FIND ME: A Love Through Eternity (ENGLISH VERSION)

FIND ME: A Love Through Eternity (ENGLISH VERSION)

By:  Jessica Adams  Completed
Language: English
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WARNING: [R-18] STORY WITH EXTREMELY EXPLICIT/MATURE CONTENT When Ara met the most annoying man on earth, Daniel, she actually met the man of her dreams. Her knight in shining armor who's willing to protect her, no matter what. They might be like cats and dogs, but he fields her life with roses and soon, thorns. Thorns when she has to let go of him and accept the fact that the love that they feel for each other is not for them to share for life but for eternity.

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    52 chapters
    THE wholeness of the surrounding is white and Ara quickly felt a kind of happiness that she had never felt in her whole life. It feels so good and there seems to be no reason for her to be sad.  That was the kind of emotion that immediately touched her heart when her foot stepped on that place.  "Am I in heaven already?" that was what she whispered asking a question as she continued to look around.  She was in such a scene when she noticed a figure that seemed familiar to her.  Ara's blue and round eyes widened as she tried to recognize the man who is now approaching where she is standing. And then from the seemingly white smoke, he came out. Then her visual of the man became very vivid.  "D-Daniel?" she whispered again along with the rapid throbbing of indescribable pleasure in her heart.  A beautiful smile tore at Daniel's lips. A
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    IT is the first day of class for the first semester of that school year. And because he is a transferee, Daniel's irregular student status at the university he moved to Manila is automatic.  "Be careful driving, good luck on your first day!" his sister Danica happily told him.  Daniel just laughed softly then kissed his sister on the cheek who is still eating breakfast. "All right sister, you also have to be careful when you go through your papers. Maybe it would be better if you include Salyn, she knows better here in Manila," he reminded Danica.  "Okay," Danica replied briefly with a smile. After that, he left her.  Daniel did not have a hard time traveling even if it was the first day of school. Maybe because he left the house early.  Just as he had anticipated, his sister Danica will continue to fly to New York. And as expected, he would be left alon
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