Whisper of the stone heart

Whisper of the stone heart

By:  Al Val  Completed
Language: English
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There were five things I was absolutely certain I wouldn't miss even if I became blind: -The first one was the fact that I was a slave and my life would never go back to the way it was. -The Second one was the Duke who bought me was a dragon hiding his identity for a reason I didn't know. Weren't dragons supposed to be powerful and all? Using his race might give him a huge advantage in politics. -The third one I was certain the Duke was hungry for me and I started to love him. Furthermore, he was cursed and the cursed ones didn't live for more than a year. Conquering him was a lost cause; a battle with less than 50% of success. However… Was it really necessary to label numbers on everything that was happening? -The Fourth one: Was it really necessary for Dotoria, the human land, to curse the other races existing within its borders? I wasn't confident about the statement. Nonetheless, everyone was looking for a wish granter gem. The nine kingdoms collided eying the gemstone like a prize for dominion. -The Fifth one had the magic of belief in it; Do you work on your dream or stay back hiding behind a smoke of mist fearing failure? I wanted to escape but I gradually lost interest in it. The world was a mystery in my eyes and I was taught to never engage in a battle with less than 50% of success. Do I even have a dream because the only thing I wished for was the reason I was a slave. People were driven by dreams and goals and I didn't have one yet.

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50 Chapters
Chapter 1
DAHLIA: With a sudden golden movement, a dragon arched its great back. Instinctively, I hid behind a tree, avoiding any contact with its eyes. I didn’t know it was a dragon, a big one on top of it. In fact, I never dreamt such creatures existed. Until now, I believed only humans existed… Everything started with a letter, which I still had in my pocket; a note left by someone I never saw and nobody realized he left something for me. I pressed my hands against my mouth and nose, strangling any sound that may come out; I didn’t want to die, I cherished my life like a treasure and didn’t want to lose it. I confronted my sister Dina because I didn’t want to die. I didn’t have a choice. I know I did something cruel but I didn’t want to die. I didn’t have any choice… The dragon raised its head and sprang into the sky, wings wide with an unbelievable speed. I curled into a ball, wishing I could be smaller. It was night but I still closed my eyes. May
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Chapter 2
DAHLIA: I was in a cage. We were in a cage, like birds in captivity, meant to be sold. The cage I was in had sturdy wheels in the middle of an army of barbaric men, using giant axes as weapons. They were drinking and laughing as if slaves were the most normal thing in the world. Furthermore, I was horrible. I was like a lamp of burnt meat. My sister Dina used to tell me about the atrocities of the world: to remove any thought of escaping and she was right. I used to dream about the outside world and lie to make her at ease. I lied to everyone and kept my thoughts to myself. The night… Another sleepless night with the noises of females screaming… and there was another noise, a different one. It was a very distinct sound; a noise no one paid attention to… The slave trader was a man with a long beard. From all the men sitting here, he was the only one with a pipe and slightly noble demeanour; he pulled slaves from another group and put them around him.
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Chapter 3
DINA : Whatever personal misgivings we may have had, she didn’t have to escape. Like it or not, I had to accept she wasn’t here anymore. I was worried; she didn’t know anything about the outside world. We were at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by many traps and protections. And until the place she was in was known, travelled to, and safely arrived at, she was fully at the mercy of the unusual world. “This is all your fault!” Charles, an old man doing literally nothing all day, said to me, his voice shaking with anger. “Did you think we wouldn’t know what you were doing? Teaching her all that. Telling her about the outside world, if you hadn’t done it…” “If I hadn’t taught her, she would be already dead,” I interrupted. “Furthermore, none of you cared. Stop showing those faces like you truly wanted the good for her, shall I remind you how we ended up here? It isn’t a funny story to remember.” “She is right, Charles,” said Lilit
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Chapter 4
NELDRISDYD : « I know where the heart of gems is…” Cold dread coiled in my stomach. I peeked at the unfortunately ruined face once again before pretending to laugh. She grinned when the other nobles laughed calling her a crazy slave. My eyes automatically glared at her. Nonetheless, my silent rage quickly dissipated and I was taken back by curiosity; no one had ever spoken such ancient language. It was the first time I ever heard another tongue articulating it. What was more fascinating about it was the ability to understand all languages spoken in this world. It was a language I spoke as well but no one knew that. When I was young, Lady Markbill warned me to never speak with it; its words were an enchantment on themselves and no one would like it when the commandment made you do things you didn’t like. Unlike me, she seemed not aware of it. I observed her from the corner of my eye, her gaze moved from the floor to the hyenas and sh
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Chapter 5
