The Alpha King's Hated Slave

The Alpha King's Hated Slave

By:  Kiss Leilani  Completed
Language: English
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WARNING!!Matured Contents here! Matured book! This book is rated 18+ there are lots of séxual gratifications, slavery, violence and hate that might make you uncomfortable at every turn. Read at your own risk.*******King Lucien hates her more than anything in the world, because she is the daughter of the King who killed his family and enslaved him, and his people.He made her his slave. He owns her, and he will pay her back in spades, everything her father did to him. And her father did a lot. Scarred him into being the powerful but damaged monster King he is.A King who battles insanity every single day.A King who hates—LOATHES—to be touched.A King who hasn't slept well in the past fifteen years.A King who can't produce an heir to his throne.Oh, will he make her pay.But then again, Princess Danika is nothing like her father. She is different from him. Too different.And when he set out to make her pay, he was bound to find out just how different she is from her father.*********A love that rose from deep-rooted hatred. What exactly does fate have in-store for these two?Aree you as interested in this ride as I am!?Then, fasten up your seatbelts. We're going on a bumpy ride!

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304 Chapters
************************ Exempt from the story.  ************************   "Stríp." He ordered, his voice cold.   Danika has mentally prepared herself for this night but being faced by it, had fear coursing through her.   "Please..." She snapped her mouth shut, knowing she just made a mistake.   Like a panther, he stalked closer to her and yanked her hair so hard, her head snapped with so much force, she heard a crack. She bit her lips to keep from crying out from the pain.   There was no remorse in his eyes. Only hàtred so raw, it chilled her. "You either strip or I call the guards to help you."   Her hands went to the neck of her robe and she started untying the ropes that held the clothing together.   Undressed completely, she allowed the robe to fall to the ground.    Her hands trembled
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    Danika huddled down on her cell. Empty cold cell.    She has been here for one week. She craves outside....anywhere. Anywhere at all, that's not this cold barren space. Only one bonk bed occupied the side of the room.   She hasn't seen her captor in the past week and that was the time he walked up to her, staring at her with the coldest eyes she has ever seen as he reached around her neck and collared her.   His slave. His property. He'd called her.   A chill went down Danika's arms. She has never seen a hàtred more raw before, in anybody's eyes.    King Lucien hated her. So much.   Danika knows the reason more than anybody. Oh, does she know this.   One week ago, she was Princess Danika. Daughter of King Cone of Mombana. She was feared and respected.    No one dares look a
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  Danika was finally taken away from her cage immediately after the King's visit. She saw places again that isn't her cold barren cage and it made her feel better.   But her heart still beat faster whenever she remembered the reason she was taken out of her cell for the first time in one week.   She was put in a bath and the maids bathed her, just like the King instructed. Funny, that maids will bathe a slave.    But then again, it's not surprising if the slave's destination is the King's bed.   She was bathed. Three maids attended to her. One of them, the oldest named Baski was the one in charge.   They loosened her hair and combed out the tangles, leaving the hair in a long, curly mess afterward. The clothes they had her put on, made Danika cringe.   It was barely a clothing, she might as well be naked. A red leather skirt that barely left
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  His cold eyes finally met hers. "You, Danika, might not be enough, but you'll do. Now, remove your underthings."    Danika's ears still rang from everything he said to her. Her eyes still stung with tears. Why did her father have to do all these? Why did he have to be addicted to gaining power?   Her hands trembled as she removed her underthings, leaving her completely naked in front of him.   Tonight, she'll lose her virginity in the cruelest way, in the hands of the coldest man she has ever known.   But she'll bear it with dignity. She is a princess. No...she was a Princess. She was born with regality, trained to carry herself with pride and to be a proper lady.   But, this is her fate now. A fate she can't escape. She raised her chin and awaited his next command.   "Get on to the bed. Facedown. Legs spread." There was no expression in h
