To Trap The Baby Momma【AC1】

To Trap The Baby Momma【AC1】

By:  Amethyst Storm  Ongoing
Language: English
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A drunk Eliza Harper ended up having a one-night stand with Benjamin Clayton, a powerful billionaire, after getting cheated on by her boyfriend on their one-year anniversary. The two taught that they were meant for each other until Shannon, Benjamin’s feisty ex-wife brews up a storm between the two. Will Eliza and Benjamin survive love’s hardships? ---------------------------------- “Mommy, how come I don’t have a daddy like the other kids?” Eleanor questioned her mother with her glistening bug eyes. Her mother stopped her work and stared at her lonesome daughter. Tears flowed down her face like a stream as she took her daughter in her arms. She did not know how to answer such a difficult question....

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51 chapters
Characters' Introduction
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“Why did y-you do-do this to me, Eliza?!” Benjamin broke down. His face was tightened up with rage. Eliza’s mouth was slightly left open. Sadness and shocked clouded her features. Her heart was racing as she anticipated Benjamin to say something. His question left creases on her forehead as her nerves were twisted in a knot. “What do you think, Benjamin?” Noah asked with a smirk across his face. He started taking steps further towards Benjamin whose face was red with anger and pain. “Just because you have wealth, does not mean that you can keep a woman happy. A girl needs a real man to keep her happy at night, which sadly you could not do… no wonder why she came back to me.” he mocked Benjamin, making him build up the rage inside. Noah started to laugh after he was done with his lies. He simpered as he placed his hands over Eliza’s shoulders.
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Chapter 1: A Surprise Visit
Life is all about positivity and happiness. Not everybody can achieve big things and that's why the smaller things matter too. Eliza Harper had it all, from growing up in a wealthy family to building her name in the business industry, she was living her best life.  "I think I look pretty decent," Eliza smiled at her image that she had made suitable for the special day it was. She couldn't believe it's been a whole year that Noah had proposed to her.  Read more
Chapter 2: Breakup
Eliza stayed in the kitchen to have a word with Noah, giving them both some privacy to get dressed.  She couldn't believe what she just saw. All these months, Eliza had done nothing but taken care of Noah, who had been relying on Eliza for his rent and to even pay the bills. Read more
Chapter 3: A Disastrous Meeting
It was time! It was time for a meeting... a negotiation. Eliza was an ace at this! Making companies get wowed by her own company “Harper Corp”’s contracts was like a breeze for her. She was able to get the companies representative’s signatures on the paper with the snap of her finger. It was child’s play for her. Many people from the business world admired her such skills and destined to become just like her.   She adjusted the cresses of her suit as she prepared herself to walk i
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Chapter 4: Alcohol Must Be Fun
As she was on her way home, she made the driver stop at the side of the road. The driver was confused why she made him do that as they were not even close to her house. They were not even halfway there.   “Ma’am, what happened?” the driver asked her in concern and worry. His face was radiating his confusion about Eliza’s order to stop. He saw her depressed face and got even more concerned.  Read more
Chapter 5: Sex Must Be Fun
Eliza looked at Benjamin in silence before bursting out in laughter. “Let’s do it” she said before pulling out her phone from her purse. They were ready to call Noah and give a piece of their mind.  With a click of a button, Noah’s number began to dial. Eliza and Benjamin were waiting patiently for him to pick up the call.  Read more
Chapter 6: The Mystery Guest
Benjamin was letting out moans as his length was squeezing and pushing its way into Eliza, causing him intense pleasure.   Eliza’s body was throbbing as Benjamin kept increasing the speed of his thrusts. His torso kept hitting her raised thighs.   Benjamin leaned towards her face and gave her another wet kiss. She wrapped her hands around his waist but the constant movement kept breaking it. She fin
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Chapter 7: Love In The Air?
Eliza was in shock as her eyes were met with the same guy who she let into her body. The same guy that rocked the bed that they were in. As she stared into his dark brown eyes, her mind was filled with his moves on her. The meditation she put herself through to clear her mind was all put to waste as Benjamin’s face took over her.   She wanted to run to him and into his arms. She wanted to feel his touch once again and stay close to him.   <
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Chapter 8: Meant To Be or Not To Be?
As Eliza and Benjamin were left alone in the room, the two could not keep away from each other. They walked up close to each other, feeling as excited as they could.  “So… you are the CEO of Minwall, huh?” Eliza asked as she caught hold of his tie, twirling it around her finger.  “And you work
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