The CEO's Addiction To Love

The CEO's Addiction To Love

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Charlotte Simmons was not just betrayed by her fiancé, who cheated on her with a mistress. Her family business was also taken from her, and she was tricked into sleeping with a stranger on her wedding night. She eventually gave birth to a stranger's child! Her fiancé used her adultery as an excuse to dump her in public, making her the laughing stock of the city. That night, Charlotte Simmons drank herself to oblivion and vowed to seek revenge. However, when she woke up, she found herself lying in Zachary Connor’s bed! She was even more surprised when Zachary asked her to marry him! "Marry me and I’ll make you shine." Who was Zachary Connor? He was known as the emperor of darkness and he also happened to be filthy rich! There were rumors that he was gay. Well, who cared? He was a douchebag anyway, so she decided to go along just so she could punish him for his behavior! They signed and made their marriage official. From then on, Charlotte Simmons got ready and started her plan to torment Zachary Connor. After tormenting him, she knocked on his door that night and said, "Mr. Connor, I want a divorce." However, the next day, Charlotte Simmons walked out of the room with a pale face. "How dare you try to leave when you’re already mine?"

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1425 Chapters
Chapter 1 Who Is That Man?
On their wedding night, the room was filled with roses. Charlotte sat by the bed as she stared at the wedding photos she and Bryson had taken. Tonight was supposed to be their wedding night, but she would not be sleeping with Bryson later. Someone flipped the switch and all the lights went out in an instant. The room had gone completely dark. Boom! The door was kicked open. Charlotte could vaguely see a tall black figure charging toward her. At that moment, Charlotte felt as if she was being crushed by an iceberg that was pressing down on her. The cold, powerful pressure of the figure was suffocating her. "Ah!" A pair of powerful hands pressed Charlotte's shoulders, and she was pushed to the ground by a strong force... Tears flowed down Charlotte’s face as she bit her lip tightly. She was willing to do this for Bryson! It was only one time, but Charlotte successfully conceived a child. Ten months later, she found herself in a hospital delivery room. This was C
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Chapter 2 An Affair
Charlotte and Bryson had a beach villa on the Platinum Coast, where they were going to move after their wedding. She had seen hundreds of houses with Bryson before finally choosing this place. Bryson had been extremely patient and kind to her during the process. The interior of the villa had been completely designed based on Bryson's preferences. The door of the villa was wide open, but the guard stopped Charlotte from entering. "Miss Simmons, you cannot enter. Please stop right there." In the past, the guard had always called Charlotte "Mrs. Harper" or "Madam Harper", but he just called her "Miss Simmons" now. Charlotte insisted on entering the villa. "This is my house. I can come back whenever I want. Let me in." "Miss Simmons..." The guard grabbed her arm reluctantly. "You’ve always been nice to me, and I don't want to see you like this, but I have no choice. Mr. Harper specifically ordered us not to let you in when he returned home not too long ago." Bryson had return
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Chapter 3 The Notorious Mr. Connor
Charlotte started trembling. She still remembered how Bryson had begged for her help on their wedding night. "Bryson, tell me... Tell me what she said isn’t true..." Charlotte looked at Bryson's eyes like a drowning woman clutching at straws. Bryson nodded and said, "Charlotte, I'm sorry."Charlotte's tears, which had been welling up in her eyes, could not stop flowing down her face. Bryson was an egotistical, proud man. Charlotte had never seen him set his pride aside and beg for anything. That was the only time Bryson had ever begged her. It turned out that he had done it for Tiffany... "Bryce, I'm cold." Tiffany's voice was pure and pleasant. At that moment, Charlotte burst into tears. Though Bryson felt bad for her, he obviously cared about Tiff even more. He did not look at Charlotte again as he wrapped his arms around Tiffany. "Tiff, let's get in the car." Charlotte would be an idiot if she still could not understand what the relationship between Bryson and
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Chapter 4 Marry Me
"Who are you? Is this your... home? Why did you... save me?" Charlotte sat up in a panic, her head filled with questions. She had found herself in a stranger’s bed, and she was no longer wearing the clothes she had been wearing before. She was in a baggy white man's shirt. The man looked away calmly and said, "Miss Simmons, please be careful." "..." Charlotte suddenly realized what was going on and quickly wrapped her arms around her body in a panic. The man had already turned his back to her, but even so, his strong aura still terrified her. At that moment, a ray of golden light shone on Charlotte's legs. It was reflected off a business card made of pure gold, and there was a name and various titles engraved in the glossy red metal. The name engraved on the card was "Zachary"! Wait a minute! This was the CEO of the Hathaway Group, Zachary Connor! Wasn’t he the infamous Devil in Disguise? There were rumors that Mr. Connor was ruthless and cold-hearted. Three years
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Chapter 5 Victor Rutherford’s Desire
