Keeping to the Family

Keeping to the Family

By:  Kat Thomas  Completed
Language: English
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Bailey finds herself in a different situation with a friend she had known her entire life. They find a new type of friendship as they find new things about each other. They also find out after a week together that their parents, who were best friends while their kids were growing up but they had recently divorced, All got remarried to the their friends partner. Leaving Bailey and Max step-siblings and partners. When they decided to really keep it to the family.

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34 Chapters
   The two family’s had always been close. Bailey Everleigh never thought too much about it until the summer that everything changed. She had been raised with her own family, and theirs was always nearby as well. They did almost everything together. She had always thought it was because both were large families. They understood the way things were done in them that people who didn’t have eight-plus kids could never.The day she moved out of her parent's house was the day she had broken free from the pack. She had watched the rest of them all end up running back to the fold. She swore she would never. Out of the seventeen kids from the two families, she was the third youngest, with only two from the other family younger than her. Ana and Lance, and she was older than then by six years or so. At least that was between her and Lance, who was the youngest.They had been family to her for most of her life. She had thought o
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  Months later, well after the bombshell that was dropped to all the children of the two families, everyone went their own ways for once. There were hardly any phone calls. No one seemed to want to see each other. Small talk, if they ran into each other, was kept short and to the point. Bailey was finally happy with everything.The new job she got was paying off, and she loved what she was doing. Though it wasn’t all that tough, she knew she was helping make a difference in things. She could find the balance in her life that she had always strived for. Life was good.That was until she got home on a Friday night and saw a card in the mail addressed to her. It wasn’t a holiday or her birthday, so she was slightly confused. She went into the house and then sat it down on the counter. She looked at it and knew without a doubt the hand that wrote it. She wondered what the hell her mother was up to now.When she opened the card,
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  Bailey watched the other group for a bit, and then she went on to dance with a few guys that asked. She was having a good time, and though she was drinking only soda, she was starting to feel the heat in the club as it was getting hotter with the night going on. A few hours later, she was sitting down when a slow song came on, and she looked over to see Max’s eyes widen and then he looked to her. That was her sign.She got up and walked over as she saw the other woman who was trying to be like a shirt to him with the way she was hanging on him. Bailey smiled at him as she walked up, “Max?” she asked in a louder voice. Gavin wasn’t there at the table, and as far as she knew didn’t know she was there. The woman turned and glared at her.“He’s busy.” She said as she looked over Bailey.“Bay.” He said as he took a step back. “I thought that was you.”<
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  Rounding the wall and going into the main open area of the house, she knew he was right behind her. He wasn’t acting like himself, and it was confusing her for a bit. He touched her shoulder, and she stopped walking and then turned to look at him. He didn’t miss a beat in her moving as he then bent down and lifted her in his arms with his hands under her thighs. To steady herself, she wrapped her legs around him quickly. “Now that is a good girl.” He said as he then pressed her into the wall.“Max?” she said as his mouth went to her neck. He was nipping at it in a way that she loved, and she let her head dip back.“forget everything.” He said as he continued to work on her neck. “We haven’t known each other for years.”“But.” She started to say, and then he covered her mouth and took her words away.“Just feel.” He said wh
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  She looked up from her place on the floor. She licked her lips again, and he saw it. She reached up a bit and took his hard cock on her hand. She then moved herself a bit to become more level with it. She then took the head in her mouth. She liked sucking cock. She had been told that she was really good at it. His intake of breath told her that was what he had wanted from her.She looked up to him. His hand was now brushing her hair out of the way as he laced his fingers with her hair. She only had the tip in her mouth as she began to use her tongue around the head. “God.” He said softly, but it echoed throughout the room. She sucked hard for a minute then released it with a wet pop of her mouth. She then ran the length with her tongue out. Letting him see everything she was doing. He groaned a bit as he watched her work around his cock.She then settled back down on her knees and sucked on his balls for a minute
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   She reached into the basket that was next to her bed. She pulled out a few different vibrators. She then stayed in the position she was in. She had her ass in the air and towards him. He watched as she turned on one of the vibrators and then began to place it as it ran down the slit. She was using it to get her clit nice and swollen, so when she turned and used the other one inside her, it would make her cum harder.Watching this was hard, but he wanted nothing more. Her tits were on a pillow as she widened her legs a bit more. He couldn’t not touch her. She rubbed her ass that was in the air. He could see her pussy getting slicker and slicker with her wetness. He ran his finger down the slick and then placed it in his mouth. “You taste good. I wish I hadn’t waited for this. Better than candy.”“You want to help me?” She asked as she looked over her shoulder.
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    He pushed into her again as she lifted herself to be on all fours in front of him. he had her hips gripped, and then he moved one to hold on to her hair. He pulled her to sit up even more as he wrapped her hair around his hand and then released it as he reached around her to hold on to one of her tits. He was grinding his hips into her ass still as his cock was buried deep into her pussy. His hand on her hip also reached around and then began to flick her clit. She leaned back on his chest, her head resting on his shoulder.“Watch as I fuck you.” He said as he moved her head to look at the mirror that was in the corner of the room. “Watch as I play with your clit, baby. I want you to cum on my cock soon.” He increased the pressure on her clit as his cock was moving in her. He was thrusting himself into her hard. Though he was cushioned a bit by he
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   When the light of the morning started to bathe the room in light, she blinked her eyes open and found her pillow moving slightly. She lifted her head and looked at him. The night before wasn’t a dream that she had because she had seen him again. He was there, and they had completely fucked the hell out of each other.She looked down at his face. It was something she had known her entire life. Though she was seeing him in a completely different light right now. He didn’t move, but then his hand found the back of her head. “Good morning, my sweet.” And he brought her to him and kissed her sweetly.“So is it just at night you turn into an animal?” she asked as she chuckled.“Oh no,” he said with a smile. “I just thought maybe a nice good morning before we decide to use each other again.”“Max, what happened last night?
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  She was still slumped in bed when he moved and pulled on his pants. He looked back at her and smiled as he went out to the main living area and started to fish through her refrigerator and pantry to find something to make for breakfast. He was working when she walked out of the bedroom and looked at him. “I thought you left.”“Really?” he asked as she turned around. “You think I am that callous?”“I don’t know, Max.” she said, “I mean, you were the most distant of the rest of them when we were growing up.”“Wow.” He said as he smiled, “Did you ever think maybe it was you?”“What?” she asked as she looked at him, puzzled.“That maybe I was attracted to you, but I was supposed to think of you some family member?” he said.“Max,” she said as she laughed a bit.“Th
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   Later in the day, as the two sat on the couch after they went out to get his car and some clothes from his place, including a suit. He started to laugh, “Did you really have to ride me while my brother was on the phone?”“Yes.” She replied as she smiled. “I thought you would get a kick out of it in more ways than one.”“I don’t mind one bit, but he was so confused, and now he has probably told all of our brothers and half of yours.” Max laughed. “Gavin is not known for being quiet on things.”“I know that.” She said. “I am also guessing that both yours and my brothers won’t believe him either. I mean, he said his girlfriend was super hot. If that was her at the club, I think someone should have his eyes checked.”“Bailey.” He said as he chuckled. “That isn’t nice
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