Along Pangasinan

Along Pangasinan

By:  thatsdarcey  Ongoing
Language: English
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Some people say, high school life is great but for Joycelyn Lopez it was a misery. A young girl, from Pangasinan Philippines who experienced bullying. For her, school is hell because of people bullying her looks and skin ever since elementary, that is why she is full of insecurities in herself... but not until she met Dave, a transferee guy who came from the United States of America A well-mannered, a son of the City Mayor, living in upper-class life and a boy who fall stupidly in love in her. Dave didn’t know he would fall in love crazy to the girl, ever since he was in America, girls are going crazy over him. But when he went to the Philippines, the tables have turned. Of course, Dave shoots her shot to Joy. They became together because they think they would find peace with each other; never thought they will make misery for themselves.

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20 chapters
"After the concert here at Coachella, we will go home. I’m very tired of your series of concerts. When we get home, you will sign an advertising contract. Maybe, I will just request after a week or two the shoots. Since we just came home then. So you can rest." Hance said, my manager while handling the green satin puff sleeve dress that I will wear next in performance. He look at me in the mirror at the vanity table.  I was busy applying eyeshadow and self-grooming. I just let him mention what I will do in the next few days. I’ve also been here for a week at Coachella, today is my last day and it's my concert. I was planning to go around the place but I’m only given a short time. As Hance said, we went home after my concert. I'm tired and I want to rest but I still need to pack my things for the flight. He just booked and we will leave later. We didn't put our clothes in the suitcase perfectly, because we are in a hurr
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"I nominate Joycelyn Lopez as muse." Said one of my classmates.I was immediately taken aback when I heard my classmates giggle. Our teacher barely cared or just laughed at what was happening in the room. The nominated president is busy writing the name of the nominated muse in class."Is that all?" The president asked innocently while my classmates continued to giggle."No more, is there anything more to Joyce's beauty? Close it." My classmate replied.Until the end of the polls, my classmates continued to giggle, I did not speak because I will just be annoyed and cry because I can do nothing to mold their crooked brains. Eventually, I just sighed.In grade 10, my classmates have been making fun of me for years because of my appearance. I can't deny it because it's true, this is how I was born. What can I do? I also don't have enough money to fix my face. Even the school allowance is still on loan
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I immediately went to the classroom after I said that to Alex, I don't know why my attitude is bad today or I just really don't like the people around me. I feel like, everyone around me will make fun of me."Hi, Miss. Do you know where is the classroom of grade 10 section b?" I nodded."Yes, actually I am your classmate."A smile flashed on his lips at what I said. I just turned my back on him and continued walking towards our room."Great, I just have to follow you. Don’t feel strange okay! I'm not a bad person.""You look like a bad person." I commented.He does not look like a bad person, he is handsome because maybe he has a foreign race. I also don’t know what’s the basis of being handsome, is it because he is white and clean or just because I see him well in my eyes?"And you are mean."I ignored what he said because it was true. I don’t inte
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After Dave bought all the goods, we went home with Tyra, mama was very happy that we sell all the goods. I thought Dave was just joking, that person likes to joke."Is that your boyfriend, Joy?" Tyra asked causing me to choke on the soft drinks I was drinking.When I was feeling well, I stared at her."You punk, that's not my boyfriend." I said, she raised her eyebrows signaling that she doesn't believe what I was saying. "Yeah, he's handsome. But you think he'll hit on me?""You know he likes you--""I don't know about you, you're just making issues with everything." I complained, she just laughed.A few days later, our teacher started to give us a lot of school works, that's why Sirius and I became closer. He gave all of his assignments and activities to me. That's not a problem for me because he immediately gives the payment with the listed activities that I need to do so I can n
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"Do you have anything to do right now?"I nodded at his question, I will help mama as I usually do when there is no class."You?" I asked.His eyes widened, eventually he grinned."You are very interested in my life." He said and laughed."You too... you are very interested in my life." I raised an eyebrow, teasing him.He was stunned by what I said and bit his lip. I looked at him, but I also immediately avoided looking."I’ll just wander around the market, I didn’t go with Alexa's horse riding anymore, I'm lazy.""You’re going for a walk... in the market?" I asked then laughed. I could feel him looking at me.I can not believe what he’s saying, in all places he thought of the market. I don’t know what’s in the market and why that’s what he wants."Why? It's good in the market!" He defended. I shook my head.
