Married To A Manwhore

Married To A Manwhore

By:  Amirablessing  Completed
Language: English
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EVA SAMUEL:- A 20years old University student. She's got round blue eyes and an oval shape face, she's got all the curves in the right place. She promised to keep herself for her future husband only, but unexpectedly she falls in love with a final student. Falling in love is not a bad thing, but what will she do when she finds out she fell for the wrong person? Can her little heart bear all the hurt he'll cause her? FREDERICK RUSSELL:- A final year student at a university and also the only son of Richard Russell, he's the heir to THE RUSSELL EMPIRE. Frederick is a guy with the bad boy vibes, he's 6ft3, has gray eyes and tan skin, he's got strong muscles and Abs. All his life he's being a player, a heartbreaker, he never settles for one. He's forced to get married just to inherit his father's company and vowed to torture his wife. But what will he do when he later discovered that he's in love with the woman he hurt the most? Will she be able to forgive him?

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79 chapters
Chapter 1
  (He married me                                     But love me not)                 Chapter 1       Love at first sight  EVA'S POV  "Earth to Eva!" A bang on the table brought me back to reality. I looked at my best friend (Aubrey) and pass her a shy smile, I look around, luckily no one is looking our way.  "Did you heard a word of what I just said?" She asked. I shake my head. She sighed and glared at me, I know why she's glaring at me. Aubrey hates to repeat her words, and the surprising part of it is that she loves talking a lot. I mean A LOT!. "I know you didn't hear me, how many tim
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Chapter 2
  (He married me                                     But loves me not )                   Mr Rude Eva My gaze follow the hand to the guy's face. I noticed he's that guy from the restaurant, I feel my heart skip and start to beat abnormally. Looking at him up close, he looked more handsome. With his shape jawline, square face and gray eyes. My gaze falters to his chest, his muscles bulging out and his athletic physique.  This are exactly my sperk. He removes his hand from the handle of the taxi, and stands up straight to his full height, which I guess to be 6ft3. His shadow towers over me, which makes my 5ft2 very short. His gray eyes pie
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Chapter 3
(He married me                                     But loves me not)   The unexpected news Fred Russell's Mansion.....I was in the restaurant eating with my friends when I got a text from my dad, asking me to come home. I text him back that wasn't gonna come, but he said something that set me off.So I board the first taxi I saw and head straight home.That stupid girl almost delayed my trip back home, she's lucky I didn't have the time to teach her a lesson. She should pray to heaven that we should never cross paths again.It's 7:15pm and I just arrived at my parents mansion. I ring the doorbell and waited for a few minutes, before my Mom open the door. A smile spread on my face when she sees me and quickly pull
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Chapter 4
  (He married me                                      But loves me not )         Surprise encounter  Eva The Samuel's resident... Later in the evening. I walked out of my bathroom with my pajamas already on, I climbed onto my bed and cover myself with my blanket. I looked at the small alarm clock on my nightstand, it's 7:20pm. I'm still at my parent's residence. Mom insisted I stayed here until tomorrow, when Fred and his parents would come. I hardly have memories of Fred and I when we were still kids, I wonder if he'll even remember my name. Right at that moment, a knock on my door brings me back to reality. The door open and my mom step in, her usual gentle smile on her fa
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Chapter 5
    (He married me                                       But loves me not )        ☠️ Heartless Fredrick ☠️ Fredrick  Samuel residence..... I reluctantly enter the house, I don't wanna come here but dad forced, so he shouldn't blame me for breaking the poor girl's heart. What I didn't expect is to see that stupid, ugly girl I saw yesterday when I was trying to get a taxi. "You?!" I exclaimed when I see that stupid girl. Don't tell me this is the girl I'm engaged to. I stared down at her with narrowed eyes, I was hoping I'd never cross paths with her again. She dared challenge me because of a taxi, hmm. I gue
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Chapter 6
(He married me                                  But loves me not)EvaFred and I walk back into my parent's house, they have finished talking and it seems like they were waiting for our return."Finally you guys are back!" Mrs Russell said."Did you two have fun?" My mom asked."Yes, Aunty!" Fred said quickly.I stare at him with my mouth wide open. Fun he said? When I was trying to start a conversation, when I was asking him questions he didn't answer any of them, all I got from him was a scolding. Now he's lying!I continue to stare at the way he told the lie fluently. He meets my stare with a challenging glare, I couldn't hold up his gaze, so I waver away.Fred's parents stand up from their seats."So, we
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Chapter 7
  (He married me                                    But loves me not) Eva Fred's penthouse.... Sometime around midnight... I jerk up from the bed when I feel something heavy, or I'd say someone, fall on me. "Ouch!" I hear a female voice exclaims in pain. A female? I didn't see any female when I came in this evening. Just then the lights flicked on and I'm met with a very angry Fred, I try my possible best to avoid his angry gaze. I take a peek at the woman next to him. She put gorgeous to shame, her proclean skin glittering, her small pink lips pouts as she rubs her back. Who is she? Then I remembered Fred told me before going out, that he'll come with his girlfr
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Chapter 8
  (He married me                                        But love me not )EVA "Mr John, please let me take the test" I plead with Mr John.Because of that beast I arrived late and I missed the test by just two minutes. I wonder why Mr John would choose today of all days to hold a test. "No, Eva. I don't hold my test twice, you had a chance and you missed it" Mr John's tone held finality.But me, Eva Samuel is not a quitter. I'm gonna pest him until he agrees to give me a make up test."Mr John....""Eva!" He called me in a scolding tone. "There's no way I can help you even if I wanted to. The school has rules and I can't bend the rules just because you arrived late, I'm sorry Eva but you've failed t
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Chapter 9
   (He married me                                       But loves me not )               Eva "Noooooo!"  I screamed but it's already too late, his pants and boxer are down. I turn away from him abruptly. "Bloody hell!! What in hell's name did you do, ugly?"  I laughed hard and turn around, completely forgetting Fred is standing stake naked behind me. My eyes moved from his chest down to his lower body, that's when I realized the reason I turned away from him in the first place. I quickly turn away again. Why is the living room suddenly too small? I feel heat all over my body and beads of sweat forming on my forehead. I know it's
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Chapter 10
 (He married me               but love me not)              EvaThe silence in the car is soul shattering. Fred drive silently, his focus on the road, but a wicked smirk plays on his lips. Which sends bad shivers into my body, I play with my fingers nervously.I don't understand why I get this feeling that Fred and I coming to school at the same time won't do me any good.I had suggested that I'll take the bus, but he didn't agree.What could be his plan?.We'll be arriving at another bus stop soon, maybe I should try again if he'll stop the car. "Ermm... F-fred?" I called him quietly, almost too quietly."Yes, darling!" He pass me an overly sweet smile.I men
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