My Girlfriend is Mafia Queen! (Book 4)

My Girlfriend is Mafia Queen! (Book 4)

By:  sprachi12  Completed
Language: English
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I and Ella have been in love with each other since 6 years old. She was my princess and I knew she will rule my heart like a queen when we will grow old. I am smart, brave, and very over-protective of the person whom I love. I love the concept of saving the damsel in distress. . . But then everything went down the hill when I discovered who my girlfriend is. My Girlfriend had kept one of the biggest truths of her life from me. My Girlfriend was never a damsel in distress. My Girlfriend is Mafia Queen!

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63 Chapters
Chapter 1: Boyfriend & Girlfriend
Author Note: Dear Readers, Since English is not my first language, there will be tons of grammatical mistakes. Please continue reading this book only if you don't have any issue with that. Rest I could guarantee you that you won't get bored with the storyline. The following are my books which are completed until now if interested do give a look over them.   Her Unloved Mate Her Chosen Mate Purchased By The Mafia Can't Help Falling in Love My Bride is Not a Human Chosen By An Alpha My Girlfriend
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Chapter 2: Please Save Me.
No one’s POV.Read more