The Challenge

The Challenge

By:  ShivangiPrajapati  Completed
Language: English
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"I remember him like the way he looks at me on sleepless nights. He whispers to me in my dreams, but in reality, he's a jerk, a playboy." Meet the nerd girl of her school "Amanda Parker". She doesn't want to be a nerd but she has no choice left so she became one. Meet "Cole Maxwell" the playboy of his school. The most egocentric & sarcastic jerk ever. And The Bet which changes their life - The playboy becomes a nerd and the nerd becomes a playgirl. Despite all the drama and fights will they get to know the real side of each other? Join Amanda & Cole on their journey of discovering each other a little closer than they would have thought eventually......

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52 Chapters
  Unpredictions are waiting for you everywhere  -+-++-+++-+-+--+--+--+--+-++--++-++-++--+--+-         It's a school morning again, ugh I hate going to school. It is a stupid place where everywhere everyone is throwing tantrums. It's already seven in the morning and school is going to start one hour from now on. I've to get ready.   "Fuck! fuck! fuck!"   "Amy, what are you saying?" Mom asked from the kitchen.   "Oh! Mom, I'm just pretending to be a duck that's why I said Quack! quack! quack!" Amanda, you're so dead dear I thought to myself.   "And why that so? Are you pretending to be a duck? Anyways you're getting late for your school. Now hurry up."   I quickly ran to the washroom to shower. The shortest
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    Nothing is real   -+-+-+-+-+-+-++-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Vess is so excited about the party and I've never seen her like this before so I decided to go with her but it's not easy to convince my mom. Vess assured me that she will talk to her. As we headed towards the Mc'D Vess turned on the radio and guess what she started singing.    "Oh oh Despacito! Bla!bla!bla! Despacito" her laughter echoed through the whole car. So, I also started singing. "Despacito! I don't know how to sing this songito and this is freaking amazingto Despacito" and we laughed so hard. I changed the channel and here comes Nicki Minaj's Anaconda and Vess started rapping. I don't know what she is saying but it's freaking hilarious to see her like this. So, I also started dancing at the same time we-we were laughing so hard. Then a voice came.   "Look at these girls and their talent." Read more
Affection is an astonishing thing -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+;+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Amy...." A low whisper dragged me out of my sleep. I opened my eyes slowly, my sight was blurred and a figure was standing near me but my sight was still blurred. "Amy.." again that voice yelled. "Wake up wake up", then someone poured a whole bucket of freezing water on me. "Holy freaking bubblegums! What's the matter with you." I yelled. "Language! Watch your language young lady. Now wake up." Mom yelled. And there she stood Samantha Parker, my mom, in not so good mood. "Amanda Parker!! You've 5 minutes to get ready, now hurry up. And don't get late I won't allow you to be late for school." "But.." I whined. "Don't but with my lady." I quickly ran towards the washroom for a shower. "You don't have much time, eat your breakfast in school." Then she leaves. Let me tell you one thing, my mother is very strict about timing. I can understand it. She's a very busy woman as she's a lawyer, that's why
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The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. -----------------------------------------------------------Ever wondered what will you do when you don't want to do anything Nah you don't because I'm holding this phone and whoever is on the other side of it just want to laugh at my situation. I asked again,"Hello??????""Parker is so clumsy, clumsy is a nerd but Parker is an idiot while I'm smart as fuck.""In your dreams" I muttered."What did you just say?""Nothing so tell me what do you want and how did you get my house no?""I think you forget that I'm the star of our school and no one can say no to me if I want something" he finished. I can feel that he has his smirk plastered on his face. Ughh I just want to wipe that expressio
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Don't judge emotions judge Intentions -------------------------------------------------Second time in a day I am completely drenched in cold water. I stood there open-mouthed and soaked, I wanted to curse him but I felt disgusted so I pulled my soaked t-shirt away from me and pushed away from the hair that was stuck to my mouth.Urgh!!I was just struggling to get away from my drenched shirt when I looked up to question him he was just looking into my eyes. His eyes were so hypnotizing. Oh God if I looked into them with the same passion he's looking then I will do something which I might regret later.Then look away damn it.So I started fixing my attire which is completely drenched in water. I don't know when and how he's in
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The present tense is all we know regrets of the past we don't show -----------------------------------------------------------The sight of a vehicle is fading in front of my eyes. He's going to leave me alone. I can't see his face. "Please don't go, please don't leave me alone," I shouted on top of my voice but he didn't listen, he just vanished."Amanda wake up! Wake up!" Someone shouted in my ear.Slowly I opened my eyes, everything is in a blur but where am I? I was getting confused when I saw mom's face. Again that dream. I saw that dream again but I couldn't recall anything, everything was in a blur."Hurry up girl otherwise you'll be late and I don't allow tardiness." She demanded then walked away but wait for what? How did I end up here? As far as I remember I was in Cole's car yesterday when we were heading towards my hom
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Fallacies are waiting for you everywhere.-----------------------------------------------------------I waited for his answer but a sudden outburst happened. The door opened and in just a moment some girls were looking at me with disgust. Well, I can't deny that I'm looking like some joker covered in paint but what I didn't understand is that they were looking at Cole with their mouth wide open. They were checking him out with lust I think!  Eww! Disgusting.How can you say that it's disgusting just to look at him for once?My stupid inner voice can't resist herself. Well, it is not that bad to look at him. So, I moved my head towards playjerk's direction and he's shirtless but when and how he removed his shirt I don't know. His perfect body glorified him and paint colours were all over his body which made him sexier. Yeah, he's sexy but h
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Whenever she sleeps, she hooked by the magic of dreams-----------------------------------------------------------Here, what I was thinking is Beyond far away from the reality because I never expected him to be here in my home and cheery on the cake is that he was talking with my mother in my absence."What're you doing here?" I yelled."Oh, I'm here for swimming! Can't you see?" His eyes bored into mine.Only I knew that his stupid sarcasm is not good just like his face.But you thought that his face was sexy remember?''Shutup! I didn't ask for your opinion. " I yelled and regretted. why? Because he heard it."I think you've lost your mind that's why you're blabbering things! Oh, one thing I almost forget is that you don't have a
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Not everything happens according to you. -----------------------------------------------------------Finally, the day came the day in which I can feel different the day in which I can be enjoying specialities which normally people do of my age, The day which needs a lot of courageous work.I sighed as I woke up while thinking these things don't know what'll be going to happen today, my alarm alarmed me that I don't have enough time to think about these things. So, I got up and took the quickest shower although I almost sleep for eight hours I feel quite exhausted.I entered the school building with my bag hoisted on my shoulder. I don't know but I have a feeling that today is something different something is not regular then I got it school hallway is almost empty most of the students are not here. It only meant that I'm late, I rushed towards my first
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Reality is far away from your imagination. -----------------------------------------------------------As we reached there,  the palace is very big made up of white marble, It looks like a mansion a very big mansion."wow," I uttered in astonishment.People were rushing to get to go in there, the parking area is full with all the vehicles or should I say Cars because everywhere where my eyes roaming is just the Cars not normal Cars but all the high-class ravishing cars.Seriously,  I don't understand why the hell is this gala or whatever it is happening and above all Dylan is throwing?  I'm sure it's not what it looks like, I need to do something to find out or else I"all became mad in all this suspense, let me tell you one thing I can't bear suspense If whenever someone tells me anythi
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