The mansion was as majestic as a palace. The hall on the first floor had a surface of over 1,000 meters. Charlotte forced herself to walk out of the door. At that moment, she could not go on any longer. Her legs gave out, and she fell on the jade stone steps in front of the door. Charlotte’s wedding night had become her worst nightmare. Since then, she would have dreams about that night all the time and would always wake up screaming. Charlotte could not explain why, but every time she saw Zachary, she would feel like she had traveled back in time to that night, when that cold, devil-like man had attacked her... A man like Zachary was simply too terrifying for her. She prayed that she would never see him again. Charlotte supported herself and got up from the jade stone steps. When she looked around, she realized that the courtyard was covered in a thick layer of snow, and all she could see was snow everywhere. Meanwhile, snow was still falling. Charlotte had run away from Z
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Chapter 6 His First Love
Victor's disgustingly hideous face was right in front of Charlotte. He smelled terrible and he was breathing heavily on her face. Charlotte closed her eyes in despair. "What?!" "Wait… Isn’t this…” Victor let out a frantic cry and suddenly let go of Charlotte as though he had just gotten shocked by electricity. He stared at the badge on the collar of the man's shirt that Charlotte was wearing. The badge, which was made of pure gold, was the size of a coin and had two axes and a skull engraved on it. This emblem belonged to Mr. Connor, and Mr. Connor was definitely not someone he could mess with. While Victor was lost deep in thought, Charlotte used all the strength left in her to push him away! Victor gritted his teeth but did not pounce on her again. "Hmph! You got lucky this time, but I’m not going to be nice next time. When you have no other choice but to beg me for help, I’m going to make you regret rejecting me today!" Charlotte sat on the edge of the bed in a daze.
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Chapter 7 Worn Pair Of Shoes
"Why aren’t you following the rules? I’ll call security if you don't leave!" The usher and Charlotte had come to a standstill. At that moment, a light voice was heard from somewhere. "Is the usher so blatantly ignorant that he didn’t even recognize the most wanted socialite in Rothesay?" The usher, who had grabbed Charlotte's right arm, let go. Even before he heard that, he had actually been able to tell that although Charlotte was wearing shabby clothes, her face was delicate and beautiful. The aura she emitted was gentle and elegant. Was she really the most wanted socialite in Rothesay? Was she Miss Simmons? Was she the poor woman who had been dumped by Mr. Harper right after delivering a baby? "Put Charlotte’s name on my invitation and let her in." It was Sarah Collins, the eldest daughter of the Collins Family, who was also a top model living in Rothesay. Sarah was outstanding, but Charlotte was better than her. People often compared Sarah to Charlotte. Some people
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Chapter 8 No Other Way
Tiff had been degraded and thrown into the sea. When he had found her, she had been covered in blood. It was horrible. After that, Tiffany had told Bryson that Charlotte’s father had sent Alfred to do those things to her for the sake of his daughter. Charlotte had known about it too... Compared to all the harm that the Simmons Family had caused Tiff, Charlotte giving Tiff a child did not mean anything! He did not feel thankful for her. From now on, he would only focus on being nice to Tiff. That woman named Charlotte had nothing to do with him anymore. The moment Bryson and Tiffany entered the elevator, a cool-looking man walked down the stairs leading to the first-floor lobby, surrounded by bodyguards. The man's footsteps were light, but his strong aura instantly attracted attention. "Sarah, your crush is here." Sarah's best friend, Tyra Johnson, poked Sarah's waist with her finger. Sarah, who had been paying attention to Charlotte to see her embarrass herself, immediate
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Chapter 9 Let’s Make A Bet
"What!" There was a commotion among the onlookers. No one had expected that Charlotte would go this far, not even Zachary Connor. Charlotte raised her tear-stained face with tears in her eyes, and the corners of her mouth curled up into a smile. "Last time, you said that you wanted me to get down on my knees and beg you next time. I was wrong and I regret it. Now, I’m begging you on my knees in front of all these people." "Ah..." Zachary did not even look at Charlotte again. He stared forward with a deep gaze. "Do you have a bad memory, Miss Simmons? I said next time, even if you got down on your knees and begged me, I wouldn’t care." He walked forward, leaving Charlotte behind. At that moment, Charlotte was full of despair. However, a second later, she bit her lower lip and stood up with determination. She said loudly while everyone stared, "Let's make a bet.” "Oh?" The corner of Zachary’s mouth rose disdainfully, but he continued to walk forward without looking ba
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Chapter 10 The Drag Race
Charlotte walked out of "The Pearl" with Zachary. No one would want to miss this exciting show, so everyone followed them. "The Pearl" had originally been crowded, yet it was suddenly empty when they left. Zachary's ultra-platinum limited-edition Bugatti Veyron was parked in his exclusive parking space. When Zachary got in the car, his handsome face peeked out of the car window and he said, "You’re going to race with me. Where's your car?" Charlotte kept calm, and the corner of her mouth rose slightly. "My car’s at home. It’s not here." She had just given birth and was still very weak. In order to beg Bryson to save her father, she had insisted on taking a taxi to get here. "Pfft! She doesn’t even have a car, yet she asked to challenge Mr. Connor. Is she an idiot?" "That was a dirty move. Is she playing tricks on Mr. Connor?" "No way! No one would dare to play any tricks on Mr. Connor. She wouldn’t have the courage to do that.” "Not necessarily. I think Charlotte Simmon
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