Alpha Gray

Alpha Gray

By:  C.J. Primer  Completed
Language: English
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SIX-PACK SERIES BOOK ONE *The six-pack series is a collection of steamy werewolf shifter novels about a group of six aligned werewolf packs, the young alphas that run them, and the strong-willed women that bring them to their knees. If you're new to the series, start here!* GRAY : I've got a lot on my plate. Not only do I have a pack to protect, but I keep the whole six-pack territory secure by training and running the security squad. The new recruits are here for the summer, and it's my job to whip them into shape. I can't afford any distractions, but one of the female recruits is doing just that- distracting me. Fallon is the most frustrating girl I've ever met; she's all alpha female, and she openly challenges my authority. She's so far from my type, but for some reason, I'm drawn to her. It'll be a challenge to break her, but by the end of the summer, she will learn to obey her alpha. By the end of the summer, I'll have her on her knees. ~ FALLON : All I've ever wanted was to be part of the six-pack's security squad, defending our territory as a fighter. I've finally got a chance to live out my dream- all I have to do is make it through summer training camp and prove myself. I thought that the toughest part of training camp would be the actual training, but the alpha running the place is even tougher. One sarcastic comment, and Alpha Gray seems hellbent on making an example out of me, provoking me at every opportunity. He wants me to fall in line, but I'll be damned if I'm going to roll over. Sure, he's insanely hot. He's an alpha. But I'm not backing down. He's not my alpha.

