The Blind Luna

The Blind Luna

By:  DiaryOfDaisy  Completed
Language: English
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Annaliese is a blind shewolf with a pure heart. Kieran is the alpha king with a dark past and taste for revenge. When Annaliese found her mate, she had expected a knight in shining armor. Well, she did get the knight, just not in a shining armor. Alpha King Kieran, who already had alot on his plate couldn't be bothered about a mate, much less a weak and blind one. With the help of friends and well, enemies, Annaliese proves the whole werewolf world wrong. She proves that she can be more than just a Luna by making her disability her greatest strength. Annaliese isn't what Kieran expected. Kieran is Annaliese's worst nightmare.

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51 chapters
Chapter 1
 Welcome dear readers.  Today, we shall begin the the story of a young and blind she wolf named Annaliese Dayton.  Being one of the few blind wolves to be alive, our young lady already has enough problems dealing wi
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Chapter 2
"WHAT?!". Annaliese winces as she bites down on her lower lip. "How is he here?. What is he doing here?!", Mark screams. Honestly, that boy is a walking microphone, Annaliese thinks to herself. "So where is he?", Matt asks calmly. "Well he's at alpha Cedric's house", Eric replies. "Bet he's here to look for his mate, the poor woman", Mark laments. Not that It's his problem. I mean if you think about it, she's the mate of the most feared werewolf, she goes on with more thoughts in her head. Talk about the respect. Annaliese rolls her eyes at him and ask, "Wh
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Chapter 3
Annaliese doesn't remember how she gets home but she remembers crying herself to sleep.   She replays everything that happened in the woods last night with a broken heart.   "What did you expect Annaliese", she thinks to herself.   "You should have seen it coming".   She had told her mom what happened the night
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Chapter 4
The journey was four hours long. All Annaliese could smell is woods and water.At a point, she has the feeling thatthey passed through the mundanes territory because she could feel Alpha Kieran growling lowly. She finds out his beta is called
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Chapter 5
Finding his mate has never been Alpha Kieran's priority.Not now, not for the next hundred years yet finding her now has ruined all his plans. She's very beautiful, no doubt but he doesn't want a mate.As a matter of fact, he doesn't want to commit to someone just because it has been fated. Mate
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Chapter 6
There's nothing like being with someone that wants to be with you.Kieran has been avoiding Annaliese for two weeks. She falls into a routin to take things off her mind. Wake up, bath, eat, chat with Marian and Joycelin, sleep, wake up, go out to the clearing to think, shower for dinner and eat.

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Chapter 7
The next few days were annoying to Kieran. Quinn won't shut up about Tyler and Annaliese won't stop bothering him about going to see her family.Marian won't stop asking on her behalf either which might make him give in to her soon.The rogue alpha
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Chapter 8
"Ah beautiful lady, my name is Lucian. Wolves say i smell bad, is it true?, Because i think i smell awesome"."I'm so honored to meet you, have i mentioned you look beautiful?"."Hmmmm so radiant, so nice to meet you dear".

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Chapter 9
Kieran's expressionless eyes stare at Annaliese.He rolls her off him and stands up from the bed. A door opens and the sound of water running fills Annaliese's ears.Kieran was annoyed. He didn't know how to feel. She marked him without his permiss
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Chapter 10
Kieran can't believe he had sex with Annaliese.That was unexpected, like it was just-.What was he thinking?, just jumping in bed with her. He doesn't even love her and he definitely doesn't want to hurt her.

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