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  A knock came to the door and King Lucien gave approval for entry. Baski entered, "I have gotten her to her room and I have also---"   "I don't need the details, Baski. I don't care." He stated curtly, scribbling down on the scroll.   "Yes, your highness," Baski said immediately.   "How's Remeta?"   Baski's eyes softened at the mention of her daughter. "She's doing fine, your Majesty. Her ears still don't do no good but she's doing better."   He raised his head, "How old is she now?"   "Fifteen, your highness."   King Lucien lowered his head.    Tears burned the back of Baski's eyes. She knows what the king is thinking, because that is her thoughts every day.   Her daughter is too young to go through what she went through in the hands of the Mombana kingdom. Remeta will never re
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    The next morning, Danika got her slave uniform. A short gown that stopped just after the knees.    She put it on and made her hair. She was taking away early to the slave mines. The mines are mostly where slaves work day and night, helping to extract valuable minerals from the ground.   Danika saw none of her people as she walked, only the low-borns of Salem. What did the King do with the people of Mombana? She asked herself again.   When she started down the route to the mines, all eyes were on her. Even in a slave uniform, she looked royalty.    That regalia and pride surrounded her. She walked like a lady she was trained to be, her stance screaming royalty.    She doesn't do this intentionally at all. Royalty is her blood....just like the king's even when he was still a slave.    If not for the slave unifor
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SOMEWHERE IN SALEM.   "Get the big bowl, Sally dear." The older woman's voice came from the sitting room.   "Coming, Mrs. Menah." Sally carried the big bowl to the living room, and the older woman took it gratefully.   "Come, join us eat." Mrs. Menah gave her a kind smile.   "In a minute, Mrs. Menah." Sally went back to the kitchen. She sat down on the small chair there, her eyes looking around, taking in her surrounding.   She's been here for a few days over one week. These good old couples she was giving to are the kindest of people. They treat her right as if she's a member of their family when she's only their helping hand.   She's no longer a slave, but a help. Now, she gets paid for the simplest things. This is the best life ever for a girl that was born a slave. She's supposed to be happy.   But she's not. Not at all.  
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    The crowd cheered King Phillip on as he announced that he wanted to take Danika first.    Danika swallowed down the panic and humiliation she's feeling and tried to detach herself from the present.    When the king started playing with the strap of her flimsy top, she wanted to scream 'No' but the words caught on her throat, and couldn't get past it. She took steps backward without knowing that she moved.    His displeasure showed on his face. His hand shot out to her chain collar and he dragged her back. "Behave," he commanded curtly.   Danika nodded, not wanting more punishment to befall her.    He let go of her straps, but instead, he dipped his hand under her short skirt. He caressed her underwear, and Danika felt like vomiting.   "Get the clothes outta the way, Phillip. We've got to see." Moreh grunted, t
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    Danika kept clutching and following him as they walked out of the Royal Court until he got to his chambers and walked into it.   Alone with her, he locked the door. Turned and faced her, more formidable than ever.   "Thank you so much f---" She began.   "To the table. Do not lie on it. Just give me your back." He commanded in a curt voice, his expressionless darker than ever.   Danika did what he said, her body shaking with the adrenaline of what almost happened in the court...what he saved her from.   She was all too grateful to do what he asked. She held the table with trembling hands and closed her eyes.   He came up behind her and worked her finger into her experimentally. He frowned harder because she's not wet, not even from all the erotic plays in the Royal Court.   Danika doesn't know where he produce
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  "Someone wants to see you, Your Highness." Chad announced, coming into Lucien's room.   He was tying up the imperial letters he's finished writing. He looked up to Chad, "Who is it?"   Chad shifted uncomfortably. "She refused to leave. We've tried everything possible to get the girl to go but she refused, saying she must see the King. She's adamant and very persistent."   "Mmh..." Lucien rubbed his jaw in thought and frowned. Then, he got up and took strides towards the door, "Let me see who this girl is."   Chad followed him and together, they walked through the big halls of the Royal Palace towards the entrance of it.    Servants and maids bowed to him as he passed, and some threw out their greetings respectively.   Once he entered the hallway that led to the entrance, he heard the commotion. The guards forcing a girl to leave and the gi
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