DAHLIA : I hate having to dress up like a man. Once again, my clothes were torn and the servants who saved me gave me new ones. The cotton shirt was too loose, the pants too big and the boots too uncomfortable. “Full-blown tempest, howling winds, crashing waves, lightning and thunder, this was the tale of the unbreakable gemstone that disappeared centuries ago,” I whispered to myself looking around me. I was back to being a slave again. The most surprising thing that happened to me was the recovery I faced; all my burnt skin healed and I felt good again. I thought about it since I opened my eyes, feeling alive. Was it because of him? The arrow he shot at me was the only thing that could have saved me. What was he playing at? That man was crazy. I made sure to not swallow the mad man’s pills previously because I didn’t need fake happiness. I saw how the slaves who died experienced stages of happiness. It was until the day of the hunt that
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Chapter 6
SAVASCUS : “Thanks for sharing the cell with me. To think all the other slaves are actually avoiding me. I’ll remember this; I won’t be helping them as an act of vengeance against them.” “Remind me of your name, please! I tend to forget it.” Amelia’s hands meandered softly, following the path from my neck, then she grabbed my shirt, tried to remove it but I slapped her hand away, softly. She moved to my breasts, touching them delicately. “I know you like it. It isn’t good to deny pleasures, Savascus.” She pulled me and released her glamorous charms. Knowing a succubus was troublesome; her body was on top of me and I felt hot, enjoyment rising in my heart and down my belly. I didn’t hate it and all the struggling thoughts faded as soon as her tongue darted all around me, especially my private part and chest. As the guards opened the door, I lounged on the wall quickly, my necklace resting at an insouciant angle, my
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Chapter 7
DAHLIA : I definitely didn’t want to think about how hard I had to bite my own lip to keep quiet. Or how obvious it was that I wanted to kill him, but I never killed anyone with my own hands. As I heard the door unlock and the man turned his head checking the sound, I swiftly grabbed his head from his chin throwing him on the ground. When he tried to grab his weapon that I kicked away, the knife I got from a guard was on his throat, faster than his words. “Surprised?” I asked sweetly. “A move and your head might be away.” I placed my foot on his chest, pressing down a little to remind him that he was at my mercy. “I am done with being polite. Now, move there,” I pointed at the office with my chin, his face pale. “C’mon. I can’t move with your leg over me. Am I really to believe you’d harm me?” “You once told me I could only lower my head… I am doing it right now, to look at your disgusting face. Remember karma always play
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Chapter 8
DAHLIA : I always dreamt of a charming prince who would fight for me. When I was in the village, it didn’t have a name; I thought I would be like a princess waiting for a prince to save her. However, the reality was much more than it seemed. In the end, I was caught again and I heard all the escapees got caught too, except for Aurelia and Savascus. A certain robust guy I never saw before ruined my plans. My plan had two flaws; the existence of the strong guy and the consciousness of the slave dealer. I expected him to be sleeping in his quarters after inhaling the powder. In my solitude, I pondered about a lot of things like the reason that kept Aurelia or more like Aureoles and Savascus here. I concluded; despite being strong, the collars had us in check. Lately, mine was reinforced; I felt like my energy drained quickly. I slept all the time and the only way to know how much time had passed was the regularity of the piece of bread and glass of
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Chapter 9
NELDRISDYD : “I am afraid my Lady that I wouldn’t be able to grace your banquet with my presence. While I appreciate your sincere invitation, I must ask you to accept my regrets. I have a matter of utmost importance to attend to,” I said. My response elicited the slyest smile from Lady Markbill. She examined the last batch of goods that were supplied for the banquet. A servant that she found suspicious darted next to her. The Lady stopped him and grabbed the box from his hands. Her eyes checked him suspiciously then inspected the box of candles. It was completely normal, yet it wasn’t enough to let her believe nothing would ruin her banquet. She decided to revise everything from the beginning again. “Do you know how many would love to have an invitation from me? No, you do not. Since you are declining my truthful sincerity. I see that you are all grown up now, talking to your caretaker this way. You have grown by age but your wisdom stay
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Chapter 10
DAHLIA : After selling the children, they sold the women. At the end of the auction, I was displayed with other beauties with a mask on our faces, seductively. When my cage was pushed to the stage, the lights blinded me; they were brighter than my future and past combined. After my vision adjusted to the light, I saw the advanced threads of magic used to brighten the walls. Everything was set to make us dazzling and attractive. I couldn’t help but feel so low. I never wish for anyone to experience what I lived at the moment; an inferiority complex engulfed me and my mind put many questions in front of my eyes. The many eyes gazing at us made me feel sick. I wanted to cry like when my sister Dina tapped gently on my back, but my tears were useless. They were proof of weakness and any one of them might be used against me. I tried to be tough and strong, to endure everything like I endured the training I experienced, and show I didn’t care for anything but
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