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"Are you sure you don't want me to buy you something?" He asked.I shook my head, it’s a little embarrassing because we only got closer this year. He and Syrien are the only ones who I often talk to at school."Nothing. Maybe just water from abroad." I laughed at my joke. He frowned, wondering what I was saying. "Isn’t the water there makes people whiter?""Your skin is okay, it suits you." I pouted. Disagreeing with what he said. I don't like the color of my skin because I look dirty even though I just got myself cleaned."I look like I'm always dirty." I said while looking at my skin color on my arm."I don't think so." He commented.Our conversation stopped when a van arrived not far from our house, that was the van that took him here earlier. I accompanied Dave to their van."I'm going home... and advance merry christmas!" He greeted before getting into the van.
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Fortunately, the school guard still let us in even though we're late, maybe because it's foundation day.When we entered the school, we had a flag ceremony first and the school principal made a speech. The grade eight students also had an intermission dance. Then they let us explore the booths we want to go to."Shouldn't we eat first?" I asked, because they looked excited to try the booths. Especially Syrien."We just ate at your house, Joy!" Said Dave. I sneered."I brought biscuits here, is that okay?" Syrien asked me, I shook my head."I have food in my bag, but I don't know where are we going to eat." I said while looking around, there's a lot of people."Maybe we can stop at the Jail booth then we'll eat. That is possible, right?" Syrien asked innocently while looking at the Jail booth."Them let them arrest you! It's just a waste of five pesos bail." Dave sai
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I smiled, I could feel the heat on my cheek because of the shyness I felt. I don't know what to say.Fortunately, Tyra lent me some of her make up, so I could fix myself. I often watch her in our house putting on make up, so somehow I know how to do it myself."Are you nervous?" He teased, I tightened the grip on his hand."It’s my first time." I'm embarrassed. "You too, you look good. You look more like a human." I teased too, he blushed.He’s wearing a red blazer with white longsleeve underneath and red neck tie, partnered with red slacks. He’s the only one wearing a different color of tuxedo so lots of people are looking at our place."Wew." He commented.I averted my eyes from him, it’s my first time a male friend complimented me. Besides Tyra and my family. It makes me feel overwhelmed and boosts my self-esteem as a woman, and also it makes me uncomfortable too, almost everyone around me are mocking me I can’t help but doubt what he’s saying,
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I don't know what to say about him admitting his feelings towards me, should I feel the same way about him? What if I don’t ? What if I can't really have feelings for him?It’s the first time someone praised me and confessed how they feel about me. I'm not used to it, honestly. I don’t know if I should doubt them or feel happy.I sighed at him and averted my gaze. I still can’t speak, I don’t know what to say."I didn't ask you to feel the same way, it's not your responsibility, Joy. I'm not your responsibility, I just want to inform you... what I feel... for you." He said, I felt him hold my hand again, I just let him hold my hand."I know we're still young for something like this and I know you still doubt what I'm showing... I understand. I understand because of the people around you who have done nothing but bad things to you." He said, sincerly. I smiled.I took a deep breath and looked at him. Our eyes met, I could see the worry in his eyes.Read more
I immediately pulled him over when I was able to go to him, fortunately he did not get beaten badly because he might not be able to attend school the next day. The teacher came to our place and she talked to Dave and my classmate, I was nervous about his situation, he might get sent to the guidance councilor and he won’t be able graduate because of this incident."Are you okay? Why did you hit him?" I preached, he didn't looked at me and he was just busy wiping his lips. "You think, you're so brave for doing that! You know we're going to graduate next month, we need a good moral in senior high school." I told him in annoyance, but he didn't seem to mind it."Are you okay? The ball hit you hard. Did your brain got shaken? You won’t be good at math anymore!" He said jokingly, I slapped him on the arm causing him to get hurt."I don't know about you." I said, irritatingly, but even though I’m annoyed, I couldn't help but to worry about him."I'm fine, don't
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