well I, I passed out."The older man chuckled. "Happens to the best of us. You know what this fella looked like?""Well he was in fireman gear." I mentally rolled my eyes at myself. I was so awkward sometimes! "He had green eyes and a British accent," I spit out in a hurry.Awareness seemed to dawn upon the man's face as a smirk slowly began to grow across his aging features. He turned his back to me and hollered into the firehouse. "R
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I walked into the apartment and glanced around silently. I didn't hear any noise inside so I gently closed the door behind me and locked it. I glanced around at the open floor plan apartment. To the right was a futon in front of a TV hanging on the wall. Beyond that were vertical blinds with a sliding glass door behind it leading out to the small, concrete patio.To the left was a small dining room with a circular table with two chairs. Behind that was a cozy, white and wood kitchen. I walked over to the table as my eyes studied the vase of red roses upon it. My fingers traced over the flowers before picking up the piece of paper on the table. It was a handwritten note in Scott's messy handwriting.Kendra-I'm sorry I blatantly failed you again. I have more remorse than I could ever write you about, baby. I know I hurt you, and the fact you were almost seriously injured killed me inside. I'm begging for your forgiveness.<
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I applied my make-up heavy, as I always did when working at Blue Hades. It wasn't my dream job. It's not like I grew up thinking I hope one day I work in a brothel. No, this job was one of necessity. That's all it was, a job. It didn't define me, or make me any worse than anyone else on this earth.I stared into my brown eyes in the mirror as I applied mascara like a pro. I curled my long, brown hair and sprayed it into place before running my fingers through the curls to give it that sexy, messy look. I never wore it this way except for when I was working at Blue Hades.I blew out a breath as I examined myself in the mirror. I tugged down on my tiny mini skirt and adjusted my slinky red top. The guys always loved red. I put a swipe of bright, red lipstick across my lips. I ran my fingers through my hair once more, trying to get as much volume as I could.I strutted down to the main living space of the house where myself and the thr
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I picked up a couple extra shifts at Kiki's the next week, trying to make up for the loss of money on Saturday night. Preston never text me any further and I had pushed him and his green eyes out of my mind.I rushed around, taking care of my tables in the middle of the week over the lunch hour when Scott came in. My smile at his appearance faded as I approached him and saw his dark shades on despite being indoors."Why do you have sunglasses on indoors?" I jokingly asked him as I reached over to take them off.He swatted my hand away. "I came here to eat, not for fashion advice."My stomach dropped as I took in the sight of him. His hair which he normally straightened and styled was curly and unkept. His jaw was set and his hands twitching slightly. He shifted on his feet as though he couldn't stand still. His clothes were baggy and he was far from the nicely dressed appearance he normally gave out.<
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I slowly sauntered toward the firehouse, internally debating if this was a brilliant idea or a completely stupid one. I placed Preston's forgotten hat atop my head as I approached the firehouse and hoped he was actually here. As I got closer, I could see him standing outside the firehouse speaking with a couple other men. One of the men had been with him at the restaurant and slapped his arm and pointed toward me. Preston turned around, a broad smile spreading across his face as his eyes looked me up and down. "That hat's never looked so good," he hollered at me in his delicious accent. "Like it?" I asked as I tipped the brim slightly. "It's new." He said his goodbyes to the men he had been talking to and walked over to me. He slid his hands across my stomach and onto my hips as he lowered his lips to my ear. "I'd like to see you in just that hat." His warm b
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I sat in our apartment alone on the futon the next day. Scott was who knows where. I had come home yesterday after my rendezvous with Preston to an empty apartment. Scott had never called or text me to tell me his whereabouts, which wasn't that unusual if he was high on drugs.I was worried about something much deeper than whether Scott was currently high on drugs or not.Had I cheated on him?I shook my head. The thought was ridiculous. I had a job which was a sexual position. I had sex with men for money. It was nothing more than a financial transaction, which was exactly what had happened between Preston and me. He had paid me for sex, like any other man did.Why did I have this guilt than? Why did I feel as though I had done something wrong? Was it because of how badly I had desired him? Or how about how I had consented to the sex before ever knowing he was a paying customer? I had wanted him before I knew he wa
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I took the bus across town to my friend, Tricia’s, apartment. I knocked at her door and she quickly opened it, a smile spreading across her face when she saw me. “Kendra!” she squealed as she wrapped me into a tight hug. “Honey, it has been too long,” she drew out in her southern accent. “Get in here girl!” She moved her petite frame to the side as she held the door open for me. I stepped into the apartment and out of the hot Florida heat. The cool air conditioning felt heavenly. She closed the door, trapping the heat out of her large apartment as she skipped happily next to me and led me over to the oversized, brown couch with bright white pillows. Her living room was at least twice the size of mine, and beautifully decorated. I never understood why she didn’t go into interior design with the natural talent she had. “So,” she drew out as sh
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I stood at the stove, cooking myself some scrambled eggs for lunch. I had rose early and Scott had driven me to get some much-needed groceries for our apartment. He had left to head to work as I put the food away and cooked for my rumbling stomach.A quick knock at the door drew my attention away from what I was doing. I walked over and opened the door to find no one there. Confused, I glanced around and noticed the note taped to our door from our landlord.I pulled it off and read the official notice our of impending eviction unless we paid our rent within the next two weeks.I angrily clutched the note in my hand as I stormed inside, throwing the door behind me, and charged toward my phone. I quickly dialed Scott’s number and he picked up within a couple rings.“Hey baby,” he said happily.“Why are we getting an eviction notice?” I shot out immediately.The line went silent for a
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I nodded my head and he immediately bent down, grabbing my butt and lifting me up. My legs straddled him as I lowered my face and kissed him. Desire coursed through my veins like it never had before as I tasted his delicious lips on mine. His mouth opened, inviting me in as he moved toward the wall, bumping my back against it. He dropped my legs as he pinned me against the wall, his hands exploring my body with an urgent need. He grabbed my shirt, pulling it over my head and making quick work of my bra as it fell to the floor. My hands went to his pants, undoing his belt and dropping his pants to the floor as he did the same to mine.

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