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55 Chapters
FALLON   I barely slept last night. The past few days have been exhausting, with high school graduation and all of the celebrations that accompany that milestone, but I was too keyed up to get any real rest. In a lot of ways, I feel like I’ve been waiting for today for my whole life. “Brooke!” I call out, throwing a pillow across the room. It lands on my sister’s sleeping form and I hear her groan in protest. I pad across our bedroom to the en-suite bathroom, kicking her bedframe as I pass. “You’d better get up, or we’re going to miss the bus.” I flip on the light in the bathroom, yawning as I study my reflection in the mirror. My stick-straight blonde hair is a tangled mess, so the first thing I do is brush it smooth until I can sweep it up into a long ponytail. Then I trade my geeky black glasses for contact lenses, brush my teeth, and pack up the last of my toiletries. By the time I exit the bathroom, Brooke is sitt
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GRAY   The busses start filing into the squad complex a little after 9 a.m. and I’m already on edge. I’m always a little tense on the first day of training camp when the new recruits arrive- the complex sits on my pack’s land, and as alpha, my pack is my top priority. Inviting a bunch of other wolves into our territory every year- even if they’re from packs aligned with ours- carries inherent risks. The training program for the squad has been incredibly successful for the past few years, but you never know when you’re going to get a bad egg. I’m always prepared to vet every new recruit. Years ago, when my pack aligned with the others to form the six-pack, I was quick to volunteer to head up the security squad. It was my brainchild. I know firsthand how dangerous the shadow pack really is, so I was eager to develop thorough and sophisticated security safeguards against them. I was barely eighteen when the shadow pack came for mine.
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FALLON   I’m a little winded from dragging my suitcase across the grass to the barracks, but I’m hustling to stay at the front of the pack. These guys have been watching us from the minute we stepped off the busses, assessing whether we have what it takes to make the squad. I’m sure as hell going to make sure they know I do. Though she’s struggling to keep up, Brooke’s right on my heels. She doesn’t have anything to prove- she’s already in- but her anxiety has her sticking close. We stop where the other trainees have gathered and I get my first look at the guys who run the place- and holy hell. I think I stop breathing for a second. The five guys standing in front of us are fucking gorgeous. Every one of them is absolutely shredded, from their corded forearms crossed at their chests to their abs stretching the front of their black t-shirts. I thought that Davis was built, but these guys are ripped. Not only that, but every one of
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FALLON   My legs are shaky as I climb into my bunk that night. After Gray’s punishment run, Theo put us through circuit training and Brock had us alternating planks and squats until some of the trainees actually collapsed. I’ve been training for years, but I now realize that nothing could have adequately prepared me for the squad’s summer training camp. And this was only day one. When they finally released us for the day, I caught a quick shower and went to the dining hall to grab a bite. Thank God for Davis and Boyd, because I guess none of the other recruits are speaking to me. The 20-lap punishment has made me enemy number one. I spotted Brooke across the dining hall, sitting with a group of people who I can only assume are the IT team. She looked like she was settling in comfortably, so I just tossed her a wave and didn’t interrupt. I’m still kicking myself over the ruckus I caused earlier, and she’s the only one I want to tal
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GRAY   “Pair off!” I call out, and the trainees on the field start scrambling. It’s another early morning of training, and I’m eager to see what these recruits can do. “Spread out. We’re going to do a little bit of sparring today.” The trainees follow my command, breaking off into groups of two and distancing themselves from one another. Theo steps up on my right side. “Let’s see what you’ve got!” he says, clapping his hands together. The recruits just stand there for a minute, looking around at one another. Theo claps his hands again. “One of you attack while the other defends. Hand to hand combat, let’s go!” Without wasting another moment, the pairs begin to circle one another. I start walking through to observe, careful to avoid any stray kicks or flailing limbs as the trainees spar. Some of them are better than expected- they take down their opponent quickly. Others look like they barely have a clue how to fight.&n
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FALLON Gray’s a prick. I knew this summer was going to be tough, but I thought that the training would be the grueling part, not dealing with the asshole alpha running the place. He proved today that he definitely has it out for me. If I was smart, I would try to behave, get in his good graces. But I’ve never claimed that I’m smart.At the end of our training today, we were directed to a posting of a schedule for patrols. They’re throwing us right in; we’ve been assigned to rotations for night patrols of the six-pack’s borders. Patrols are run in pairs, so they’ve assigned pairs of recruits to each pair of squad members running the patrols each night. I’ve been paired up with a trainee named Vienna, and we get to shadow Brock and Casey. Our first patrol is tonight.After I rush through dinner, I grab a quick shower, change, and head down to the field to meet my group for patrol. It’s dusk, and the training arena has taken on an eerie glow in the fading
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GRAY   Brock’s walking into the barracks as I’m walking out, and I almost run right into him. “How was patrol?” I ask as I dodge out of his way. Brock runs a hand through his long wavy hair, leaning against the doorframe. “Quiet. Nothing out of the ordinary.” I nod. He looks whooped- and I’m reminded how glad I am that I don’t have to run night patrols often. I only jump in when the threat levels are high, because my wolf gets all worked up in response and won’t let me sleep anyways. “How’d the recruits do?” Brock smirks, like he knows why I asked the question. Sure, I knew Fallon was assigned to patrol with him, but that’s not why I’m asking. I mean, not the only reason. I have to keep tabs on all of the trainees. “They were fine.” Brock’s always short and to the point. I nod again, then clap him on the shoulder and head out through the doors to the arena. I don’t want t
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FALLON   I waited until everyone else went to lunch before I snuck away to take a shower. I just wanted a little bit of alone time. No dice. As soon as I open the door to the locker room, I see him. That fucking prick, Gray, standing beside the bench in a towel and looking like a sex god. Seeing him shirtless for the first time, he doesn’t look how I expected. He looks better. Small beads of water still cling to the broad muscles of his chest and his six-pack abs. The towel hanging from his waist dips down below his Adonis belt, the v-shape beckoning. Shit, is my mouth hanging open? I snap it closed, then take a step into the locker room, the door swinging closed behind me. I’m hoping that Gray didn’t catch my appreciative reaction to seeing his body, but a little smirk crosses his lips that tells me otherwise. I’m immediately irritated that I’ve just unintentionally inflated his ego further. “Well, well,”
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GRAY   I have to stay away from her. Fallon is a distraction, and I can’t afford any distractions right now. Not when we know the shadow pack is on the move. The next day, Brock and Jax are back in the mix so I decide to sit out one-on-ones and observe. It sucks. I’ve got a lot of pent-up frustration that I need to get out, but I don’t want to wind up in a one-on-one with Fallon. I’ve got to actively avoid her. I somehow manage to do it for the next few days, working off my energy by shifting and running in the evenings after I take care of my pack business. Theo has picked up on the fact that I’m acting a little strange lately. I tell him it’s nothing, but he knows I’m lying. “At least come have a beer with us,” Theo urges. He’s standing in the doorway of my room in the squad barracks, leaning against the doorframe. It’s the end of the week, and both the squad and the recruits have Sunday’s off from training. A lot of
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FALLON   “I can’t believe they’re actually giving us a day off!” Vienna squeals, rifling through the little closet at the end of her bunk. “How about this one?” she asks, pulling out a skimpy red dress on a hanger and holding it up in front of her. I nod my head in approval. “Definitely that one.” Vienna grins from ear to ear, trotting by me to head into the locker room to change. When we heard that we’d have the day off tomorrow, all of the recruits were ecstatic. We’ve been training hard all week, so we’ve definitely earned a reprieve. Vienna invited Boyd, Davis, and I to come out with her and her friend Hannah. Apparently Hannah is from Goldenleaf, the town near the squad complex, and said that the squad usually goes out to a bar there on Saturday nights to let loose. I guess good news travels fast, because Brooke showed up in the recruit’s barracks soon after, asking if I was going out. I’m so excited t
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